Trademark: OLIANDOLA 1927754
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
17 May 2018
Registration Date
17 May 2018
Renewal Date
17 May 2028

Wenliang Zhang

Goods and Services:
Class 20:
Bank furniture; Bathroom fittings in the nature of furniture; Bathroom furniture; Bean bags in the nature of furniture; Bedroom furniture; Benches (furniture); Boards in the nature of furniture; Book rests (furniture); Book stands (furniture); Book supports (furniture); Boot trays (furniture); Bouncers (furniture); Brackets, not of metal, for furniture; Brochure holders (furniture); Cabinets in the nature of furniture; Camping furniture; Cane furniture; Canteen furniture; Chairs being furniture; Chairs being office furniture; Computer cabinets (furniture); Computer furniture; Computer workstations (furniture); Consignment shelving (furniture); Display furniture; Domestic furniture; Domestic furniture made of wood; Door furniture made of plastics; Door furniture made of stoneware; Door furniture made of wood; Doors for furniture; Drawers for furniture; Dressers (furniture); Factory furniture; Feet for furniture; Filing apparatus (furniture); Filing cabinets in the nature of furniture; Fitted bedroom furniture; Fitted furniture; Fitted kitchen furniture; Furniture; Furniture adapted for use outdoors; Furniture being convertible into beds; Furniture cabinets; Furniture casings; Furniture casters, not of metal; Furniture fittings, not of metal; Furniture for babies; Furniture for bathrooms; Furniture for campers; Furniture for camping; Furniture for caravans; Furniture for children; Furniture for computers; Furniture for domestic use; Furniture for doors (non-metallic); Furniture for kitchens; Furniture for offices; Furniture for storage; Furniture for stores; Furniture for the bathroom; Furniture for the bedroom; Furniture for the home; Furniture for the living room; Furniture for the lounge; Furniture for use in rest rooms; Furniture made of plastics; Furniture made of steel; Furniture made of wood; Furniture made principally of glass; Furniture of metal; Furniture of plastics material for bathrooms; Furniture panels; Furniture upholstered in leather or imitation leather; Key cabinets (furniture); Kitchen furniture; Leather furniture; Metal cabinets (furniture); Metal furniture; Numerals made of plastics for furniture; Nursery furniture; Nursery furniture for use by children; Nursery furniture for use by infants; Storage furniture; Storage units (furniture); Wooden furniture; Wooden panels for furniture; Wooden pieces of furniture; Wooden racks (furniture); Wooden shelving (furniture)