Trademark: andko 1876675
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
28 September 2017
Registration Date
28 September 2017
Renewal Date
28 September 2027

Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Cosmetics, toiletries; toothpaste; dentifrices; mouthwashes; toothpowder; dental rinse; tartar removing materials; teeth polish materials; cleansing preparations for artificial teeth; artificial tooth polish material; non-medicated oral rinse, preparations for the care and hygiene of the mouth, teeth, throat, gums and buccal cavity; rinsing preparations to prevent tartar and cavities; tooth cleaning preparations; cleansing powders; tartar colouring tablets; breath freshening strip; lens cleaning solution (not being for contact lenses); spectacle cleaning wipes (tissues impregnated with lens cleaning solution); preparations for the hair; essential oils; perfumes; bubble bath; bath and shower gel, soaps for personal use; body creams; body oils; personal care products and beauty products; aftershave gels and lotions; antiperspirant; artificial nails; artificial lashes; bath oil; beauty masks; facial masks (cosmetics); cleaning masks for the face; body paint; bath beads; bath salts; blush; body and skin lotions; body glitter; body cleanser; body wash; body scrub; body gel; body bronzers; bubble bath; cleanser for the face; cologne; cotton swabs; creams for the body; cream for cuticles; cream for the eyes; cream for the face; creams including, cream for hands or feet; deodorant; exfoliators; eye gels; eye makeup; eye makeup pencils; eye shadow; eyeliner; eye lashes; face mist; facial wipes impregnated with cleansers; face scrub; face toner; foundation; body splash; body mist; hair conditioner; hair dyes; hair shampoo; hair removal creams; hair spray; hair styling gel; hair styling mousse; lotion for the body; lotion for the hands; lotion for the face; lotion for the feet; lip balm; lip gloss; lip makeup pencils; lipstick; lip liner; makeup; makeup remover; mascara; massage cream; massage oils; nail corrector pens; nail polish; nail polish remover; non-medicated blemish stick; non-medicated cleanser for the face; non-medicated spray; non-medicated massage ointment; oil blotting sheets for the skin; powders including powders for the body face or the feet; pumices; rouge; shaving cream; salt scrubs for the skin; shower gel and cream; skin bronzing cream; soaps, including soaps for the face, the hands or body; sun block for the body and face, suntan lotion for the body, suntan lotion for the face, sunless tanning lotion, pre sun tanning lotion, post-sun tanning lotion, powder and talcum powder; nail orange sticks; adhesive tapes for affixing false hair; adhesives for affixing false hair; bleaches for use on the hair; bleaching preparations for the hair; chemical preparations for the hair; colour rinses (for the hair); colouring lotions for the hair; conditioners for treating the hair; conditioners for use on the hair; conditioning preparations for the hair; cosmetics for the use on the hair; creams for the hair; dyes for the hair; fixatives for the hair; gels for use on the hair; hair balm; hair bleaching preparations; hair care agents; hair care products; hair colorants; hair conditioning rinses; hair cream; hair cosmetics; hair curling preparations; hair dyes; hair fixers; hair fixing oil; hair gel; hair grooming preparations; hair moisturisers; hair mousse; hair setting lotion; hair styling aids; hair permanent treatments; hair wave solutions; hair thickeners; spirit gum for affixing false hair; topical preparations for promoting hair growth; tints for the hair; hair removing preparations; hair protection creams; room fragrances; room and car fresheners; deodorants for pets; shampoos for pets; bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations; dentifrices; all purpose cleaning and cleansing preparations, including, surface cleaning preparations, glass cleaning preparations and hand cleaning preparations; all purpose polishing, preserving, beautifying and protecting preparations including preservatives and beautifiers for rubber, vinyl, leather and plastic; carpet cleaning preparations; laundry detergents; wheel and tyre cleaners; brake parts cleaner; carburettor cleaner; disposable wipes impregnated with chemicals for cleaning and protecting automobiles; degreasing preparations for engines and motor vehicles; windshield cleaning preparations; car cleaning preparations; car polish; car shampoos; room fragrances
Class 5:
