Trademark: MARVEL 1941153
Trademark Type
Published: Under examination
Application Date
16 July 2018

Shelston IP Pty Ltd.

Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; scientific apparatus; apparatus for transmission, processing, and reproduction of sound, images, or data; audio and visual recordings; digital media; apparatus for electronic publishing; equipment for electronic publishing; apparatus for desktop publishing; equipment for desktop publishing; application software; digital applications; downloadable software application; e-books; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; audio discs; audio recordings; video recordings; audio and video recordings; audio speakers; baby monitors; bicycle helmets; binoculars; audio tapes; audio recordings in all media; visual recordings in all media; calculators; camcorders; cameras; CD players; CD-ROMs; CD-ROM drives (as part of the computer); CD-ROM writers (as part of the computer); cellular telephones; cellular telephone accessories; cellular telephone cases; cellular telephone covers; face plates for cellular telephones; cellular telephone apparatuses; cellular telephone decorations; chips containing musical recordings; compact disc players; compact disc recorders; compact discs; compasses (directional); computer game programs; computer game cartridges; computer game discs; computer game software; computers; computer hardware; computer keyboards; computer monitors; computer mouse; computer disc drives; computer software; computer software in the field of entertainment and digitally-stored manuals sold therewith; computer software in the field of games and digitally-stored manuals sold therewith; interactive video game programs; interactive computer game programs; downloadable computer game software; downloadable interactive entertainment software for playing computer games; downloadable interactive entertainment software for playing video games; cordless telephones; decorative magnets; decorative fridge magnets; digital cameras; digital audio tape recorders; digital video recorders; video players including digital video players; audio players including digital audio players; digital video and audio players; DVD players; DVD machines; DVDs; DVD recorders; digital versatile discs; digital video discs; UHD (ultra-high definition or 4K) home video discs; CD-ROMs, DVDs, compact discs, and video discs, featuring entertainment related to science fiction films, computer games, animation and music; downloadable electronic publications; pre-recorded optical discs; pre-recorded magneto-optical discs; optical disc players for audio, video and/or computer data; magneto-optical disc players for audio, video and/or computer data; optical disc recorders for audio, video and/or computer data; magneto-optical disc recorders for audio, video and/or computer data; ear buds; electrical cables; optical cables; electronic personal organizers; eyeglass cases; eyeglasses; accessories in this class for eyeglasses; eyeglass chains; graduated rulers for office; graduated rulers for stationery; headphones; accessories for headphones; karaoke machines; loudspeakers; microphones; MP3 players; MP3 recorders; mini discs; mini disc players; mini disc recorders; mobile telephones; mobile telephone accessories; mobile telephone cases; face plates for mobile telephones; mobile telephone apparatuses; mobile telephone decorations; modems (as part of a computer); mouse pads; motion picture films; musical recordings; pagers; personal stereos; personal digital assistants; plastic keycards (encoded); printers; protective covers and cases for tablet computers and laptops; radios; sunglasses; accessories in this class for sunglasses; sunglass cases; telephones; television sets; video cameras; video game cartridges; video game discs; video game software; video tapes; video discs; videophones; video disc players; video recordings; walkie-talkies; wrist and arm rests for use with computers; computer keyboard trays; protective helmets for sports; protective face masks not for medical purposes; flotation vests; swimming goggles; swim masks; snorkels
Class 16:
Paper; paper articles for packaging (wrapping) purposes; paper articles for use in relation to art; paper articles for use in relation to craft; paper articles for use in relation to hobby sets; paper articles of stationery; goods made of plastic in this class; drawing paper; cardboard; cardboard articles for display purposes, not being furniture; cardboard articles for making up into models; cardboard articles for pets; printed cardboard articles; address books; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; albums for trading cards; almanacs; appliques in the form of decalcomanias; appointment books; art prints; arts kits; craft kits (consisting principally of painting/poster/paper/paper mache/cardboard materials); arts and craft kits (consisting principally of painting/poster/ paper/paper mache/cardboard materials); arts paint kits; craft paint kits (consisting principally of painting materials); arts and craft paint kits (consisting principally of painting materials); autograph books; baby books; ball point pens; baseball cards; binders; blackboards; blank journal books; book covers; bookends; bookmarks; books; bumper stickers; calendars; cartoon strips; Christmas cards; chalk; chalk boards; chalk erasers; children's activity books; clips for holding and displaying