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28 August 2018
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28 August 2018
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28 August 2028

Binders Compendiums Menu Covers Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Non-medicated toiletry products; Detergents for laundry use; Laundry detergent; Laundry liquids; Laundry soaps; Powder for laundry purposes; Soaps for laundry use; Substances for laundry use; Non-medicated rinses (toiletries); Non-medicated toiletries; Toiletries in the form of non-medicated creams; Toiletries in the form of non-medicated lotions; Body creams (cosmetics); Cosmetics for personal use; Cosmetics for the use on the hair; Cosmetics for use on the skin; Cosmetics in the form of creams; Cosmetics in the form of gels; Cosmetics in the form of non-medicated lotions; Hair cosmetics; Moisturisers (cosmetics); Non-medicated cosmetics; Nourishing creams (non-medicated cosmetics); Skincare cosmetics; Detergents for dishwashing; Dishwashing agents; Dishwashing detergents; Dishwashing liquid; Dishwashing products; Cleaning agents for glass; Cleaning products for the skin; Detergents for cleaning use (other than as part of manufacturing operations); Gels for teeth cleaning; Liquid preparations (non-medicated) for cleaning the hands; Non-medicated cleaning creams for use on the person; Non-medicated cleaning preparations for use on the person; Pastes for teeth cleaning; Preparations for cleaning teeth; Preparations for cleaning the hair; Preparations for cleaning the teeth; Preparations for teeth cleaning; Preparations for the cleaning of the hair; Preparations for the teeth (cleaning); Products for cleaning; Rinses (cleaning preparations); Shoe cleaning materials (preparations); Shoe cleaning preparations; Tooth cleaning preparations; Bath shampoo; Body shampoos (non-medicated); Hair shampoo; Non-medicated hair shampoos; Non-medicated shampoos; Non-medicated shampoos for personal use; Non-medicated shampoos for the hair; Shampoos (non-medicated); Conditioners for treating the hair; Conditioners for use on footwear; Conditioners for use on the hair; Hair conditioner; Hair conditioners; Skin conditioners; Body lotions (other than for medical purposes); Moisturising body lotion (cosmetic); Perfumed body lotions (non-medicated toilet preparations); Body moisturisers; Cosmetic moisturisers; Facial moisturisers (cosmetic); Hair moisturisers; Non-medicated moisturisers; Bath gels, not medicated; Foaming bath gels; Shower gels; Bar soap; Bath soap; Body soaps; Cakes of soap; Cosmetic soaps; Facial soaps; Liquid soaps (non medicated); Non-medicated soap creams for use in washing; Non-medicated soap powders; Non-medicated soap products; Non-medicated soap-based handwashes; Non-medicated soaps; Shaving soap; Shower soap; Soap free washing emulsions for the body; Soapy detergents for household use; Bath salts, not for medical purposes; Non-medicated bath salts; Perfumed bath salts (toilet preparations); Shoe polish; Toothpaste; Toothpastes; Pre-shave gels; Non-medicated pre-shave creams; Pre-shave foams
Class 9:
Advertising boards (electric or luminous); Advertising display apparatus (electric or luminous); Advertising display signs (electric or luminous); Advertising signboards (electric); Advertising signboards (luminous); Electric advertising apparatus with alternative displays; Illuminated advertising apparatus; Illuminated advertising signs; Illuminated signs used for advertising; Luminous advertising apparatus with alternative displays; Luminous advertising displays; Metal advertising panels (luminous); Metal advertising panels (mechanical); Panels for advertising (luminous); Panels for advertising (mechanical); Computer hardware publications in electronic form; Databases (electronic publications); Electronic and recorded multimedia publications; Electronic publications (downloadable); Electronic publications including those sold and distributed online; Printed publications in electronically readable form; Publications in computer readable form; Weekly publications (electronic); Weekly publications downloaded in electronic form from the internet; Printed publications in machine readable form; Printed publications in optically recorded form; Directories (electric or electronic); Magazines downloaded via the internet; Computer software; Computer software (programs); Computer software (recorded); Computer software adapted for use in the operation of computers; Computer software applications (downloadable); Computer software designed to estimate costs; Computer software designed to estimate resource requirements; Computer software