Trademark: AusGold Health 1934357
AusGold Health
Trademark Type
Word, Word
Lapsed: Not accepted
Application Date
16 June 2018


Goods and Services:
Class 5:
Dietetic drinks adapted for medical purposes; Drinking water for medical purposes; Energy drinks (adapted for medical purposes); Energy drinks (dietary supplements); Medicated mineral drinks; Medicinal drinks; Mineral preparations for use as supplements to drinking water; Vitamin drinks; Capsules for medicines; Dragees (medicines); Homeopathic medicines; Medicines for alleviating constipation; Medicines for dental purposes; Medicines for human purposes; Medicines for human use; Medicines for preventing ailments; Medicines in tablet form; Tablets for medicines; Beverages containing added vitamins (for medical purposes); Effervescent vitamin tablets; Food supplements for animals (vitamins); Ginseng preparations incorporating vitamins and minerals; Pharmaceutical preparations containing vitamins; Preparations of vitamins; Stimulants made of vitamins; Vitamin preparations for human consumption; Vitamin supplements; Vitamin supplements for foodstuffs for human consumption; Vitamin supplements for use by pregnant women; Vitamin tablets; Vitamins; Vitamins for animals; Iodine for medical purposes; Iodine for pharmaceutical purposes; Babies' creams (medicated); Body creams (medicated); Dermatological creams (medicated); Hand creams for medical use; Massage creams for animals for veterinary purposes; Medicated creams; Medicated creams for protection of the skin; Medicated creams for softening the skin; Medicated creams for the hands; Medicated nutritional creams; Moisturising creams (pharmaceutical); Moisturising skin creams (pharmaceutical); Moisturizing creams (pharmaceutical); Nappy cream (medicated); Skin creams (medicated); Wound healing creams; Ear candles; Eardrops; Veterinary preparations in the form of ear drops; Pharmaceutical preparations for alleviating disorders of the brain; Dental health gum (medicated); Healthcare products (medicinal); Natural healthcare preparations (medicaments); Pharmaceutical preparations for health care; Medical mouthwashes; Medicated mouth washes; Mouthwashes for medical purposes; Preparations for freshening the mouth (medicated); Nasal decongestants; Nasal drops for the treatment of allergies; Nasal spray for the treatment of allergies; Nasal washes; Pharmaceutical preparations for nasal use; Solutions for medical use in washing the nasal passages; Elixirs for preventing throat infections; Elixirs for relieving throat infections; Throat linctus; Throat sprays (medicated); Medicated creams for hydrating the skin; Pharmaceutical preparations for skin care; Skin lotions (medicated); Skin tonics (medicated); Skin treatment (medicated) for animals; Sun skin care products for medical purposes; Veterinary preparations for use in improving the skin; Acai powder dietary supplements; Glucose powder for medical purposes; Medicated bath powders; Medicated powders; Medicated soap powders; Medicated talcum powder; Milk powder for babies; Milk powder for foodstuffs for babies; Milk powder for nutritional purposes for babies; Milk powders (foodstuff for babies); Mustard powder for medical purposes; Nutritional meal replacement powders; Powder of cantharides; Powdered milk foods for infants; Powdered milk for babies