photographs; coasters made of paper; coin albums; colouring books; colouring pages; colour pencils; comic books; comic strips; compasses for drawing; coupon books; crayons; decalcomanias; decorative figures attachable to writing instruments; decorative glitter in this class; decorative paper centrepieces; desktop organisers; diaries; disposable coasters (made out of cardboard or paper); disposable handkerchiefs; drawing rulers; dry erase writing boards; envelopes; erasers; felt pens; flash cards; gift cards; gift wrapping paper; terrestrial globes; glue, glue sticks; greeting cards; guest books; highlighting markers; journals (blank); letter openers of precious metal or otherwise; lunch bags; magazines; maps; markers; memo pads; modelling clay; newsletters; newspapers; note paper; notebooks; notebook paper; office and school supplies; paint brushes; paint kits; painting palettes; paintings; painting sets for children; paper boxes; paper coasters; paper flags; paper cake decorations; paper party decorations; paper napkins; paper party bags; paperweights; paper gift wrap bows; paper pennants; paper place mats; paper table cloths; patterns for costumes and embroidery designs; plastic party bags; printed patterns for costumes; printed patterns for embroidery designs; pen or pencil holders; pencils; pencil sharpeners; pen and pencil cases; pen and pencil boxes; pen and pencil trays; pens; periodicals; personal organisers; photograph albums; photographs; photo engravings; pictorial prints; picture books; plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); portraits; postcards; posters; presentation boards; printed awards; printed certificates; printed invitations; printed matter; printed menus; printed publications; recipe books; role playing game equipment in the nature of game book manuals; rubber stamps; rulers, rulers for drawing, protractors; sandwich bags; snack bags; score cards; scrapbooks; scrapbooking materials in this class; stamp albums; stamp pads; stationery; staplers; stickers; telephone books; tissues; trading cards; ungraduated rulers; whiteboards; whiteboard markers; wipes of paper; writing paper; writing implements; heat transfers; scrapbook pages; supplies for scrapbooks; shopping bags
Class 20:
Furniture; goods (not included in other classes) of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, mother-of-pearl, or substitutes for all these materials; goods (not included in other classes) of plastic, plaster or wax; air mattresses; air mattresses for use when camping; baby walkers; badges in this class; bean bags; bassinets; beanbags; beds; benches; bookcases; booster seats; boxes and crates; cabinets; chairs; clips for holding and displaying photographs; clothing hangers; coat racks; computer furniture; computer keyboard trays; cots; couches; cradles; crib bumpers; crib bumper cushions; cushions; decorative boxes in this class; decorative glitter in this class; decorative mobiles; decorative wall plaques; desks; engraved stone plaques; cut stone plaques; figurines made of plaster, plastic, wax, or wood; statuettes made of plaster, plastic, wax, or wood; flagpoles; foot stools; gift package decorations made of plastic; hand fans; hand held mirrors; high chairs for babies; key chains; key tags; key fobs not of metal; lawn furniture; leather key chains; leather picture frames; love seats; magazine racks; mattresses; mirrors; nesting boxes; non-Christmas ornaments made of plaster, plastic, wax or wood; plastic frames; play pens; ottomans; party ornaments of plastic; pedestals; picture frames; pillows; plant stands made of wire; plant stands made of metal; decorative wall plaques; plastic card keys; plastic name badges; plastic novelty license plates; plastic cake decorations; plastic banners; sleeping bags; tables; toy chests; umbrella stands; venetian blinds; wind chimes; window blinds; baby bouncers; curtain rods; infant walkers
Class 21:
Household utensils; kitchen utensils; household containers; kitchen containers; articles for cleaning purposes; unworked glass; semi-worked glass; house wares; home wares in this class; domestic utensils (not of precious metal or coated therewith); domestic containers (not of precious metal or coated therewith); glassware not included in other classes; porcelain not included in other classes; earthenware not included in other classes; baby bath tubs; bath accessories including dispensers for shampoo, soap or lotions; toothbrush holders; beverage ware; beverage glassware; bird houses; brooms; brushes; brushes and combs; busts; cake servers; cake stands; candle snuffers; ceramic figurines; coasters not of paper and not being table linen; combs; collapsible boxes for household use; containers; decorative boxes in this class; dishes; drinking straws; flower pots; gazing globes , being garden decorations in the form of mirrored or reflective orbs; hair brushes; hair combs; insulating sleeve holders for beverage containers; lunch kits consisting of lunch boxes and insulated containers; oven mitts; paper cups; paper plates; plastic placemats; placemats not of paper or textile; plastic table covers; plastic party bags; plastic cups; plastic trays; plastic water bottles; sponges; tea kettles; trays; barbeque mitts; pot holders; lipstick holders; cups adapted for feeding babies; cups adapted for feeding children; bakeware; beverageware; hair brushes and combs; bowls; busts of ceramic, crystal, china, terra