Trademark: Dyesoo 1973631
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
15 December 2018
Registration Date
15 December 2018
Renewal Date
15 December 2028

Award Winning Accounting Service Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 30:
Aerated beverages (with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base); Aerated drinks (with coffee, cocoa or chocolate base); Almonds covered in chocolate; Beverages consisting principally of chocolate; Beverages made from chocolate; Beverages with a chocolate base; Chocolate; Chocolate bars; Chocolate based products; Chocolate beverages; Chocolate cake; Chocolate candy with fillings; Chocolate caramel wafers; Chocolate chips; Chocolate coating; Chocolate coffee; Chocolate covered biscuits; Chocolate covered cakes; Chocolate covered wafer biscuits; Chocolate creams; Chocolate eggs; Chocolate extracts; Chocolate flavoured confectionery; Chocolate flavourings; Chocolate fondue; Chocolate fudge; Chocolate sweets; Foods with a chocolate base; Milk chocolates; Sweet spreads (honey); Apple flavoured tea; Aromatic teas (other than for medicinal use); Beverages made of tea; Chai tea; Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; Fruit flavoured tea (other than medicinal); Fruit tea (other than for medical purposes); Iced tea; Instant powder for making flavoured coffee-based, tea-based or cocoa-based drinks; Instant tea (other than for medicinal purposes); Jasmine tea, other than for medicinal purposes; Kombucha tea; Mate (tea); Rooibos tea (not medicinal); Tea (not medicinal); Tea cakes; Tea essence; Tea-based beverages; Beverages consisting principally of cocoa; Beverages with a cocoa base; Cocoa; Cocoa based products; Cocoa beverages; Drinking cocoa paste; Drinks based on cocoa; Extracts of cocoa for use as flavours in foodstuffs; Foods with a cocoa base; Ice beverages with a cocoa base; Tapioca flour for food; Bibimbap (rice mixed with vegetables and beef); Creamed rice; Edible rice paper; Extruded food products made of rice; Flavoured rices; Flour of rice; Fried rice; Frozen meals consisting primarily of rice; Gimbap (Korean rice dish); Instant rice; Onigiri (rice balls); Prepared meals containing (principally) rice; Puffed rice; Rice; Rice biscuits; Rice cakes; Rice chips; Rice pudding; Rice salads; Senbei (rice crackers); Snack food products made from rice; Snack food products made from rice flour; Wild rice (prepared)