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Application Date
12 October 2018
Registration Date
12 October 2018
Renewal Date
12 October 2028

Griffith Hack

Goods and Services:
Class 6:
Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; artistic castings of common metal; artistic objects of common metal; fashioned common metals; ores; badges of metal for vehicles; bells for animals; bins of metal; bird baths of metal; bottle caps of metal; bottle closures of metal; bottle fasteners of metal; safety cashboxes; boxes of common metal; buckles of common metal; cashboxes of metal; chains for pets; metal chains for use as animal tethers; common metal bands for the identification of pet animals; chains of metal; chests of metal; chests of metal for food; chicken-houses of metal; chimney cowls of metal; chimney pots of metal; chimney shafts of metal; clips of metal for cables and pipes; closures of metal for containers; clothes hooks of metal; containers of metal; door bells (non-electric); door bolts; door cases of metal; door closers (non-electric); door fittings of metal; door handles of metal; door knockers; door openers (non-electric); door panels of metal; door scrapers; door springs (non-electric); door stops of metal; draw handles; ferrules of metal; fittings of metal for beds; fittings of metal for beds; fittings of metal for furniture; fittings of metal for windows; floor tiles of metal; hardware of metal (small); hinges of metal; hooks; house numbers of metal; identity plates; ingots, not of precious metal; ironwork for doors; ironwork for windows; joists of metal; keys; rings of common metal for keys; knobs of metal; ladders of metal; latch bars; latches; letter boxes; locks of metal; locks of metal for bags; locks of metal for vehicles; nails; number plates; tin-plate packings; registration plates of metal; preserve tins; preserving boxes of metal; props of metal; rings of metal; rivets of metal; safes (strong boxes); safety chains of metal; leadseals; signboards of metal; statues of common metal; statuettes of common metal; telephone boxes of metal; tile floorings of metal; tiles of metal; tin cans; tinfoil; tool boxes of metal; tool chests of metal; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; weather vanes of metal; works of art of common metal; foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; wall or ceiling decorations of common metal; cast common metal articles for decorative use; decorative action figures of common metal; decorative doorstops of metal; decorative glazing frames of metal; bells; dog chains; padlocks; doors of metal; aluminum foil; bolts of metal; packaging containers of metal; signs of metal; (containers of metal (storage, transport); figurines (statuettes) of common metal; ornaments of common metal
Class 11:
Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes; air conditioning apparatus; air deodorising apparatus; air driers (dryers); air purifying apparatus and machines; anti-splash tap nozzles; aquarium filtration apparatus; aquarium heaters; aquarium lights; ovens; barbecues; bath fittings and installations; heaters for baths; bedwarmers; beverages cooling apparatus; bicycle lights; electric blankets; boilers; bread toasters; electrically heated carpets; ceiling lights; chandeliers; electric lights for Christmas trees; electric coffee filters; coffee machines; coffee percolators; coffee roasters; refrigerating containers; cookers; cooking apparatus and installations; cooking utensils, electric; cooling installations for liquids and water; cooling installations for tobacco; heating cushions (pads); dampers (heating); electric deep fryers; disinfectant apparatus; disinfectant dispensers for toilets; distillation apparatus; hair dryers; filters for drinking water; drying apparatus for fodder and forage; electric lamps; fairy lights for festive decoration; fans (air-conditioning); electric fans; USB-powered desktop fans; portable electric fans; Electric fans with evaporative cooling devices; heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; flushing apparatus; ornamental fountains; freezers; fruit roasters; gas lighters; electric griddles; grills; hand drying apparatus for washrooms; hot air bath fittings; hot air ovens; hot plates; hot water bottles; luminous house numbers; humidifiers; ice boxes; ice chests; ice machines and apparatus; electric kettles; lamp casings; lamp chimneys; lamp glasses; lamp globes; lamp hanging supports; lamp mantles; lamp reflectors; lamp shades; lamps; lampshade holders; lanterns for lighting; electric