Trademark: 1942501
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
19 July 2018
Registration Date
19 July 2018
Renewal Date
19 July 2028

IP Service International Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 28:
Baby dolls; Baby gyms; Baby playthings; Baby swings; Infants' swing seats; Infants' swings; Toys for infants; Tricycles for infants (toys); Children's chemistry sets; Children's four-wheeled vehicles (playthings); Children's play tables; Children's playground apparatus; Children's playhouses; Children's playthings; Children's ride-on toy vehicles; Children's scooters (playthings); Children's tables being playthings; Children's toy bicycles (other than for transport); Children's toys; Climbing slides being play apparatus for children; Electronic educational teaching games for children; Games for children; Indoor play apparatus for children; Play structures for children; Playground apparatus for children; Playsuits (children's role-play); Rattles for children; Toys in the form of drawing apparatus for children; Vehicles for children; Action figures (toys or playthings); Craft kits for games and playthings; Educational playthings; Educational playthings for use in teaching; Electronic playthings; Electronic toys (playthings); Face masks being playthings; Floating inflatable playthings (other than mattresses or seats); Inflatable toys (playthings); Masks (playthings); Model vehicles (toys or playthings); Models (toys or playthings); Musical playthings; Paper models (playthings); Plastic toys (playthings); Playthings; Playthings in the form of animals; Shovels (toys or playthings); Slides (playthings); Stuffed animals (playthings); Toys (playthings); Toys (playthings) made of metal; Toys (playthings) made of paper; Toys (playthings) made of plastics; Toys (playthings) made of plush; Toys (playthings) made of rubber; Toys (playthings) sold in kit form; Water guns (playthings); Water pistols (playthings); Wooden toys (playthings)