cotta, earthenware, porcelain or glass; coasters not of paper and not being table linen; household containers for food and beverages; cake pans; cake moulds; candle holders not of precious metal; canteens; figurines made of ceramic, china, crystal, earthenware, glass, or porcelain; beverage glassware; cookie jars; cookie cutters; cork screws; cups; decorating bags for confectioners; decorative crystal prisms; decorative glass; decorative plates; dinnerware; dishware; serving ware for serving food; heat-insulated vessels; kettles; lunch boxes; lunch kits comprising lunch boxes and beverage containers; serving trays; mugs; napkin holders; napkin rings not of precious metals; non-metallic trays; pie pans; pie servers; plates; portable coolers; removable insulators for drink cans and bottles; sports bottles sold empty; soap dishes; serving ware; tea pots; tea sets; thermal insulated containers for food or beverage; toothbrushes; trivets; vacuum bottles; waste baskets; textiles not included in other classes; textile articles not included in other classes; textiles; textile goods; textile covers; fabric; fitted and unfitted fabric furniture covers; bed covers; table covers; duvet and quilt covers; covers for cushions; bedding; afghans; bath linen; bath towels; bed blankets; bed canopies; bed linen; bed sheets; bed skirts; bed spreads; blanket throws; calico; children's blankets; cloth coasters; cloth doilies; cloth flags; cloth pennants; comforters; crib bumpers; curtains; cushion covers; disposable tablecloths; disposable placemats; disposable coasters; dust ruffles; fabric; fabric flags; felt pennants; golf towels; hand towels; handkerchiefs; hooded towels; household linen; kitchen towels; pillow cases; pillow covers; quilts; receiving blankets; sheets; silk blankets; table linen; textile napkins; textile place mats; textile tablecloths; throws; towels; washcloths; woollen blankets; plastic flags; plastic pennants; plastic tablecloths; plastic table covers
Class 28:
Toys; games; playthings; educational toys; educational games; educational playthings; action skill games; action figures; accessories for action figures; battery operated action toys; board games; body boards; bows and arrows; card games; children's multiple activity toys; badminton sets; balloons; balls; balls for games; basketballs; bath toys; baseballs; baseball bats; beach balls; bean bag toys; bean bag dolls; building blocks; bowling balls; bubble making wands and solution sets; catcher's mitts; chess sets; children's play cosmetics; Christmas stockings; Christmas tree decorations; Christmas tree ornaments; coin operated game tables; non-coin operated game tables; collectable toy figures; construction toys; crib mobiles; crib toys; disc toss toys; disc-type toss toys; dolls; doll clothing; doll accessories; doll play sets; dolls houses; electric action toys; equipment sold as a unit for playing card games; face masks; fishing rods; fishing tackle; golf balls; golf gloves; golf ball markers; gymnastic articles not included in other classes; sporting articles not included in other classes; hand-held electronic games; hand held units for playing electronic games; hand-held units for playing electronic games with or without an external screen or monitor; hand held video electronic games; hockey pucks; hockey sticks; infant exercise equipment; infant exercise seats; infant exercise jumpers; infant saucers; infant swings; inflatable toys; inline skates; jigsaw puzzles; jump ropes; kites; magic tricks; marbles; manipulative games; mechanical toys; mobiles; multiple activity toys; music box toys; musical toys; paper party hats; parlour games; party favours being small toys; party games; pet toys; pin ball machines, pinball games; ping pong sets; playing cards; plush toys; punching balls; puppets; puzzles; racquets of all kinds in this class; bats of all kinds in this class; ride-in toys; ride-on toys; role playing games; roller skates; rubber balls; skateboards; skateboard bags; snow boards; snow sleds; snow globes; soccer balls; soft sculpture toys; spinning tops; sporting goods; squeeze toys; stuffed toys; surf boards; table tennis tables; target games; teddy bears; tennis balls; toboggans; toy action figures; toy scooters; non-motorised scooters; toy bicycles; toy tricycles; toy buckets; toy shovels; toy spades; toy bucket and shovel sets; toy bucket and spade sets; toy camping gear; toy dart sets; toy figurines and accessories; toy furniture; toy kitchen ware; toy musical instruments; toy guns; toy holsters; toy hoop sets; toy houses; toy jewellery; toy magic tricks; toy mobiles; toy phones; toy rockets; toy vehicles; toy scooters; toy swords; toy cars; toy model hobby craft kits; toy figures; cases for play accessories for action figure; model vehicles; model space craft; toy banks; toy tents; toy trucks; toy stamps; toy walkie talkies; toy watches; toy 3D viewers and reels; transforming robotic toys; video electronic games; video games; video game machines; water squirting toys; wind-up toys; yo-yos; paper party favours; playsets for use with toy action figures; radio controlled toys; radio controlled toy vehicles; toy gliders; playsets for make-believe play battle or adventure activities; construction toys; toy construction blocks; toy construction sets; children's multiple activity toys; toy modelling dough; baby multiple activity toys; toy model train sets; toy model space crafts; toy model space crafts and related accessories sold as units; ride-on toys; rideable toy vehicles; push toys; pull toys; stacking toys; toy furniture; bobble head dolls; bendable toys; inflatable bop bags; game tables; toy masks; toy helmets; toy weapons; role playing games; coin-operated video games; arcade games; arcade video game machines; pinball games; pinball-type games; inflatable swimming pools (play articles); inflatable inner tubes for aquatic recreational use; play swimming pools; water slides; elbow guards for athletic use; knee guards for athletic use; snow sleds for recreational use; surf fins; swim fins; surfboards; swim boards for recreational use; pinatas; gymnastic and sporting articles (except clothing)
