Trademark: EFD 1943133
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
30 July 2018
Registration Date
30 July 2018
Renewal Date
30 July 2028

Award Winning Accounting Service Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 30:
Beverages consisting principally of chocolate; Beverages consisting principally of cocoa; Beverages consisting principally of coffee; Beverages made from cereals; Beverages made from chocolate; Beverages made from cocoa; Beverages made from coffee; Beverages made of tea; Beverages with a chocolate base; Beverages with a cocoa base; Beverages with coffee base; Beverages with tea base; Chocolate beverages; Chocolate beverages with milk; Chocolate essences for the preparation of beverages; Chocolate flavoured beverages; Coffee-based beverages; Extracts of cocoa for use as flavours in beverages; Frozen beverages (edible ices); Ice beverages with a chocolate base; Ice beverages with a cocoa base; Non-medicated tea based beverages; Non-medicated tea beverages; Preparations for making tea based beverages; Preparations of malted barley for use in making beverages; Tea-based beverages; Apple flavoured tea; Aromatic teas (other than for medicinal use); Artificial tea (other than for medicinal use); Iced tea; Instant powder for making flavoured coffee-based, tea-based or cocoa-based drinks; Instant tea (other than for medicinal purposes); Jasmine tea, other than for medicinal purposes; Mate (tea); Milk chocolate teacakes; Non-medicated tea bags; Non-medicated tea extracts; Non-medicated tea products; Preparations with a tea base; Rooibos tea (not medicinal); Tea (not medicinal); Tea cakes; Tea essence; Chocolate coffee; Coffee; Coffee beans; Coffee drinks; Coffee products; Flavoured coffee; Bread; Bread biscuits; Bread buns; Bread concentrates; Bread improvers; Biological honey for culinary purposes; Honey; Honeycomb (edible); Natural honey; Sweet spreads (honey); Agave syrup (natural sweetener); Boiled sugar sweetmeats; Boiled sweets; Chocolate sweets; Foamed sugar sweets; Mousse (sweet); Natural sweeteners; Non-medicated gum sweets; Non-medicated sweets; Sweet and sour sauce; Sweet pickle (condiment)