Trademark: SUN SQUAD 1959161
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
02 October 2018
Registration Date
02 October 2018
Renewal Date
02 October 2028

Bird & Bird

Goods and Services:
Class 28:
Water toys; inflatable pool and beach toys; sand toys; swim fins; swim floats for recreational use; beach balls; play tents; gift sets comprised of board games, party games, card games, tabletop games, trivia games, building games, role playing games, ring games, memory games, and action skill games; stuffed and plush toys; confetti; pinatas and pinata sticks; party games; bubble making wand and solution sets; puppets; balloons; toy noisemakers; balls for games; balls for sports; rubber balls; beach balls; pumps specially adapted for used with balls for games; jump ropes; blow-outs; party favors in the nature of small toys; electric action toys; toy action figures; toy animals; toy vehicles, boats and airplanes; toy modeling dough; toy putty; toy robots; toy whistles; water squirting toys; wind-up toys; toy novelty sunglasses; toy novelty whoopee cushions; toy trophies; glow toys comprised of toy glow sticks, whistles, swords, play wands and jewelry; model toy cars; costume masks; soft sculpture plush toys and stuffed plush toys; toy novelty jewelry, namely, bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings; toy novelty makeup; dolls; dollhouses; toys, namely, children's play cosmetics, children's dress-up accessories; playing cards and card games; tossing disc toys; toy guns; paper party favors; paper party hats; motorized bubble machines; bean bags and beanbag toss games; croquet and lawn bowling sets; toy fishing sets; toy campfire sets comprised of toy logs and toy skewers; toy picnic baskets; toy barbeque grills and accessories therefor; toy magnifiers; toy telescopes; toy flashlights and lanterns; toy bug nets and bug jars; gardening and beach toys, namely, buckets, shovels, rakes, hoes, watering cans, sifters, pruners, trowels, cultivators and other garden implements; toy plastic wheelbarrows; toy outdoor furniture; radio controlled toy vehicles; children's activity tables; toy scooters and ride-on toys