Trademark: Made by Santa 1942415
Made by Santa
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
19 July 2018
Registration Date
19 July 2018
Renewal Date
19 July 2028

Global Sources Australia Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 11:
apparatus for lighting displays; decorative electric lighting apparatus; computer controlled lighting apparatus; lighting apparatus for use with video apparatus; lighting apparatus incorporating optical fibres; lighting apparatus for commercial use; ornaments for christmas trees (lights); lights for christmas trees; decorative lighting for christmas trees; lights, electric, for christmas trees; christmas tree ornaments for illumination (electric lights); fairy lights for festive decoration; garden lights; lights for festive decoration; lamps for festive decoration; electric lights for festive decorations; string lights for festive decoration; lighting ornaments (fittings); solar collectors (lighting); electric lights; strobe lights (light effects); electric fairy lights; dome lights; wall lights; neon lamps for illumination; strobe lights (decorative); stroboscopic lamps (light effects); fluorescent lamps with low ultra-violet light output; lighting elements; spot lights for household illumination; strings of lights (rope lights); incandescent lamps for optical instruments; light projectors; strobe lights for discos; outdoor lighting; outdoor lighting fittings; outdoor electrical lighting fixtures; garden lighting; decorative lights; spot lights; decorative lighting sets; decorative electric lighting apparatus for use in gardens; indoor fountains; display lighting; flashlight bulbs; pendant fluorescent lighting fixtures; mirror balls being lighting fittings; strings of lights; strings of coloured lights; high intensity discharge lights; chandeliers; chinese lanterns; flashlights (hand-held lamps); Christmas tree ornaments for illumination (electric lights); Decorative lighting for Christmas trees; Electric lights for Christmas trees; Installations for lighting Christmas trees; Lamps for Christmas trees; Lights for Christmas trees; Lights, electric, for Christmas trees; Ornaments for Christmas trees (lights)
Class 16:
christmas cards; gift stationery; gift wrap; gift packaging; cardboard gift bags; stationery; stationery relating to holidays; decorative glitter for stationery purposes; calendars; tear-off calendars; visual activity planners; stickers (stationery); individually designed printed brochures; signs (stationery); stationery paper; paper tablecloths; paper table napkins; paper napkins; gift boxes; gift tags; paper shopping (carrier) bags; plastic gift bags; shopping (carrier) bags of plastic; shopping (carrier) bags of paper; paper gift bags; plastic bags for packaging; colouring crayons; colouring pencils; mats (coasters) of card; mats (coasters) of paper; table coasters made of paper; coasters in card form; stencils (stationery); roller ball pens; pads of party invitations; table decorations of cardboard; table decorations of paper; table decorations of card; adhesive wall decorations of cardboard; paper for decorations; decorative bows for wrapping; gift wrapping paper; plastic gift wrapping rolls; gift wrapping materials; tags for use with gift wrapping; plastic bags for wrapping; gift paper; tape for wrapping (stationery); plastics for packing (wrapping); paper bows for wrapping; paper for wrapping; ribbons of paper for wrapping; paper gift cards; polythene bags for wrapping; plastics sheets for wrapping or packaging; printed gift vouchers; wrapping paper; plastics bags for the wrapping of goods; paper bags (wrapping materials); sheets of plastic for wrapping; figurines made from cardboard; birthday cards; paper doilies; decorative wrapping paper; disposable table linen of paper; table napkins of paper; table place setting mats of cardboard; table centrepieces (mats) made of paper; paper wiping cloths
Class 28:
toys (playthings); plush toys; plush figures (toys); inflatable toys (playthings); figurines being toys; rubber toys (playthings); balloons (toys); educational toys; christmas tree stands; decorations for christmas trees; artificial christmas trees; bells for christmas trees; artificial snow for christmas trees; christmas tree (synthetic); non-edible christmas tree ornaments; decorations (not edible) for christmas trees; candle holders for christmas trees; ornaments for christmas trees (not edible and not lights); ornaments for christmas trees (except illumination articles and confectionery); christmas stockings; christmas tree decorations (other than edible or for illumination); snow-crystal balls (tree decorations); christmas trees of synthetic material; christmas crackers; christmas crackers (party novelties); toy flowers; party hats (novelties for parties); trimmings for festive decoration; novelty toys for parties; decorations of cardboard for use as festive decoration; festive decorations (non-edible and other than lights); balloon decorations; crackers (party novelties); toy jewellery; party novelties (toys); streamers (novelty items); paper hats (party novelties); craft toys sold complete; toy balloons; party balloons; decorative balloons; knitted gift stockings; teddy bears; toy tableware; spinning toys; toy aeroplanes; christmas novelties; party poppers (party novelties); sledges (playthings); rattles (playthings); magic tricks; toys relating to magic; stuffed toy figurines; crackers (cosaques); playthings; sleighs (playthings); confetti; snow sledges (playthings); plastic toys (playthings); pinatas; snow globes; origami paper toys; stuffed animals (toys); crepe paper streamers; toy trains; train sets (playthings); model train sets; electric train sets (toys); model train layouts; rocking horses; toys in the form of spectacles; toys in the nature of imitation foodstuffs; toys in the form of spider-like creatures; theatrical masks; carnival hats; carnival masks; toys for pets; toys for cats; toys for dogs; imitation bones being toys for dogs; Artificial Christmas trees; Artificial snow for Christmas trees; Bells for Christmas trees; Candle holders for Christmas trees; Christmas tree (synthetic); Christmas tree decorations (other than edible or for illumination); Christmas tree stands; Christmas trees of synthetic material; Decorations (not edible) for Christmas trees; Decorations for Christmas trees; Non-edible Christmas tree ornaments; Ornaments for Christmas trees (except illumination articles and confectionery); Ornaments for Christmas trees (not edible and not lights); Snow-crystal balls (tree decorations)