Class 41:
Entertainment services; sporting services; education services; cultural services; entertainment activities; sporting activities; education activities; cultural activities; entertainment services including the presentation of live musical performances; entertainment services including the presentation of live musical concerts; entertainment services including the presentation of live sporting events; presentation of live sporting events; presentation of sporting events; educational services relating to sport; entertainment services including live artistic, theatrical and/or operatic performances; entertainment services associated with sporting, musical or theatrical performances including fireworks displays, opening and closing performances and ceremonies, mass stadium performances, mass stadium activities or events, broadcast of recorded music, parachuting displays, marching displays, dancing, cheer squad entertainment; arranging, organising, managing or conducting entertainment activities or events; arranging, organising, managing or conducting sporting activities or events; arranging, organising, managing or conducting educational activities or events; arranging, organising, managing or conducting cultural activities or events; arranging, managing or conducting seminars or conferences; exhibition services in this classes; arranging, managing or conducting exhibitions; organising exhibitions; music festival services; providing gaming facilities; providing sports facilities; rental of stadium facilities; ticketing services; information services in this class; provision of entertainment information; provision of sporting information; provision of education information; provision of cultural information; consultancy services in relation to entertainment, sporting, education or cultural events; function planning; rental of sporting and education equipment; rental of stadium facilities; publishing services in this class; organisation of musical events, functions or appearances; amusement park services; theme park services; educational or entertainment services rendered in or relating to theme parks; amusement arcade services; entertainer services; live performances, games or exhibitions of costumed characters for parties, conventions, educational and promotional purposes and special events; pleasure-ground services; holiday services in this class, being the provision of entertainment, education, sporting, cultural or recreational services for holidays or at holiday venues, parks or resorts; sport camp services; live stage shows; presentation of live performances; theatre productions; organisation of theatrical events, functions or appearances; competitions; competition shows; competition programs; provision of entertainment, cultural and educational exhibitions; entertainment club services; educational club services; provision of cinema services and facilities; library services; book club services; bookmobile services; online services in this class being any of the aforementioned services provided online; any of the aforementioned services provided via a mobile service; production of entertainment, educational, news, sporting or cultural programs for provision via communication or computer networks; provision of entertainment, educational, news, sporting or cultural programs via communication or computer networks; distribution of entertainment, news, and information via communication and computer networks; production of entertainment shows for distribution via television, cable, satellite, audio and video media, cartridges, laser discs, computer discs or electronic means; production of interactive programs for distribution via television, cable, satellite, audio and video media, cartridges, laser discs, computer discs or electronic means; online entertainment; online games; online entertainment services; online interactive entertainment; production of television programs; presentation of television programs; distribution of television programs; rental of television programs; production of radio programs; presentation of radio programs; distribution of radio programs; rental of radio programs; production of motion picture films; presentation of motion picture films; distribution of motion picture films; rental of motion picture films; production of sound recordings; presentation of sound recordings; distribution of sound recordings; rental of sound recordings; production of video recordings; presentation of video recordings; distribution of video recordings; rental of video recordings; booking of tickets for sporting events; reservation services for concert tickets; reservation services for sporting tickets; ticket