Trademark: AGRI-CON 1972180
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
29 November 2018
Registration Date
29 November 2018
Renewal Date
29 November 2028

IP Wealth Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Maintenance and repair services; agricultural and horticultural equipment and machine repair and maintenance; maintenance and repair of farming and forestry equipment, machines and apparatus; maintenance and repair of electrical items, equipment and machines; advisory services for repair and maintenance of electrical items, equipment and machines; servicing of electrical items, equipment and machines; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; vehicle maintenance and repair including vehicles for use in the farming, agriculture and horticulture; repair and maintenance of agricultural, horticultural and farming equipment, machines and implements and providing information relating thereto; repair and maintenance of harvesting machines and implements; rental or hire excavators, earth moving machines, machine tools, cranes, tools and vehicle maintenance equipment; vehicle breakdown assistance (repair); advisory and consultancy services relating to motor vehicle and machine maintenance and repair; provision of information in relation to the repair, maintenance and installation of goods; garage services for vehicle maintenance; charitable services, namely, repair, maintenance and installation; providing information, advice and consultancy in relation to the aforesaid services; provision of all the aforesaid services including by electronic means, online, via a website, the Internet or other computer networks, by wireless technology, accessible by mobile phone and other Internet-enabled devices, and/or via a global computer network