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Application Date
08 March 2018
Registration Date
08 March 2018
Renewal Date
08 March 2028

Macpherson Kelley

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Building and construction services; building construction services; building project management; construction information; construction of buildings; development of land (construction); housing construction; advisory services relating to building refurbishment; providing advice on the construction of home dwellings; fit out and construction of residential and commercial properties; land, real-estate and property development (building and construction); advisory services relating to property development; building and construction rectification works; fit-out services and construction services; interior fit-out services; property maintenance; demolition and site clearance; installation, maintenance and repair services; apartment refurbishment services; building refurbishment services; interior refurbishment of buildings; refurbishment; refurbishment of buildings; advisory services relating to property development building and construction services; advisory services relating to the renovation of property; development of property (building and construction services); property development (building and construction services); building and construction services; contracted and sub-contracted building services; building construction; building construction consultancy; building services; building maintenance; building of houses; building of commercial properties; building of industrial properties; redevelopment, renovation, fit-out and refurbishment of buildings; building project management; maintenance and repair of buildings; construction of buildings for residential, commercial and industrial purposes; building of offices building project management; advisory services relating to building and construction; building supervision; construction project management services; civil engineering construction services; provision of construction, repair, maintenance, installation, civil engineering services; construction; construction consultation; construction engineering; housing construction; landscaping (construction); property development; building project management; advisory services related to property development; advisory services relating to the alteration of buildings; advisory services relating to the construction of civil engineering structures; advisory services relating to the repair of civil engineering structures; application of coatings to buildings; application of fireproof materials; application of floor coating materials; application of rendering; beneath ground construction work; building construction supervision; building insulating; building project management; building sealing; cleaning of building exteriors; cleaning of building interiors; cleaning of building sites; damp-proofing (building); maintenance and repair of buildings; project preparation relating to building renovation; provision of information in relation to building construction; redevelopment of buildings; rental of building construction machinery; repair of buildings; supervision of building repair; cable laying; ceiling installation; ceiling or wall texturing; ceiling repair; central heating installation; civil construction services; civil engineering construction; civil engineering consultancy; hire of machines for use in civil engineering; project preparation relating to civil engineering; demolition services; project preparation relating to demolition; diagnosis of faults; diagnostic maintenance services; disconnecting unused service lines (eg gas, mains water, electricity); disinfection of premises; dismantling services; drainage services; rental of drainage pumps; drilling; earthmoving; erection of scaffolding; erection of signs; fence erection services; excavating; rental of earth-moving and excavating machines; groundwork; hire of tools; plant hire; housing development; machinery repair; mains laying; maintenance and repair of construction apparatus; maintenance and repair of pipelines; plant maintenance; pipe installation services; pipeline construction; pipeline insulation; project preparation relating to construction engineering; property development; public works; reclamation of land; redevelopment of buildings; refurbishment; renovation; rental of construction equipment; restoration; resurfacing of facades; sewer pipe renovation; sewer pipe servicing; site clearance; site preparation; soil foundation work; structural engineering services (construction); supervision of building repair; surfacing of pavements; repair of concrete; air conditioning apparatus installation and repair; security and burglar alarm apparatus installation and repair; building and construction of retaining walls; roof replacement services; roofing services; installation of roofing; insulation of roofing; road construction; road marking; road paving; road surfacing; road sweeping; disconnecting unused service lines (e.g; gas, mains water, electricity); connecting services (e.g; gas, mains water, electricity); provision of information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforesaid, including such services provided online; development of construction projects being construction services; advisory services relating to building and construction
Class 42:
Building design services; architecture services relating to land development; drafting and drawing building conditions; architecture design services; compliance audit services; building drafting and drawing services; preparation and drawing up of house and building plans; energy rating assessment services for buildings; building maintenance audit services; architectural consultation; construction design and drafting services; interior and landscaping design services; landscape architecture design; landscaping design and consultation services; graphic and artistic architectural design services; preparing computer aided architectural design plans and drawings all being services included in this class; advisory services relating to architecture; design services for architecture; preparation of reports relating to architecture; engineering; design and planning of residential, urban, commercial and industrial buildings, dwellings and developments; engineering services; services and consulting and civil engineering projects; architecture; design services for architecture; engineering services relating to architecture; industrial design; engineering project management; engineering project management services; technical consultancy services relating to structural, industrial and civil engineering; civil engineering design services, drawing services and planning services; building inspection services (surveying); surveying; quantity surveying; engineering surveying, design and planning of commercial and industrial buildings; building design services; services relating to architecture; building and structural inspection services; technical inspection services; commercial and non-commercial building maintenance audit services; industrial, commercial and residential architectural services; industrial, commercial and residential building design services; accreditation services relating to the application of quality standards; testing services for the certification of industry standards; providing advice on the planning of home dwellings; soil testing; interior design; interior decoration consulting; styling (industrial design); industrial design; construction drafting; fit-out design; provision of information, advisory and consultancy services in relation to the aforesaid, including such services provided online