Trademark: Body Image Warrior 1893851
Body Image Warrior
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
12 December 2017
Registration Date
12 December 2017
Renewal Date
12 December 2027


Goods and Services:
Class 16:
Address books; Appointment books; Autograph books; Book covering materials; Book-style business card files; Booklets; Booklets for information; Booklets for instruction; Booklets for use in conducting seminars; Bookmarks; Books; Books for colouring purposes; Books for holding photographs; Books relating to business; Business books; Colouring books; Covering materials for booklets; Covering materials for books; Covers for books; Date books; Display books; Exercise books; Guide books; Information books; Instruction booklets; Instruction books; Log books; Media fact books; Memo books (printed matter); Note books; Photo books; Picture books; Poetry books; Printed books; Recipe books; Sheets of paper in booklet form for recording work accomplishments; Sheets of paper in booklet form for recording work plans; Training booklets; Writing or drawing books; Educational materials (other than apparatus) for use in teaching; Printed matter for educational purposes; Printed matter relating to health education; Stationery for use in the educational field; Teaching materials for education; School supplies (stationery); Advertisement boards of card; Advertisement boards of cardboard; Advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; Advertising display stands of cardboard for desk-top or counter top use; Advertising display stands of cardboard, not being furniture; Advertising material expressed in card form; Advertising materials for dissemination in card form; Advertising materials of cardboard; Articles of cardboard for display purposes; Articles of cardboard for office purposes; Articles of cardboard for packaging; Articles of cardboard for stationery purposes; Badges made of cardboard; Banners of cardboard; Board (card) for packaging; Board (card) for writing; Business cards; Cards; Cards (stationery); Correspondence cards; Display cards; Illustrated cards; Index cards (stationery); Labels of paper or cardboard; Letter cards; Non-adhesive labels (card); Note cards; Picture cards; Printed matter in the form of cards; Stationery in the form of cards; Writing cards; Badges made of paper; Advertising display boards of cardboard (non-luminous); Advertising display boards of paper (non-luminous); Advertising leaflets; Advertising material being printed matter; Advertising material expressed in plastics form; Advertising material of paper; Advertising materials for dissemination in paper form; Advertising materials for dissemination in plastics form; Advertising posters; Advertising publications; Printed advertising material; Printed folded sheets containing advertising material; Images (printed matter); Instructional charts for use in relation to exercise; Children's magazines; Magazines (periodicals) for women; Printed literature; Notepaper holders (cases); Passport cases; Pencil cases; Portfolio cases (covers); Portfolio cases (folders); Adhesive stickers
Class 41:
Book publishing; Booking of entertainment; Booking of seats for shows; Booking of sports facilities; Booking of tickets for sporting events; Entertainment, cultural or sporting event booking or reservation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; Entertainment, cultural or sporting event booking or reservation services provided in relation to a frequent flyer scheme; Publication of books; Publication of electronic books and journals online; Publishing of books; Academies (education); Adult education; Adult education services; Arranging and conducting of in-person educational forums; Association services being the provision of training and education to members of the association; Business educational services; Career advisory services (education or training advice); Conducting of educational conferences; Conducting of educational courses; Consultancy services relating to education; Dissemination of educational material; Education information; Education services; Educational seminars; Educational services; Event management services in relation to the organisation of educational, entertainment, sporting or cultural events; Health education; Information relating to education; Life coaching services (training or education services); Management of education services; Management of educational events; Mentoring (education and training); Physical education; Physical education instruction; Physical health education; Providing information, including online, about education, training, entertainment, sporting and cultural activities; Provision of education courses; Provision of education services via an online forum; Provision of educational courses; Provision of educational information; Publication of educational materials; Publication of educational texts; Sports education services; Information services relating to schools; School services; Boot camp services (fitness training); Conducting fitness classes; Physical fitness instruction; Physical fitness training services; Multimedia production, other than for advertising purposes; Production of audio and/or video recordings, other than advertising; Instruction in body awareness; Lifestyle counselling and consultancy (training); Conducting exercise classes; Fitness and exercise clinics, clubs and salons; Health club services (exercise)