Trademark: MEDIQ 1916712
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
29 March 2018
Registration Date
29 March 2018
Renewal Date
29 March 2028

Shelston IP Pty Ltd.

Goods and Services:
Class 5:
Adhesive bandages (dressings); Adhesive tape for medical use; Adhesive strips for medical purposes; Alcohol swabs for medical purposes; Antiseptics; Antiseptic ointments; Antiseptic preparations; Antiseptic products; Balms for medical purposes; Bandages for protecting the skin; Cotton for medical purposes; Cotton sticks for medical purposes; Cotton swabs for medical purposes; Cotton wool balls for medical use; Cotton wool for medical purposes; Double sided adhesive tapes for medical use; Dressings (medical); Dressings for skin traumas; Eye lotions for medical use; Eye ointment for medical use; Filled first aid boxes; Filled first aid kits; First-aid boxes (filled); Hand creams for medical use; Medical adhesive tapes; Medical dressings; Medical plasters; Medical wound dressings; Medicated antiseptic preparations for application to the skin; Medicated cleansing preparations for the skin; Medicated creams for cleaning the skin; Medicated eye-washes; Padding materials for medical dressings; Pads for medical use in applying a fluid to the skin; Plasters (dressings); Plasters for medical purposes; Preparations for care of the nails (medical); Preparations for care of the skin (medical); Pharmaceutical preparations for the relief of insect bites; Preparations for application to the skin for treatment of bites; Sanitising wipes; Self-adhesive tapes for medical purposes; Sterile solutions for medical purposes; Sun creams for medical use; Sun blocking lotions for medical use; Wipes for medical use; Adhesive plaster; Antibacterial skin sanitiser gels; Cold compresses; Compresses; Compression bandages (dressings); Elastic dressings; Eye drops; Gauze for dressings; Impregnated paper articles for sterilising; Impregnated tissues for cleaning (medicated); Insect repellents; Insect repelling tags; Insect repelling wrist bands; Insect repellents for use on the person; Medicated lip balms; Medicated lip salves; Medicated mouth washes; Nasal drops for the treatment of allergies; Pain relieving creams; Preparations for combating attack by mosquitos; Skin cleaners (medicated); Sterilising solutions; Sticking plasters for dressing cuts; Sticking plasters for dressing wounds; Self-adhesive sterile tape for medical use; Eye-washes; Impregnated paper articles for disinfecting