for accounting systems; Computer software for analysing address files; Computer software for analysing market information; Computer software for authorising access to data bases; Computer software for business purposes; Computer software for communication between computer processes; Computer software for processing address files; Computer software for processing market information; Computer software for time control; Computer software platforms, recorded or downloadable; Computer software products; Computer software programs; Computer software programs for database management; Computer software programs for spreadsheet management; Industrial computer software programs; Installations for the remote loading of computer software; Installations for the remote unloading of computer software; Interactive computer software; Network management computer software; Operating computer software for main frame computers; Computer programs for data processing; Computer programs for the analysis of data processing efficiency; Data processing apparatus; Data processing apparatus for use in information storage; Data processing apparatus for use with computers; Data processing devices; Data processing equipment; Data processing information carriers; Data processing input devices; Data processing machines; Data processing programmes; Data processing programmes for the production of periodicals; Data processing programs; Data processing software; Data processing software for graphic representations; Data processing systems; Data processing terminals; Data processing units; Data readers being optical devices for data processing apparatus; Data storage apparatus for use with data processing apparatus; Display apparatus for use with data processing installations; Electric apparatus for data processing; Electrical data processing apparatus; Electronic apparatus for data processing; Electronic data processing apparatus; Electronic data processing devices; Electronic data processing equipment; Electronic data processing machines; Electronic devices for data processing; Encoded programmes for data processing apparatus; Encoded programs for data processing apparatus; Expandable data processing apparatus; External storage apparatus for use with data processing apparatus; Flat screens for electronic data processing apparatus; Information storage devices for use in data processing apparatus; Input devices for data processing apparatus; Program carriers for electronic data processing apparatus; Real-time data processing apparatus; Remote data processing apparatus; Terminals for data processing; Terminals for remote data processing
Class 16:
Advertising leaflets; Advertising material being printed matter; Advertising material expressed in card form; Advertising material expressed in paper form; Advertising material expressed in plastics form; Advertising materials for dissemination in card form; Advertising materials for dissemination in paper form; Advertising materials for dissemination in plastics form; Advertising publications; Printed advertising material; Printed folded sheets containing advertising material; Printed materials for advertising purposes; Printed matter for advertising purposes; Printed publications for advertising businesses; Guest books; Inserts for printed publications; Loose-leaf publications; Periodical publications relating to caravanning; Periodical publications relating to travel; Printed publications; Printed publications relating to leisure; Printed publications relating to leisure activities; Promotional publications; Advertisements (printed matter); Directories (printed matter); Guides (printed matter); Guides (printed matter) for entertainment purposes; Guides (printed matter) for recreational purposes; Individually designed printed brochures; Laminated cards (printed matter); Printed advertisements; Printed guides; Printed maps; Printed menus; Tour books (printed matter); Tour guides in the form of printed matter; Travel guides in the form of printed matter; Loose-leaf ring binders; Ring binders; Binders for magazines; Company magazines; Covers for magazines; Magazine binders; Magazine covers; Magazines (periodicals); Geographical maps; Guide maps; Land maps; Loose-leaf maps; Maps; Maps made of card; Maps made of paper; Maps relating to motoring; Road maps; Route maps; Materials for book binding; Adhesive bands for stationery purposes; Adhesive bands for stationery use; Adhesive materials in the form of bands for stationery use; Adhesive materials in the form of strips for stationery use; Adhesive pads (stationery); Binder fasteners (stationery); Binder inserts (stationery); Binder sheets (stationery); Binders (stationery); Binders (stationery) with removable sheets; Binding covers (stationery); Binding materials for stationery use; Binding rings for stationery use; Covers (stationery); Double sided adhesive tapes for stationery use; Fastening strips for stationery use; Laminated cards (stationery); Pads (stationery); Book binders; Covers for binders; Display binders; Inserts for binders; Loose-leaf binders; Vinyl binders for paper sheets; Bags made of plastics materials for packing; Fragranced disposable bags; Plastic disposable bags for sanitary products; Bags of synthetic materials for wrapping and packaging; Plastics sheets for wrapping or packaging; Polyester sheets for wrapping or packaging; Polypropylene films for wrapping or packaging; Portioned packs made of plastics for packaging; Protective packaging of paper; Sheet plastics material for packaging; Sheets of plastic for packaging; Paper hand towels; Paper kitchen towels; Paper towels; Documentation for use in the development of computer software programs; Instruction manuals relating to computer software
Class 24:
Printed fabrics; Printed textile piece goods; Quilt bags; Household textiles; Non-woven textiles; Non-woven textiles fabrics; Polyester textiles; Textiles; Textiles for interior decorating; Textiles made of cotton; Textiles made of linen; Textiles made of satin; Textiles made of synthetic materials; Textiles made of wool; Viscose textiles; Bath sheets (towels); Bath towels; Beach towels; Face towels of textile; Glass-cloth (towels); Hand towels of textile; Hooded towels; Kitchen towels (textile); Tea towels; Terry towels; Towels (textile); Towels (textile) for kitchen use; Towels of textile; Towels of textile sold in pack form; Bath linen (except clothing); Bathroom linen; Bed linen; Bedding (linen); Household linen; Kitchen linen; Linen cloth; Linens; Table linen (not of paper); Tags of textile for attachment to linen; Terry linen; Textile labels for identifying linen; Textile labels for marking linen; Textile napkins (table linen); Valence linen; Waterproof bed linen; Woven linen fabrics; Shower curtains; Shower curtains made of plastic material; Shower curtains of textile or plastic; Bed sheets; Protective covers (dust sheets); Sheets (textile); Textile sheets; Valance sheets; Valanced bed sheets; Quilted blankets (bedding); Bed blankets; Bed blankets made of cotton; Bed blankets made of man-made fibres; Bed blankets made of wool; Bed coverings; Bed covers; Bed quilts; Bed skirts; Bed spreads; Bed valances; Bed warmer covers; Bedroom textile fabrics; Bedspreads; Comforters for beds; Coverlets (bedspreads); Textile goods for use as bedding; Valanced bed covers; Valances for beds; Blanket throws; Towel blankets; Mattress protectors (other than incontinence); Continental quilts; Quilts; Quilts filled with stuffing materials; Quilts filled with synthetic stuffing materials; Quilt covers; Comforters
Class 35:
Advertising; Advertising by mail order; Advertising services provided over the internet; Advertising services provided via a data base; Advisory services relating to advertising; Business advice relating to advertising; Business consultation relating to advertising; Collection of information relating to advertising; Compiling indexes of information for commercial or advertising purposes; Consultancy relating to advertising; Demonstration of goods for advertising purposes; Design of advertising materials; Direct mail advertising; Direct market advertising; Direct-mail advertising; Dissemination of advertising material; Dissemination of advertising matter; Distribution of advertising material; Electronic advertising services; Graphic advertising services; Information services relating to advertising; Layout services for advertising purposes; Market research for advertising; Online advertising on a computer network; Preparation of advertising material; Press advertising consultancy; Press advertising services; Production of advertising material; Production of visual advertising matter; Promotion (advertising) of business; Promotional advertising services; Providing information, including online, about advertising, business management and administration and office functions; Provision of advertising information; Provision of advertising space; Provision of information relating to advertising; Research services relating to advertising; Scriptwriting for advertising purposes; Updating of advertising material; Web indexing for commercial or advertising purposes; Writing advertising copy; Compilation and provision of online directories; Compilation of business directories; Compilation of directories for publishing on the Internet