Trademark: FWS 1972100
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 December 2018
Registration Date
03 December 2018
Renewal Date
03 December 2028

Madderns Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 19:
Articles of concrete for construction purposes; Bituminous binding materials for use building; Bituminous products for building; Blocks made of non-metallic materials for building purposes; Bonding mortar for building purposes; Bricks; Building elements made of non-metallic materials; Building materials having bonding properties; Building materials, not of metal; Building panels, not of metal; Building requisites of non-metallic materials; Cementitious building materials (other than in the nature of paint); Concrete articles for building walls; Concrete blocks; Concrete building elements; Concrete prefabrications; Concrete products for use in building; Constructional members of aerated concrete for use in building; Manufactured brick; Non-metallic building blocks; Non-metallic building bricks; Non-metallic building components; Non-metallic building elements; Non-metallic building products; Non-metallic materials for use in the construction of walls; Non-metallic prefabricated building elements; Non-metallic prefabricated building elements for on site assembly; Masonry blocks; Masonry structures; Non-metallic prefabricated wall structures; Non-metallic prefabricated walling; Non-metallic walls; Non-metallic walls for buildings; Preformed concrete building elements; Ready made building components (non-metallic); Render (wall coating); Rendering compositions for use in building; Wall coatings (building materials) other than paints; Walling of non-metallic materials; Cladding, not of metal, for building; Non-metallic cladding for walls; Non-metallic cladding panels for walls; Non-metallic building materials for the covering of walls; Non-metallic weatherboards; Plasterboard; Non-metallic linings for walls; Studding being non-metallic framing for walls; Wall ties, not of metal; Veneers