Trademark: BUILDING GOOD MEN 1962087
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
23 October 2018
Registration Date
23 October 2018
Renewal Date
23 October 2028


Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Educational materials (other than apparatus) for use in teaching; Educational materials in printed form; Educational materials in written form; Printed matter for educational purposes; Printed publications for institutions of higher education; Stationery for children's educational activities; Stationery for use in the educational field; Teaching materials for education; Art materials (paint boxes for use in schools); Art paints (paint boxes for school use); Colouring materials (school childrens' paint boxes); Materials for painting (school children's paint boxes); Paint boxes (articles for use in school); Printed matter relating to school photographs; School diaries; School photographs; School supplies (stationery); Water colour paint boxes (articles for use in schools); Water colour paints (for use in schools); Audiovisual teaching materials (printed matter); Books for use in the teaching of reading; Printed teaching aids; Teaching manuals; Teaching materials (except apparatus); Teaching materials for information; Teaching materials for instruction; Paper for correspondence; Student workbooks; Books pertaining to language comprehension; Advertising publications; Annuals (printed publications); Journals (publications); Loose-leaf publications; Magazines (printed publications) relating to religion; Periodic publications; Periodical publications; Printed periodical publications; Printed publications; Promotional publications; Publications containing program descriptions; Publications for children; Weekly publications (printed matter); Artists' sketch books; Books; Books for children; Books for colouring purposes; Books of biblical stories; Books pertaining to grammar; Children's books; Colouring books; Copy books; Covers for books; Drawing books; Exercise books; Fairytale books; Hard bound books; Information books; Memo books (printed matter); Memorandum books; Music books; Music note books; Non-fiction books; Note books; Painting books; Photo books; Picture books; Postcard books; Printed books; Protective jackets for books; Sketch books; Story books (printed matter); Technical books; Vocabulary note books (printed matter); Writing or drawing books; Year books (printed matter); Almanacs; Statistical yearbooks; Journals; Newsletters; Articles of paper stationery; Articles of stationery; Envelopes (stationery); Office stationery; Office supplies (stationery); Organisers (stationery); Paper articles of stationery; Paper stationery; Stationery; Coasters in card form; Coasters of cardboard; Coasters of paper; Paper coasters; Calendars; Pencils; Pens (writing instruments); Decalcomanias; Magazines (periodicals); Cardboard; Paper; Office paper products
Class 28:
Educational playthings; Educational playthings for use in teaching; Educational toys; Electronic educational teaching games; Electronic educational teaching games for children; Tactile educational games (playthings); Tactile educational toys (playthings); Toys adapted for educational purposes; Bags adapted to carry sports implements; Balls for playing sports; Corner flags for sports; Discuses for sports; Elbow guards (sports articles); Flags for use in sports training; Flags for use in sports umpiring or refereeing; Gloves made specifically for use in playing sports; Knee guards (sports articles); Nets for sports; Rackets for playing sports; Rings for sports; Shin guards (sports articles); Shin pads (sports articles); Shin protectors (sports articles); Sporting bags (shaped to contain apparatus used in playing sports); Sports balls; Sports bats; Sports games; Sports rackets; Sports training apparatus; Starting blocks for sports; Training appliances for sportsmen; Training appliances for sportswomen; Webbed paddling gloves for water sports (web gloves); Weight lifting belts (sports articles); Wrist bands for use in playing sports; Carnival hats; Swimming jackets; Balls being sporting articles; Bats (sporting articles); Protective covers for sporting articles; Rackets (sporting articles); Sandboxes (sporting articles); Sporting articles (padding) for protective purposes (adapted for use in a specific sport); Sporting articles for use in playing football (other than clothing or articles for protective purposes); Sporting articles for use in racquet games; Sporting articles for wear adapted for use in a specific sport (other than helmets); Articles for use in watersports; Articles for use with ball games; Athletics apparatus; Bags adapted for sporting articles; Bags adapted to carry gymnastic articles; Ball games; Balls for games; Balls for gymnastic games; Balls for playing games; Buckets (playthings); Building blocks (toys); Card games; Cards (games); Bats for games; Electronic playthings; Footballs; Apparatus for gymnastics; Gymnastic apparatus; Gymnastic articles; Gymnastic exercising apparatus; Head caps for wear when playing rugby football; Head covers (racket); Indoor games; Jigsaw puzzles; Inflatable play equipment; Masks for protecting the face (sporting apparatus); Netballs; Nets for sporting ball games; Outdoor games; Physical exercise apparatus, other than for medical purposes; Physical exercise machines (other than for medical purposes); Playground apparatus; Playground balls; Playing balls; Playing field cones and markers; Portable ball games; Portable exercise apparatus, other than for medical use; Portable games; Puzzles; Toys in the form of puzzles; Australian rules footballs; Rugby footballs; Soft toys; Sporting apparatus; Swimming flippers; Swimming floats; Target games; Targets for sporting use; Toy blocks; Toy building blocks
Class 41:
Arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums; Arranging of exhibitions for educational purposes; Career counselling (training and education advice); Charitable services, namely education and training; Conducting of educational conferences; Conducting of educational courses; Conducting of exhibitions for educational purposes; Design of educational courses, examinations and qualifications; Dissemination of educational material; Education advisory services; Education information; Education services; Educational advisory services; Educational assessment services; Educational consultancy services; Educational examination; Educational institute services; Educational instruction; Educational research; Educational seminars; Educational services; Educational services provided by schools; Higher education services; Information relating to education; Information services relating to education; Kindergarten services (education or entertainment); Mentoring (education and training); Musical education services; Organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; Physical education; Preschools (education); Primary education services; Providing facilities for educational purposes; Providing information, including online, about education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; Provision of education courses; Provision of educational courses; Provision of educational examinations; Provision of educational information; Provision of facilities for education; Provision of information relating to education; Publication of educational materials; Publication of educational texts; Religious education; Religious educational services; Sports education services; Technological education services; Vocational guidance (education or training advice); Boarding school services; Boarding schools; Preparatory schools; School services; Language teaching; Organisation of teaching activities; Preschool teaching; Teaching; Academic examination services; Charitable services, namely academic mentoring; Arranging and conducting of lectures; Arranging and conducting of seminars; Arranging and conducting of symposiums; Arranging and conducting of workshops (training); Arranging group recreational activities; Arranging of courses of instruction; Arranging of lectures; Electronic publication of information on a wide range of topics, including online and over a global computer network; Providing online electronic publications (not downloadable); Publication of electronic books and journals online; Providing facilities for recreation; Providing facilities for sports events; Providing recreation facilities; Providing sports facilities; Provision of facilities for recreation; Provision of facilities for sports; Provision of facilities for tuition; Provision of gymnasium facilities; Provision of indoor recreational facilities; Provision of recreational facilities; Provision of sports facilities; Provision of swimming pool facilities; International student exchange programmes; Coaching (training); Sports coaching; Preparation of texts for publication; Publication of books; Publication of journals; Publication of periodicals; Publication of texts (other than publicity texts); Publication of magazines; Religious instruction; Religious training; Training; Cultural activities; Sporting activities; Entertainment; Arranging and conducting of conferences; Library services; Publishing by electronic means; Publishing of books; Publishing of documents; Publishing of printed matter