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think is for girls
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23 October 2018
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23 October 2018
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23 October 2028


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Arranging and conducting educational conferences, seminars, and workshops; career advisory services (education or training advice); career information and advisory services (educational and training advice); conducting of educational courses; conducting of exhibitions for educational purposes; consultancy services relating to education; cultural education and training activities including drama, singing, dance, music lessons, playing of musical instruments; education services; education; educational instruction; educational seminars; educational services provided by schools; educational services; entertainment; holiday and sports camp services; kindergarten services (education or entertainment); library services; live performances; musical, dance and theatric performances; outdoor education and training activities including outdoor recreational activities, rafting, hiking, kayaking, horse riding, camping, rock climbing, abseiling; primary education services; production of video, audio and audio-visual aids and materials; providing training; provision and management of entertainment, namely theatre and cinema, community education, radio and television programs, recreational, sporting and cultural activities including sporting and cultural activities of film, drama, music or the visual arts; provision of education courses; provision of education, teaching, and training via computer-based networks; provision of educational courses; provision of educational examinations; provision of educational information; provision of facilities for education; provision of information relating to education; provision of school services, including boarding school services; publication of educational materials; publication of educational texts; publishing, including electronic publishing; sporting and cultural activities; vocational guidance; information and advisory services in relation to the aforesaid