Trademark: AAA ALLTRIM 1906121
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
09 February 2018
Registration Date
09 February 2018
Renewal Date
09 February 2028

Coleman Greig Lawyers Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 6:
Metal angles; Articles of metal in strip form for use with tiles; Metal skirting; Articles of metal for use in construction; Skirting boards of metal; Expansion joints of metal; Common metals; Common metal alloys; Building elements made of common metal alloys; Building elements made of common metals; Finishing materials of metals for use in building; Decorative articles made of base metals; Stair edgings of metal; Flat bars of common metal; Extruded aluminium alloys; Aluminium profiles; Extruded aluminium profiles; Metal profiles; Metallic profiles; Profiles of metal; Sealing profiles of metal; Steel in the form of profiles; Extrusions of aluminium; Metal extrusions; Metal sections; Profiled metal sections (semi-finished); Light steel sections; Sections of metal for use in building; Sections of metallic materials for use in sealing; Shaped sections of metal; Shaped metal sections; Solid profiled sections made from metals and metal alloys; Extruded sections of common metal (semi-finished); Extruded aluminium sections; Floor sections made of metal; Profiled sections made from metal (semi-finished); Metal building materials; Metal building products; Prefabricated metal buildings; Metal edgings; Articles made of metal for anchoring floor coverings; Articles made of metal for edging floor coverings; Articles made of metal for fastening floor coverings to floors; Bathroom fittings of common metal; Floor coverings of metal for finishing semi-finished floors; Pre-formed building sections of metal