Trademark: BRILLIANT BASICS 1927919
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
23 May 2018
Registration Date
23 May 2018
Renewal Date
23 May 2028

Woolworths Group Limited

Goods and Services:
Class 21:
Kettles, non-electric; Non-electric saucepans; Coffee mugs; Non-electric coffee makers; Cosmetic bags (fitted); Household utensils; Kitchen utensils; Containers for household or kitchen use; Food storage containers; Household containers; Plastic kitchen containers; Waste paper containers for domestic use; Sponges for household cleaning; Non-electric instruments for household cleaning purposes; Scourers; Loofahs; Cleaning cloths; Cleaning wipes; Gloves for cleaning; Hand operated domestic cleaning utensils; Non-electric cleaning apparatus; Basting brushes; Brushes; Hair brushes; Make-up brushes; Surface cleaning brushes; Toilet brushes; Hair combs (other than lice combs); Soap holders; Soap dishes; Holders for toothbrushes; Toothbrush cases; Toothbrushes; Toilet brush sets; Toilet utensils; Toiletry cases; Articles for cleaning (non-electric); Glassware; Porcelain articles for decorative purposes; Porcelain for household use; Earthenware; Vases; Candle holders; Plastic water bottles; Crockery; Non-electric cooking pans; Tableware (other than knives, forks and spoons); Paper plates; Paper cups; Plastic containers (household utensils); Plastic cups; Plastic plates (dishes); Plastic tableware; Plastic utensils; Kitchenware; Cups; Applicators for cosmetics; Bread bins; Household rubbish containers (bins); Waste paper bins for office use; Clothes airers (clothes horse); Clothes-pegs; Ironing board covers (shaped); Ironing boards; Drying racks for laundry; Laundry baskets; Cutting (chopping) boards for household use; Brushes for grooming pet animals; Combs for animals; Food bowls for pets; Food containers for pet animals; Litter boxes for pets; Litter trays for pets; Plastic containers for dispensing food to pets; Bird feeders; Drinking bottles for sports; Water bottles (containers); Coolers (non-electric containers); Ice cube trays; Mugs; Baskets for household purposes; Storage boxes for household use; Brooms; Mops; Mop heads; Wash bags; Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Domestic gloves; Dustpans; Boxes for kitchen use; Graters for kitchen use; Hand-operated kitchen utensils; Kitchen containers; Kitchen mitts; Spatulas for kitchen use; Vegetable peelers (hand operated kitchen utensils, other than knives); Plates (dishes); Eating bowls; Serving bowls; Kitchen sponges