Trademark: HOMOR 1963153
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
18 October 2018
Registration Date
18 October 2018
Renewal Date
18 October 2028

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Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Smartglasses; Smartwatches; Smartphones; Data processing apparatus; Wearable activity trackers; Cases for smartphones; Protective films adapted for mobile phone screens; Selfie sticks (hand held monopods); Digital photo frames; Microphones; Computer hardware; Computer memory devices; Integrated circuit cards (smart cards); Transponders; Cabinets for loudspeakers; Apparatus for network communication; Modems; Sleeves for laptops; Batteries, electric; Chargers for electric batteries; Bags adapted for laptops; Headphones; Virtual reality headsets; On-board computers for vehicles; Set-top boxes (digital signal receivers); Loudspeakers; Portable media players; Sound transmitting apparatus; Camcorders; Cameras (photography); Computer keyboards; Mouse (computer peripherals); Pedometers; Monitoring apparatus, other than for medical purposes; Video monitors; Connected bracelets (measuring instruments); Pre-recorded computer programmes; Computer software applications (downloadable); Optical lenses; Switchboards; Transmitting sets (telecommunication); Gas testing instruments; Scales; Black boxes (data recorders); Interactive touch screen terminals; Humanoid robots with artificial intelligence; Electronic sheet music, downloadable; Smart rings; Audio interfaces; Electric and electronic effects units for musical instruments; Equalizers (audio apparatus); Digital weather stations; Biochips; Infrared detectors; Electronic key fobs being remote control apparatus; Security tokens (encryption devices); Recognition apparatus incorporating scanners; Automatic telephone exchange apparatus; Radios; Air analysis apparatus; Material for electricity mains (wires, cables); Video screens; Integrated circuits; Electronic chips (semi-conductors) for the manufacture of integrated circuits; Thermal imaging cameras; Personal digital assistants (PDAs); Hand-held electronic dictionaries; Computer software; Downloadable image files; Telecommunication apparatus in the form of jewellery; Security surveillance robots; Wearable video display monitors; Laboratory robots; Teaching robots; Data transmission cables; Downloadable software applications (apps); Holders adapted for mobile phones; Touch sensitive electronic screens; Television apparatus; Plugs, sockets and other contacts (electric connections); Intercom apparatus; Electric door locks; Central alarm units (other than for vehicles); Transducers; Charging stations for electric vehicles; Batteries for electronic cigarettes; Electronic access control systems for interlocking doors; Electric door bells; Electric locks; Liquid crystal display panels for use with overhead projectors; Projectors; Electrical connectors; Audio and video receivers; Digital audio signal processors; Semi-conductors; 3D spectacles; Sunglasses; Animated cartoons; Electronic book readers; Computers