Trademark: DEVELOPMENT WA 1970298
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 December 2018
Registration Date
03 December 2018
Renewal Date
03 December 2028

Clayton Utz

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Advisory services relating to property development building and construction services; Building and construction of real estate subdivisions and developments; Building project management; Development of land (construction); Development of property (building and construction services); Housing development (building and construction services); Real estate development (building and construction services); Property development (building and construction services); Demolition of buildings; Electrical installation services; Maintenance and repair of gas installations and equipment; Maintenance and repair of utilities in buildings; Residential, commercial and industrial installation and repair of electrical and computer wiring and cabling; Road building; Road construction; Maintenance of roads; Irrigation devices installation and repair; Installation of synthetic turf; Installation of fittings for buildings; Installation of fixtures and fittings for domestic premises; Interior decorating; Building insulating; Building sealing; Cleaning of buildings (exterior surface); Cleaning of building interiors; Rental of construction equipment; Rental of cleaning equipment; Damp-proofing (building); Elevator installation and repair; Factory construction; Painting, interior and exterior; Pipeline construction and maintenance; Plastering; Plumbing; Vermin exterminating (other than for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry); Rebuilding machines that have been worn or partially destroyed; Roofing services; Rustproofing; Sanding; Scaffolding; Painting or repair of signs; Erection of signs; Street cleaning; Warehouse construction and repair; Window cleaning; Building maintenance; Property maintenance; Home maintenance services; Maintenance and repair of buildings; Maintenance and servicing of fire alarm systems; Maintenance and servicing of security alarms; Maintenance and repair of electrical apparatus; Locksmithing services being the installation, repair and maintenance of locks and locking systems; Landscaping (construction)