Filled first aid kits; adhesive bandages (dressings); first aid kits and first aid boxes; pill boxes for medical purposes; wipes impregnated with antibacterial preparations; wipes for medical use; cotton wool in the form of wipes for medical use; impregnated antiseptic wipes; impregnated medicated wipes; impregnated napkins (wipes) of cellulose containing medicated preparations; moist wipes impregnated with a pharmaceutical lotion; paper wipes impregnated with medicated preparations; paper wipes impregnated with toilet preparations; wipes for hygienic (cleaning) purposes, other than impregnated with cleaning preparations; wipes for hygienic (medical) purposes; wipes for hygienic (surgical) purposes; cleaning preparations for contact lenses; contact lens cleaning preparations; liquids for preserving contact lenses; ophthalmic preparations for the care of contact lenses; ophthalmic preparations for the cleaning of contact lenses; preparations for the disinfection of contact lenses; preparations for the rinsing of contact lenses; preparations for the storing of contact lenses; preparations for use on contact lenses; bandages, tapes, plasters, materials for dressings; adhesive dressing strips; adhesive strips for medical purposes; water proof adhesive strips for medical purposes; masking strips (adhesive) for medical use; adhesive bands for medical use; hygienic bands; pharmaceutical preparations and substances; sanitary preparations for medical purposes; dietetic food and substances adapted for medical or veterinary use; food for babies; dietary supplements for humans and animals; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides; algaecides (chemicals for swimming pool maintenance); disinfectants for use in swimming pools; veterinary preparations and substances, including, veterinary pharmaceuticals and veterinary vaccines; dietetic food and substances adapted for veterinary use; antibacterial preparations for veterinary use; animal care products for veterinary use; antibiotics for veterinary use; bandages (dressings) for veterinary use; disinfectants for veterinary use; insecticides for veterinary use; lotions for veterinary purposes; veterinary medicaments; veterinary preparations; veterinary preparations for administration by injection, external application or topical application; veterinary products; dietary supplements for animals; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; fungicides, herbicides, absorbent nappies for pets; attractants for pet animals; diapers for pets; vitamins for pets
Class 6:
Common metals and their alloys; container of metal (other than for household use); metal boxes; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; ores; doors and shutters of metal; security doors, garage doors, grilles; door frames and door systems of metal; door handles and door levers of metal; insect screens of metal, including, insect screens for doors and insect screens for windows; metal blinds; metal blinds (outdoor); awnings of metal; sun screens (outdoor) of metal; rods of metal; shelving made of metal (other than furniture); storage apparatus (structures) of metal; shelving parts of metal; hanging storage racks of metal; metal brackets, including, metal shelf brackets; metal containers, including, containers for storage or transport; articles made of metal for anchoring carpets; articles made of metal for edging carpets; cover strips of metal for covering joins between adjacent carpets; metal fencing; metal fencing posts; metal fencing wire; small items of metal hardware; fabricated metal articles; metal frames, being display frames, door frames and frames for windows; common metal bands for the identification of pet animals; doors of metal for providing access to buildings by pets; food containers of metal for pet animals; pet doors of metal; metallic tiles; parts, fittings and accessories in this class for any of the aforementioned goods
Class 9:
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; electronic apparatus; batteries; electrical security and surveillance apparatus; compact disks, DVDs and other digital recording media; calculating machines; data processing equipment; video and/or audio electronic apparatus; electronic communication apparatus; computer programs; downloadable audio, video and image music file; downloadable software; computers; computer software; computer peripherals; laptop computers, tablet computers; personal digital assistants, computer terminals, electronic reading devices, electronic publications; network media players, helmet-mounted displays; wireless and wired remote controls for portable digital electronic devices, telephones, mobile telephones; smart phones, audio and video recorders and/or players for the home; portable and personal audio and video recorders and/or players; players and/or recorders for MP3 and other digital audio and video formats; earphones, headphones; helmets, cameras, video cameras, television apparatus, mobile television sets, electronic circuits, magnetic disks, optical discs, magnetic and optical disks, CD-Roms, (ROM compact