agency services (entertainment); ticket agency services (sporting); management of concerts; conducting of exhibitions for entertainment purposes; dissemination of entertainment material; entertainment, cultural or sporting event booking or reservation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; entertainment, cultural or sporting event booking or reservation services provided in relation to a frequent flyer scheme; fan club services (entertainment); hospitality services (entertainment); live entertainment; organisation and conducting of dance, music and other entertainment festivals; organisation of competitions (education or entertainment); organisation of contests (education or entertainment); organisation of fairs for entertainment purposes; organisation of promotions (entertainment events); organising charitable fundraising events being the provision of entertainment, sporting and cultural services; production of live entertainment; providing facilities for entertainment; providing information, including online, about education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; provision of club entertainment services; arranging group recreational activities; organisation of recreational activities; recreational services; organisation of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; advisory services relating to the organisation of sporting events; organisation of ceremonial events; organisation of musical events; organisation of promotions (sporting events); organisation of sporting events; providing facilities for sports events; booking of exercise facilities; booking of sports facilities; hire of sports facilities; providing recreation facilities; provision of club recreation facilities; provision of club sporting facilities; provision of exercise facilities; provision of facilities for entertaining; provision of sporting club facilities; provision of training facilities; rental of sports facilities; rental of stadium facilities; arranging of competitions; organisation of sporting competitions; provision of sporting competitions; sporting results services; sports consultancy; display of works of art (exhibitions, shows, galleries); conducting workshops (training); information services relating to recreation; physical training services; recreation services; sports club services; arranging of exhibitions for cultural purposes; arranging of exhibitions for educational purposes; arranging of exhibitions for training purposes; conducting of exhibitions for amusement purposes; conducting of exhibitions for recreation purposes; production of video recordings for marketing purposes; production of video recordings for publicity purposes; commercial information services provided by access to a computer database; compilation of information into computer databases; computerised business information services; computerised database management; computerised file management; advertising services provided via a data base; business consultancy services relating to data processing; collection of data; data base management; data retrieval; interpretation of market research data; market research data collection services; provision of business data; office functions; preparation of publicity documents; preparation of publicity material; advertising; billboard advertising; direct mail advertising; direct-mail advertising; distribution of advertising material; electronic advertising services; event management services (organization of exhibitions or trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes); graphic advertising services; pay per click advertising; promotion (advertising) of concerts; promotion (advertising) of travel; provision of advertising space; rental of advertising space on the internet; rental of billboards (advertising boards); business management consultancy; business management of performing artists; business management of sports people; data processing for businesses; data processing for the collection of data for business purposes; promotional management for sports personalities; promotional management of celebrities; logistics services (business management and organization of facilities and resources); sponsorship (promotion and marketing services); advertising services provided over the internet; advertisement hoarding rental; rental of advertising space; rental of sales stands; arranging exhibitions for advertising purposes; arranging exhibitions for business purposes; arranging exhibitions for commercial purposes; arranging exhibitions for trade purposes; conducting exhibitions for advertising purposes; conducting exhibitions for business purposes; conducting exhibitions for commercial purposes; conducting exhibitions for trade purposes; organisation of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; retail and wholesale services; computer database consultancy services; electronic data storage; design of sports facilities; coffee bar and coffee house services (provision of food and drink); coffee shop services; rental of meeting rooms; rental of rehearsal space; rental of rooms for social functions; banqueting services; bar services; bistro services; cafe services; catering services; hospitality services (food and drink); restaurant reservation services; restaurant services; takeaway food and drink services; wine bar services; provision of facilities for exhibitions; public events security services