Trademark: 1973788
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
06 December 2018
Registration Date
06 December 2018
Renewal Date
06 December 2028

Baxter Patent Attorneys Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 20:
Adhesive wall decorations of wax; Adhesive wall decorations of wood; Articles of furniture adapted for use by children; Articles of furniture for sale in kit form; Articles of furniture incorporating drawers; Articles of wax for decorative purposes; Articles of wood for decorative purposes; Carvings of wood; Containers made of wood (other than for household or kitchen use); Containers of wood or plastic for housing and transporting animals; Curios made of wood; Decorations made of wood; Decorations made of wood for use as festive decoration; Decorative edging strips of wood for use with furniture; Decorative objects (ornaments) made of wood; Decorative plaques (ornaments) made of wood; Decorative wooden panels (furniture); Display stands (furniture) made of substitutes for wood or plastic, including cardboard; Figures made of wood; Figurines for ornamental purposes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Figurines made of wood; Finished wooden boards adapted for use in making furniture; Free standing sculptures of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Furniture; Furniture made of wood; Household articles made of wood for decoration purposes; Articles of wood for ornamental purposes; Household articles made of cork for decoration purposes; Household articles made of plastic for decoration purposes; Household articles made of reed for decoration purposes; Household articles made of wicker for decoration purposes; Mouldings made of substitutes of wood for picture frames; Mouldings made of wood for picture frames; Name card holders of wood; Objects made of wood for decoration; Ornamental figurines made of wood; Ornamental models made of wood; Ornamental sculptures made of wood; Ornamental statues made of wood; Ornaments made of wood; Partitions of wood (furniture); Partitions of wood for furniture; Photograph frames of wood; Placards of wood or plastics; Plaques made of wood; Plates of wood for use in displaying information; Portable boxes (containers) of wood; Sculptures made from wood; Stacking trays of wood; Step stools made of wood; Steps (ladders), made from wood; Storage chests made of wood; Support rails of wood for curtains; Support rods of wood for curtains; Table centres (ornaments) made of wood; Trophies made of wood; Wall decorations of wood (other than parts of buildings); Window blinds made of wood (indoor); Wood carvings; Wood work panels for furniture; Wooden bins; Wooden boxes for storing toys; Wooden chests for the storage of toys; Wooden chests with drawers covered with decorated paper; Wooden crates; Wooden ladders; Wooden picture mouldings; Wooden pieces of furniture; Wooden racks (furniture); Wooden shelving (furniture); Wooden storage boxes; Works of art, of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; Pedestal storage units (furniture); Side storage units; Storage units (furniture); Storage units for cupboard conversions; Changing tables for babies; Tissue dispensers (fixed) not of metal; Tissue holders (fixed) not of metal; Frames for photographs; Holders for photographs (frames); Mounts (frames) for photographs; Photograph frames; Pillows; Assembled display units (furniture)