discs), magnetic tapes and encoded DVD-ROMs; electronic circuits, magnetic disks, optical disks, optical and magnetic disks, CD-ROMs (ROM compact disks), magnetic tapes and encoded DVD-ROMs containing video game programs for professional use; control modules, distributor boards (electricity); portable electric sockets (power boards); cable for electrical transmission; apparatus for locating electrical cables; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; fire-extinguishing apparatus; goggles for personal protection; protective helmets; protective masks; measuring tools; measuring calipers; digital calipers; vernier callipers; tape measures; spirit levels; protractors (measuring instruments); counters; gauges; marking gauges; magnets; mirrors for security and surveillance; scales, including, bathroom scales, electrical scales and kitchen scales; eyewear; and parts and accessories in this class for all of the aforementioned goods
Class 16:
Paper, cardboard; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; stationery; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; artists' materials; paintbrushes; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printers' type; printing blocks; account books; address books; adhesive tape dispensers (office requisites); adhesive tape; albums; albums made of paper; appointment books; art paper; articles for writing; artists' boards; artists' sketch books; bags (envelopes, pouches) of paper or plastics, for packaging; bags of bubble plastics for packaging; ballpoint pen refills; ballpoint pens; binders; birthday books; birthday cards; blackboards; block notepads; blocks of paper; book binders; booklets; books; border decorations on picture mounts; border frames of card; box files; boxes of cardboard or paper; brushes for writing; business books; business cards; calendars; car stickers; card holders; cardboard goods; correcting aids; correcting fluids; decals; desk agendas; desk blotters; desk calendars; desk diaries; desk organisers; display albums; document wallets; drawing instruments; elastic bands for offices; envelopes (stationery); erasers; felt markers (writing instruments); felt pens; file binders; file indexes; file inserts; file pockets; filing boxes; filing cabinets for the office; folders (stationery); folios; fountain pens; gift boxes; glue sticks; ink; letter openers; loose-leaf binders; luggage identity labels; luggage identity tags; magazine binders; magazines (periodicals); memo pads; newspapers; note blocks; note books; note pads; notebooks; office apparatus; organisers (stationery); pads; paint brushes; passport holders; pen boxes; pen cartridges; pen cases; pen sets; pens; pencil boxes; pencil cases; pencils; photo albums; pictures; postcards; posters; rolls of adhesive; rubber stamps; rulers; school diaries; scrapbooks; stamp albums; staple removers; staplers; staples; stencils; tab dividers; tabs (stationery); tag labels; tags (stationery); trading cards; writing pens; year books (printed matter); year planners (printed matter)
Class 19:
Building materials, (non-metallic); non-metallic rigid pipes for building; asphalt, pitch and bitumen; non-metallic transportable buildings; monuments, not of metal; non-metallic flooring, including, ceramic tiles, parquet flooring and concrete flooring blocks; non metallic screens, including, insect screens, insect screens for windows, acoustic screens and glass screens; non-metallic screens (partitions) for bathrooms; walls (non- metallic structures); sun screens (outdoor), not of metal or textile; horizontal slatted blinds (outdoor), not of metal or textile; non-metallic blinds for exterior use; outdoor blinds, not of metal or of textile; roller blinds for external use (not of metal or textile); vertical blinds (outdoor) of non-metallic materials; window blinds (outdoor) not of metal or textile; non-metallic shutters; roller shades (outdoor) of plastic; plastic rods; doors in this class, including, non metallic doors and shutters; security doors, garage doors, grilles; non metallic roller doors and roller shutters, insulated doors, sectional doors; overhead doors; insulated sectional overhead doors; wooden doors; non metallic door frames and door systems; shelf units (structures) not of metal; non-metallic storage racks (structures); wooden racks (structures; non metallic articles for anchoring carpets; non metallic frames, being door frames and frames for windows; components of non-metallic materials for fencing; concrete fencing components; non-metallic fencing; non-metallic fencing materials; non-metallic fencing panels; non-metallic fencing posts; non-metallic fencing rails; interior window shutters; tiles, not of metal; ceramic tiles; clay roofing tiles; concrete roof tiles; underlays for tiles; parts, fittings and accessories in this class for any of the aforementioned goods
