Trademark: PT MOLECURE 1946839
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 August 2018
Registration Date
08 August 2018
Renewal Date
08 August 2028

Blueprint Law Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Cosmetics of all types for application to the face, lips, eyes, eyebrows, eyelashes and body; dermatological cosmetic preparations (other than for medical use); preparations for removing cosmetics; preparations for the cleansing, protection and maintenance of the skin; beauty masks for face, eyes, lips and body (cosmetic); skincare products for acne (cosmetic); non-medicated baby care products; preparations for personal or intimate hygiene (other than for medical use); deodorants; sunscreen preparations of all types (excluding sunscreen wipes); sun tanning preparations of all types (excluding sun-tan wipes); hair care preparations for cleansing, styling, strengthening and conditioning the hair and scalp (other than for medical use); topical preparations for promoting hair growth; shaving preparations for use before, during and after shaving; depilatory products for dermal application; nail preparations (cosmetics); preparations for strengthening nails and promoting nail growth; essential oils for cosmetic purposes; herbal extracts for cosmetic purposes; oral hygiene products for the care of teeth and the mouth (other than for medical use); cosmetic preparations for the cleansing and care of mouth and teeth; slimming preparations (cosmetic), other than for medical use; bleaching preparations for cosmetic purposes; collagen preparations for cosmetic purposes; edible essences for food stuffs (etheric substances and essential oils); cleaning preparations for make-up applicators
Class 5:
Nutraceutical preparations for use as dietary supplements; food supplements as normal diet supplements or as contributors to health; nutritional supplements for human use, consisting of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins, amino acids, yeast extracts, antioxidants, collagen, probiotics, prebiotics, yeast, fibre, fatty acids, organic acids, carbohydrates, edible oils, herbs, herbal extracts, plants, plant extracts, animal-derived extracts, microbiologically-derived ingredients, enzymes or a combination of these ingredients; food supplements based on vegetables and fruits in liquid, solid or powder form for human consumption; antioxidant (dietary supplements); vitamin or mineral preparations in the nature of food supplements; protein dietary supplements; herbal dietary supplements; herbal remedies; edible oils being dietary supplements; waters and beverages enriched with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, herbs, herbal extracts, plants, plant extracts, animal-derived extracts, prebiotics, probiotics or any combination of these ingredients; plant extracts (dietary supplements); Formulated meal replacements; probiotic dietary supplements; bacterial and biological preparations for nutritional purposes; Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and herbal preparations; food ferments for use as dietary supplements; propolis dietary supplements; royal jelly dietary supplements; enzyme dietary supplements; energy drinks (dietary supplement); formulated supplementary foods; formulated foods for babies and young children; food supplements for babies and young children; formulated supplementary sports foods; food for special medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical use; freeze-dried food adapted for medical purposes; lyophilized food adapted for medical purposes; milk foods or powders for babies and infants