Trademark: MILTON GREEN 1941671
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Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
18 July 2018
Registration Date
18 July 2018
Renewal Date
18 July 2028

King & Wood Mallesons

Goods and Services:
Class 35:
Advertising, marketing and promotional services; business consultancy services rendered by business, management and organisation consultants; business services being business management, administration and information services; business appraisal, consultancy information, management, research and organisation services; organisation, operation and supervision of sales and promotional incentive schemes and loyalty schemes; organisation and management services relating to the supply of benefits in connection with loyalty incentive schemes; customer loyalty services and customer club services; business administration, management and advertising services supplied to members of an aggregation of retailers or traders in a retail, commercial or wholesale environment and/or to owners of shopping environments; business research and data analysis; business information services; business consultancy services rendered by business, management and organisation consultants; organisation of exhibitions and trade fairs for commercial and advertising purposes; rental of advertising space; distribution of samples; online advertising on a computer network; outdoor advertising; public relations; shop window dressing; sales promotion; promoting the goods and services of others; retailing, wholesaling and trading services, including online; retail store services; retail sale services provided by means of a global computer network; computerized on-line ordering featuring general merchandise and general consumer goods; providing an on-line commercial information directory; providing online marketplaces for sellers and buyers of goods and services; business intermediary services for the sale and purchase of goods and services; provision of commercial information on products, services, producers and sellers via a searchable online database; provision of commercial information on the goods and services of online vendors via a searchable online advertising guide; Business consulting services relating to logistics; logistics services (business management and organization of facilities and resources); advisory, consultancy and information services in relation to the foregoing
Class 36:
Financial services; real estate affairs; management and leasing of real estate and property, including services rendered by real estate agents; management and leasing of real estate and property, leasing of premises for retail or wholesale shops; real estate management; leasing of real estate; leasing of retail outlet units, manufacturers' outlet units and space for the provision of restaurants; safe facilities for the storage of money and other valuables, being the provision of safe deposit facilities; banking facilities; banking services; credit card and debit card services and money exchange services; real estate, stocks, equities and commodity investment advice services; financial affairs in relation to the provision and administration of retail and commercial property, capital investments, financial and insurance consultancy, financial consultancy, financial evaluation, financial information, financial management, financial sponsorship, fund investments, guarantees, lease-purchase financing, trusteeship, fiscal valuations; issuing tokens of value; credit card and debit card services; financial sponsorship services; financial sponsorship of individuals involved in sports or entertainment; financial sponsorship of entertainment events and cultural activities; financial sponsorship of organisations; real estate services; fund raising services in this class including charitable fund raising services; management and leasing of space in a shopping centre; investment services in relation to direct and indirect commercial and industrial real estate portfolios; capital investment services; property investment services; development and management of commercial/industrial real estate assets; management of listed and unlisted property trusts or specialised funds; wholesale and retail investment management services; advisory, consultancy and information services in relation to the foregoing