Trademark: SSX GROUP 1965150
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 November 2018
Registration Date
08 November 2018
Renewal Date
08 November 2028

SSX Group Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Erection of security fencing; Installation of security systems; Installation of vehicle security devices; Maintenance and servicing of security alarms; Repair of security locks; Advisory services for cleaning; Building cleaning; Carpet cleaning; Ceiling cleaning services; Cleaning and servicing of portable toilets; Cleaning consultancy and advisory services; Cleaning of building exteriors; Cleaning of building interiors; Cleaning of building sites; Cleaning of commercial premises; Cleaning of domestic premises; Cleaning of drains; Cleaning of factories; Cleaning of floor surfaces; Cleaning of furnishings; Cleaning of furniture; Cleaning of hospitals; Cleaning of hotels; Cleaning of industrial premises; Cleaning of machines; Cleaning of offices; Cleaning of property; Cleaning of schools; Cleaning of shops; Cleaning of structures; Cleaning of upholstery; Cleaning services; Domestic cleaning services; Industrial cleaning services; Janitorial cleaning services; Office cleaning services; Polishing (cleaning) of floors; Provision of cleaning services; Waste removal (cleaning); Window cleaning; Building consultancy services; Building demolition; Building maintenance; Installation of fittings for buildings; Maintenance and repair of building contents; Maintenance and repair of buildings; Maintenance and repair of utilities in buildings; Crime scene cleaning services; Mechanical and chemical cleaning services; Sanitation (cleaning services); Burglar alarm installation and repair; Electric appliance installation; Electrical installation services; Fire alarm installation and repair; Fire protection sprinkler system installation, maintenance and repair; Handyman repair, maintenance and installation services; Heating equipment installation and repair; Installation and repair of air-conditioning apparatus; Installation and repair of computer hardware; Installation and repair of telecommunication apparatus; Installation and repair of underwater pipelines; Installation of alarms; Installation of audio electrical apparatus; Installation of burglar alarms; Installation of cellular communications systems; Installation of cellular paging systems; Installation of data network apparatus; Installation of doors and windows; Installation of electrical apparatus; Installation of fixtures and fittings for domestic premises; Installation of glass; Installation of insulating materials; Installation of lighting systems; Installation of locks; Installation of safes; Installation of storage facilities; Installation of telecommunications apparatus; Installation of washroom apparatus; Installation of window films; Installation of window fittings; Installation of window frames; Installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; Installation, maintenance and repair of computer peripherals; Installation, maintenance and repair of middleware (computer hardware); Locksmithing (Repair, maintenance and installation); Locksmithing services being the installation, repair and maintenance of locks and locking systems; Maintenance, installation and repair of electrical items and equipment; Office equipment installation; Pipe installation services; Providing information, including online, about building construction, and repair and installation services; Provision of information in relation to the repair, maintenance and installation of goods; Repair, maintenance and installation advisory services; Repair, maintenance and installation consultancy services; Painting of buildings; Painting, interior and exterior; Building project management