Trademark: LEUTS 1939084
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
05 July 2018
Registration Date
05 July 2018
Renewal Date
05 July 2028

Soho Lawyers Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 26:
Haberdashery; appliques (haberdashery); appliques of textile; articles for use in embroidery; badges of textile materials; beads for trimming; braid; buckles; binding needles; bindings being textiles smallwares; bias bindings being textile smallwares; binding needles; bindings being textile smallwares; bobbins; bobbin boxes; boxes for needles; braids; brooches (clothing accessories); buckles (clothing accessories); buttons; buttons for sewing; cases adapted to hold crochet hooks; crochet hooks; darning lasts; darning needles; decorative brooches (clothing accessories); decorative ribbons; elastic for use in dressmaking; elastic ribbons; embroidery; fancy goods (embroidery); frames for crochet; hand implements for use in knitting; hand tools for quilting being pins, clips, needle threaders; heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles (haberdashery); hooks (haberdashery); hooks and eyes; knitting needles; knitting pins; lace; lace trimmings; needle boxes; needle cases; needle cushions; needlecraft kits; needles; patches; pin cases; pin cushions; pins; pins (other than jewellery); press buttons (dressmaking articles); press-studs (dressmaking articles); ribands; ribbons (haberdashery); rosettes (haberdashery); safety pins; sewing aids; sewing boxes; sewing fasteners; sewing needles; sewing repair kits; sewing thimbles; slide fasteners and buttons; trimmings for clothing; seam binding being textile smallwares; smallwares for crochet; smallwares for dressmaking; smallwares for embroidery; smallwares for haberdashery; smallwares for knitting; smallwares for sewing; smallwares for quilting; tassels (haberdashery); textile smallwares for dressmaking; trays for sewing articles; trimmings; zips; bias tape being textile smallwares