Trademark: SERNEKE 1929028
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
05 January 2018
Registration Date
05 January 2018
Renewal Date
05 January 2028


Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Janitorial services; maintenance of property; construction of property; renovation of property; building of commercial properties; site preparation, namely demolition and cleaning of building sites, laying of foundations including concrete foundations, pipeline laying and construction services; building repair; building services; construction consultation; general building contractor services; construction of buildings; on site building project management; building sealing; custom construction of buildings; construction project management services; on-site construction supervision of civil engineering works; information services relating to the construction of buildings; construction of foundations for buildings; building of industrial properties; house building; insulation services; refurbishment of buildings; dismantling of structures; demolition of buildings; glazing services for buildings; house building; painting of buildings; building reinforcing; building sealing; building sealing; building sealing; maintenance of buildings; specialist building restoration; building insulating; building repair; renovation of buildings; construction of complexes for business; building of hospitals; building of multi-storey car parks; construction of sports grounds; construction of bridges; construction of holiday accommodation; fireproofing during construction; construction of interior accommodation; building of apartment buildings; building of shops; construction of foundations for buildings; building of offices; construction of tunnels; construction of residential properties; building services relating to building for industry purposes; installation of building scaffolds, working and building platforms; installation of building insulation; advisory services relating to building refurbishment; scaffolding repair; underground construction; underwater construction; scaffolding dismantling; scaffolding rental; scaffolding; building of underground structures; buildings (insulation to existing -); building, construction and demolition; custom construction of houses; building services relating to building for habitation; assembling [installation] of building framework; installation of glazed building structures; building maintenance and repair; construction of foundations for buildings; installation of fittings for buildings; building construction supervision; residential and commercial building construction