Trademark: SCENARIO 1935998
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
22 June 2018
Registration Date
22 June 2018
Renewal Date
22 June 2028

Studio Legal

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Advisory services relating to building; Advisory services relating to building refurbishment; Advisory services relating to construction; Advisory services relating to property development building and construction services; Advisory services relating to the alteration of buildings; Advisory services relating to the construction of buildings; Advisory services relating to the construction of civil engineering structures; Advisory services relating to the construction of mechanical engineering structures; Advisory services relating to the maintenance of buildings; Advisory services relating to the renovation of property; Advisory services relating to the repair of buildings; Advisory services relating to the repair of civil engineering structures; Repair, maintenance and installation advisory services; Property development (building and construction services); Building and construction of real estate subdivisions and developments; Building and construction services; Development of property (building and construction services); Housing development (building and construction services); Landscaping (construction); Building of houses; Building services; Building construction supervision; Construction; Building of commercial properties; Building project management; Cleaning of building sites; Installation of fittings for buildings; Painting and decorating of buildings; Project preparation relating to building renovation; Providing information, including online, about building construction, and repair and installation services; Provision of information in relation to building construction; Real estate development (building and construction services); Redevelopment of buildings; Refurbishment of buildings; Renovation of buildings; Rental of building machines; Building project management (building construction supervision); Demolition of buildings; Supervision of building work; Beneath ground construction work; Charitable services, namely construction; Civil construction services; Civil engineering (construction and maintenance); Civil engineering construction; Civil engineering consultancy (construction and maintenance); Construction consultation; Construction engineering; Construction information; Mechanical engineering services (construction); Provision of construction advice; Rental of construction equipment; Structural engineering services (construction); Supervision of construction; Underground construction; Underwater construction; Civil engineering demolition; Project preparation relating to civil engineering; Building insulating; Building of bridges; Proofing of buildings against pest and vermin access; Project preparation relating to construction engineering; Project preparation relating to demolition; Hire of building apparatus; Hire of building machinery; Hire of cleaning apparatus; Rental of cranes; Rental of tools; Rental of platforms and scaffolding; Hire of construction apparatus; Hire of construction equipment; Hire of machines for use in civil engineering; Building repair; Maintenance and repair of buildings; Maintenance and repair of construction machines; Building maintenance; Charitable services, namely repair, maintenance and installation; Maintenance and repair of building contents; Maintenance and repair of electrical apparatus; Maintenance and repair of flooring; Maintenance and repair of gas installations and equipment; Maintenance and repair of heating; Maintenance of plumbing; Maintenance, installation and repair of household items and equipment; Maintenance, installation and repair of industrial apparatus and instruments; Property maintenance; Window maintenance; Handyman repair, maintenance and installation services; Home repair services; Repair of machines; Repair, maintenance and installation consultancy services; On site building project management; Development of land (construction); Maintenance and repair of construction apparatus; Window repair; Maintenance and repair of amusement machines; Painting and interior decorating services
Class 42:
Architectural services; Architectural services relating to land development; Landscape architectural services; Architectural consultation; Architectural project management; Advisory services relating to architecture; Design services for architecture; Preparation of reports relating to architecture; Research relating to architecture; Construction drafting; Advisory services relating to interior design; Advisory services relating to building design; Advisory services relating to industrial design; Commercial interior design; Interior design services; Commercial design services; Design consultancy; Design of building interiors; Design of buildings; Design of business premises; Design of interior decoration; Design of office space; Design of printed material; Design of printed matter; Design of products; Design services; Design services for artwork; Furniture design; Graphic design services; House design; Illustration services (design); Industrial design; Urban design; Visual design; Drawing up of plans; Drawing-up of house plans; Designing and planning of real estate subdivisions and developments; Analysis of building materials; Building and structural inspection services (engineering, quality assessment, and surveying services); Building inspection services (surveying); Building research services; Off site building project management; Engineering project management services; Project management (design); Civil engineering design services; Civil engineering drawing services; Design engineering; Electrical engineering services (design); Engineering; Engineering consultancy; Engineering drawing; Engineering research; Engineering services relating to architecture; Engineering surveying; Engineering surveys and inspections; Engineering testing; Preparation of engineering reports; Provision of information relating to industrial engineering; Structural engineering services (design); Technical engineering; Preparation of drawings; Technical drawing services; Real estate surveys; Advisory services relating to planning applications; Advisory services relating to the planning of premises; Design planning; Local planning authority services; Technological planning services; Town planning; Town planning advisory services; Town planning consultancy services; Urban planning; Environmental sustainability consultancy services; Sustainability assessment services for buildings and developments; Quality control; Quality testing; Real estate planning; Provision of information relating to environmental sustainability