laundry dryers; light bulbs; lighting installations; microwave ovens; milk cooling installations; mixer taps for water pipes; plate warmers; pocket searchlights; pocket torches; pocket warmers; electric pressure cooking saucepans; pressure water tanks; electric radiators; refrigerating cabinets; refrigerating chambers; refrigerators; roasters; roasting apparatus; roasting jacks; roasting spits; rotisseries; safety lamps; shower cubicles; showers; sinks; sockets for electric lights; solar collectors (heating); toasters; toilet bowls; toilet seats; toilet seat covers; toilets, portable; torches; urinals; waffle irons, electric; baking/cookery irons, electric; warming pans; wash-hand basins; water heaters; water purifying apparatus and machines; water sterilizers; pocket lamps; electric air purifiers; anti-dazzle devices for automobiles (lamp-fittings); anti-glare devices for vehicles (lamp fittings); arc lamps; autoclaves (electric pressure cookers); bath tubs; Chinese lanterns; lamps for security lighting; security lighting; night lights, other than candles; light diffusers; lighters; lights for automobiles; lights for vehicles; stoves; stoves (heating apparatus); rice cookers; fabric steamers; electric appliances for making yogart; light-emitting diodes (LED) lighting apparatus; bathroom heaters; whirlpool-jet apparatus; bread-making machines; multicookers; chocolate fountains, electric; microbubble generators for baths, electrically heated clothing; ice-cream making machines
Class 19:
Building materials (non-metallic); non-metallic rigid pipes for building; asphalt, pitch and bitumen; non-metallic transportable buildings; monuments, not of metal.; Advertisement columns, not of metal; Alabaster; Alabaster glass; Aquaria (structures); Aquarium gravel; Aquarium sand; Arbours (structures not of metal); Artificial stone; Aviaries, not of metal (structures); Beacons, not of metal, non-luminous; Blinds (outdoor), not of metal and not of textile; Bricks; Bricks (Earth for -); Building cardboard (asphalted); Building (Framework for -), not of metal; Building glass; Building materials, not of metal; Building panels, not of metal; Building paper; Building stone; Building stone; Building timber; Buildings, not of metal; Buildings, transportable, not of metal; Busts of stone, concrete or marble; Ceilings, not of metal; Door casings, not of metal; Door frames, not of metal; Door panels, not of metal; Doors, not of metal; Floor boards (Parquet -); Floor tiles, not of metal; Flooring (Parquet -); Floors, not of metal; Gates, not of metal; Letter boxes of masonry; Pools (Swimming -) (structures, not of metal); Posts, not of metal; Signs, not of metal (Non-luminous and non-mechanical -); Stained-glass windows; Statues of stone, concrete or marble; Statuettes of stone, concrete or marble; Telegraph posts, not of metal; Telephone booths, not of metal; Telephone boxes, not of metal; Tile floorings, not of metal; Tiles, not of metal; Tiles, not of metal, for building; Wall tiles, not of metal, for building; Window glass, except glass for vehicle windows; Window glass, for building; Windows, not of metal
Class 42:
Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; architecture supervision and consultation (architecture services); architecture consultations; computer programming; maintenance of computer software; construction drafting; consultation in environment protection; industrial design; design of interior decor; packaging design services; dress designing; graphic arts designing; weather forecasting; urban planning; duplication of computer programs; computer software design; installation of computer software; consultancy in the field of computer hardware; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; creating and maintaining web sites for others; data conversion of computer programs and data (not physical conversion); hosting computer sites (web sites); cloud computing; computer rental, computer software consultancy; computer system analysis; computer system design; computer technology consultancy; digitization of documents (scanning); information technology (IT) consulting services; off-site data backup; providing information on computer technology and programming via a web site; software as a service (SaaS); web site design consultancy; interior design; computer and technology services for securing computer data and personal and financial information and for the detection of unauthorized access to data and information; provision of search engine services; storage of data or documents electronically