Trademark: SHOEY 1923674
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
02 May 2018
Registration Date
02 May 2018
Renewal Date
02 May 2028

Addisons Lawyers

Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Printed matter; paper; cardboard; wrapping paper; paper flags; paper pennants; paper place mats; paper napkins; paper coasters; cardboard coasters; printed matter; printed publications; books; magazines; newspapers; activity books; statistical books; score books; guide books; reference books; newsletters; pamphlets; printed programs; printed entertainment programs; printed game programs; printed fixtures; printed matter for the radio, television and print media; stationery; exercise books; diaries; calendars; memo pads; folders; note books; multi-ring binders; book covers; portfolios; printed statistics sheets; writing instruments; ball point pens; pencils; office requisites (except furniture); drawing rulers; erasers; instructional and teaching materials (except apparatus); cards; trading cards excluding dance team trading cards; swap cards; sports trading cards; mascot trading cards; entertainment trading cards; post cards; greeting cards; note cards; stamps; sports stamps; posters; stickers; bumper stickers; decalcomanias; albums; scrap books; autograph books; photographs; mounted photographs; line art colouring boards; non-textile labels; tickets and score books; collector card albums; collector cards; invitations; individual player images mounted on paper; panoramic photographs; photographic collage and team photographs; caricatures; commemorative pieces made from paper or cardboard or in the nature of printed matter or photographs; framed prints; framed photographs; memorabilia made from paper or cardboard or in the nature of printed matter or photographs; sculptured objects in this class; signed photographs; figurines made from paper and/or cardboard; portraits