Trademark: PROJECTCOAT 1926689
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
15 May 2018
Registration Date
15 May 2018
Renewal Date
15 May 2028


Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Advisory services for maintenance; Advisory services relating to building; Advisory services relating to building refurbishment; Advisory services relating to construction; Advisory services relating to the alteration of buildings; Advisory services relating to the maintenance of buildings; Advisory services relating to the renovation of property; Advisory services relating to the repair of buildings; Application of protective paint; Application of rendering; Application of surface coatings; Beneath ground construction work; Building (construction) supervision; Building and construction services; Building construction; Building construction advisory services; Building construction consultancy; Building construction supervision; Building consultancy services; Building demolition; Building maintenance; Building of commercial properties; Building of house; Building of industrial properties; Building of offices; Building of schools; Building project management; Building project management (building construction supervision); Building refurbishment services; Building repair; Building repairs; Building services; Carpentry services; Construction; Development of land (construction); Development of property (building and construction services); Diagnostic maintenance services; Home repair services; House building; House painting; Housing construction; Housing development (building and construction services); Industrial cleaning services; Installation of artificial turf; Installation of electrical apparatus; Installation of fittings for buildings; Installation of fixtures and fittings for domestic premises; Installation of insulating materials; Installation of kitchen equipment; Installation of lighting systems; Installation of office rooms; Installation of shelving; Installation of storage facilities; Installation of synthetic turf; Installation of window coatings; Installation of window fittings; Installation of window frames; Interior refurbishment of buildings; Joinery (repair); Kitchen equipment installation; Landscaping (construction); Maintenance and repair of artificial turf; Maintenance and repair of building contents; Maintenance and repair of buildings; Maintenance and repair of synthetic turf; On site building project management; On-site construction supervision; Paint spraying; Painting and decorating; Painting and decorating of buildings; Painting of buildings; Painting, interior and exterior; Plastering; Plumbing; Preservation of buildings; Project preparation relating to building renovation; Property development (building and construction services); Provision of cleaning services; Provision of construction advice; Provision of construction information; Provision of information in relation to building construction; Redevelopment of buildings; Refurbishment; Refurbishment of buildings; Renovation of buildings; Renovation of kitchens; Renovation of plumbing; Rental of cleaning machines; Rental of cranes; Rental of cranes (construction equipment); Rental of ladders; Rental of lifting apparatus; Rental of machinery for use in construction; Rental of scaffolding; Repair of buildings; Safe maintenance and repair; Scaffold erection; Scaffolding; Scaffolding dismantling; Scaffolding erection; Scaffolding hire; Scaffolding rental; Shopfitting; Spray painting; Supervision of building construction; Supervision of building repair; Supervision of building work; Supervision of construction; Supervision of construction projects; Wet and dry blasting; Window installation; Window maintenance; Window repair; Window replacement; Wrecking of buildings (demolition); High pressure washing