Trademark: 1966557
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
01 November 2018
Registration Date
01 November 2018
Renewal Date
01 November 2028

Herbert Smith Freehills

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Class 9:
Apparatus for managing energy supplies; Ceramic parts for converting electrical energy into mechanical energy; Devices for measuring energy; Devices for switching over energy tariffs; Electrical apparatus (other than generators) for use in energy supply; Electrical thermal processing apparatus utilising infrared energy; Energy control devices; Optical energy transfer apparatus; Solar energy collectors for electricity generation; Solar energy operating apparatus; Thermal energy measuring apparatus; Anti-interference devices (electricity); Apparatus and instruments for regulating electricity; Apparatus and instruments for switching electricity; Apparatus for accumulating electricity; Apparatus for electricity distribution; Apparatus for electricity supply; Armatures (electricity); Branch boxes (electricity); Cell switches (electricity); Connection boxes (electricity); Connectors (electricity); Control panels (electricity); Distribution boards (electricity); Distribution boxes (electricity); Distribution consoles (electricity); Distribution panel boards (electricity); Ducting (electricity); Ducts (electricity); Ducts, electricity; Electricity boxes for electrical installations; Electricity conductors; Electricity conduits; Electricity connectors; Electricity control panels; Electricity distribution apparatus; Electricity distribution instruments; Electricity ducts; Electricity indicators; Electricity inverters; Electricity junction boxes; Electricity mains apparatus; Electricity metering apparatus; Electricity meters; Electricity storage apparatus; Electricity transformers; Glass fibre conduits for electricity cables; Incubators (electricity); Inductors (electricity); Instruments for accumulating electricity; Inverters (electricity); Junction boxes (electricity); Limiters (electricity); Panel boards (electricity); Panels for the connection of electricity; Panels for the control of electricity; Panels for the distribution of electricity; Polyphase electricity meters; Reducers (electricity); Solar cells for electricity generation; Solar collectors for electricity generation; Solar panels for electricity generation; Sunlight collecting apparatus for electricity generation; Switchboxes (electricity); Temperature recorders for testing static electricity; Terminals (electricity); Thermal storage apparatus for electricity generation; Thermal storage instruments for electricity generation; Transformers (electricity); Voltage blocks to prevent electricity flow down a material supply line in apparatus; Wiring apparatus for electricity