Trademark: The I need A Group 1952708
The I need A Group
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 September 2018
Registration Date
03 September 2018
Renewal Date
03 September 2028


Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Electric appliance installation and repair; Electrical apparatus installation; Electrical apparatus repair; Electrical wiring services; Maintenance and repair of electrical apparatus; Maintenance, installation and repair of electrical items and equipment; Residential, commercial and industrial installation and repair of electrical and computer wiring and cabling; Maintenance of plumbing; Plumbing; Plumbing and glazing services; Renovation of plumbing; Boiler cleaning and repair; Building cleaning; Car cleaning services; Carpet cleaning; Ceiling cleaning services; Cleaning equipment hire; Cleaning of clothes; Cleaning of commercial premises; Cleaning of domestic premises; Cleaning of furniture; Cleaning of machines; Cleaning of motor vehicles; Cleaning of offices; Cleaning of property; Cleaning of vehicles; Cleaning services; Domestic cleaning; Window cleaning; Erection of security fencing; Fence erection services; Repair of fences; House painting; Painting and decorating; Painting and interior decorating services; Painting of buildings; Painting of metal surfaces; Painting of signs; Painting of vehicles; Spray painting; Swimming pool maintenance; Asbestos removal; Removal of graffiti; Stain removal; Waste removal (cleaning); Rust removing; Car detailing; Installation of kitchen appliances; Installation of kitchen equipment; Renovation of kitchens; Repair of kitchen appliances; Carpentry services; Installation of solar energy systems; Installation and repair of air conditioning apparatus; Locksmithing (Repair, maintenance and installation); Locksmithing services being the installation, repair and maintenance of locks and locking systems; Handyman repair, maintenance and installation services; Mechanical and chemical cleaning services; Mechanical engineering services (construction); Paving services; Road paving; Installation of roofing; Insulation of roofing; Roofing services; Extermination of pests; Non-agricultural pest and vermin control advisory, information, and inspection services; Pest control services, other than for agriculture, aquaculture, horticulture and forestry; Pest exterminating (other than for agriculture)