Trademark: PALM 1936949
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
03 July 2018
Registration Date
03 July 2018
Renewal Date
03 July 2028

Benjamin Arnold

Goods and Services:
Class 25:
Apparel (clothing, footwear, headgear); Articles of clothing made from wool; Articles of clothing made of imitation leather; Articles of water-resistant clothing; Articles of waterproof clothing; Articles of weatherproof clothing; Articles of windproof clothing; Athletic clothing; Beach clothing; Belts (clothing); Boys' clothing; Braces for clothing (suspenders); Cashmere clothing; Casual clothing; Children's clothing; Clothing; Clothing for sports; Clothing for surfing; Clothing for swimming; Clothing incorporating digital components; Clothing incorporating electronic sensors; Clothing of imitations of leather; Clothing of paper; Clothing, not being protective clothing, incorporating reflective or fluorescent elements or material; Collars (clothing); Combinations (clothing); Dance clothing; Girl's clothing; Gloves (clothing); Halters (clothing); Headbands (clothing); Hoods (clothing); Infants' clothing; Interlinings for clothing; Jackets (clothing); Jerseys (clothing); Jump suits (clothing); Kerchiefs (clothing); Knitted clothing; Knitwear (clothing); Ladies clothing; Layettes (clothing); Leather belts (clothing); Linen articles of clothing; Men's clothing; Money belts (clothing); Occupational clothing (other than for protection against accident or injury); Pants (clothing); Playsuits (clothing); Pockets for clothing; Rainproof clothing; Ready-to-wear clothing; Silk clothing; Slips (clothing); Smart clothing (clothing which incorporates digital components); Smart garments (clothing which incorporates digital components); Sports clothing (other than golf gloves); Stuff jackets (clothing); Tennis clothing; Thongs (clothing); Three piece suits (clothing); Veils (clothing); Water-resistant clothing; Waterproof clothing; Weather resistant outer clothing; Weatherproof clothing (not specifically adapted for protection against accident or injury); Women's clothing; Woollen clothing; Woven articles of clothing; Wraps (clothing); Wristbands (clothing); Wristlets (clothing)