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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
13 August 2018
Registration Date
13 August 2018
Renewal Date
13 August 2028

IP Wealth Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Building and construction services, including but not limited to building and construction of apartment buildings, commercial properties, buildings, fair stalls and shops, houses, industrial properties, residential or domestic properties, offices, railways, roads and schools; general building contractor services; advisory and consultancy services relating to constructions; advisory services relating to building, building construction, building construction materials, building refurbishment, altering of buildings, maintenance of buildings and repair of buildings; advisory services relating to the alteration, construction, maintenance and repair of buildings; building construction; installation and repair services; maintenance and repair of buildings, building infrastructure, building utilities, building chattels and fixtures; warehouse construction and repair; property maintenance; supervision of building construction projects, repair and work; building refurbishment services including, interior refurbishment; renovation and restoration of buildings; building reinforcing; building demolition, building cleaning, building sealing and building insulating; building project management (building construction supervision); on site building project management; project preparation relating to building construction, building renovation and demolition; buildings and constructions of real estate subdivisions and developments; advisory services relating to property development building and construction services; development of property (building and constructions services) including housing development; real estate development (building and construction services); development of land; scaffolding including scaffolding dismantling, scaffolding erection, scaffolding hire and rental; installation of roofing; installation of fittings for buildings; insulation of roofing and buildings; concrete pouring and forming for buildings and other commercial or public concrete structures; site preparation; preservation of buildings; erection of pre-fabricated buildings; applications of coatings to buildings; damp-proofing (building); proofing of buildings against pest and vermin access; cleaning of building exteriors, interiors and building sites including public buildings; painting and decorating of buildings; building cleaning; cleaning services including exterior and interior cleaning of buildings, houses, commercial properties, building sites and public hearings; redevelopment and refurbishment of buildings; installation of office rooms; office space installation services; hire of building and construction apparatus, equipment machinery and tools; providing information, including online about building construction, repair and installation services; provision of information in relation to building construction; providing information, advice and consultancy in relation to all the aforesaid services; including provision of all the aforesaid services online, via a website, the internet, global computer networks or other computer networks, by electronic means or wireless technology, or accessible by mobile phones or other Internet-enabled devices