Class 20:
Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; plastic and wooden tool boxes and cabinets; ladders of plastic, fibreglass or wood; work benches; wall mirrors; pocket mirrors; cable clips (not of metal); caps and closures (not of metal); crates; racks; valves (not of metal); tables; trays; trestles; trolleys (furniture); storage containers (not of metal); storage bins; toolboxes and organisers of plastic; tote boxes; clips and dividers in this class; cable and cord clips of plastics; cord management systems for use with window shades and blinds, being plastic fittings and and hardware for shades and blinds; Austrian blinds; window blinds; window shades; roller blinds for use indoors; Venetian indoor blinds; vertical blinds (indoor); rods in this class, including, curtain rods, drapery rods, non-metallic suspension rods for hanging up articles, picture rods (frames) and support rods for curtains; furniture, being desks, tables and chairs; coat hangers, including, scented coat hangers; doors in this class, including, cabinet doors, cupboard doors, doors for furniture, flipper doors for storage units, wardrobe doors and paper screen doors; door handles, not of metal, non-metallic shelf bars, brackets and dividers; non-metallic shelf supports; shelf units (furniture); frames in this class, being carved picture frames, display frames, frames for mirrors, frames for photographs and picture frames; brackets for frames; non metallic containers in this class including, containers made of plastic; scented coat hangers for discharging room or closet fragrances; beds for domestic pets and household pets; carriers for transporting domestic pets (other than cages); feeding mats for domestic pets; hutches and kennels for pets; metal frames being metal picture frames; non metallic handles; non metallic frames being picture frames, display frames; non metallic articles for edging carpet; non metallic cover strips for covering joins between adjacent carpets; metal organisers (parts and furniture); parts, fittings and accessories in this class for any of the aforementioned goods
Class 21:
Household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; bins; brushes (except paint brushes); brushware; brush-making materials; articles for cleaning purposes; steelwool; unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes; tooth brush holders; racks in this class, being clothes racks, ironing racks, towel racks and drying racks; containers in this class, being containers for beverages, cosmetics, domestic use, flowers, food, soap, storage purposes (household or kitchen use) and toothbrushes; pots, including, flower pots, pots made of plastic and pots made of earthenware; clothes horses (airers); buckets; containers made of mesh for domestic use; cages for household pets; food bowls for pets; litter boxes (trays) for pets; plastic containers for pets; tooth brushes, including, electric-operated toothbrushes and battery-operated toothbrushes; inter-dental brushes; holders for domestic use; carrying case for toothbrushes, mouth rinsing mugs; replacement brush heads for toothbrushes; dental floss; dental floss holders; toothpicks; dental picks for personal use; dental harps; tooth brush holders; pill boxes (not for medical purposes); tablet (pill) boxes not for medical purposes; containers in this class, being containers for beverages, cosmetics, flowers, food, soap, toothbrushes; combs unworked or semi-worked glass (except glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and earthenware not included in other classes; racks in this class, being clothes racks, ironing racks,towel racks and drying racks; parts, fittings and accessories in this class for any of the aforementioned goods
Class 28:
Games and playthings; gymnastic and sporting apparatus; gymnastic and sporting articles, balls for games, tennis rackets, cricket bats, cricket pads, golf clubs, hockey sticks, rackets for table tennis, badminton and squash; bags for carrying sports equipment and sports balls; roller skates and ice skates; surf boards; body boards; skate boards; tables and nets for table tennis; shin guards, elbow supports, knee supports, ankle supports; sports gloves; protective padding for playing sports; martial arts equipment and accessories; boxing equipment and accessories; articles, equipment, machines and apparatus for physical exercise; fitness articles, machines and apparatus; yoga and pilates equipment and apparatus; machines incorporating weights for use in physical exercise; weights for physical exercise; weight lifting belts (sports articles); wrist bands for use in playing sports; sporting equipment for the disabled; apparatus for use in fishing; fishing articles; apparatus for use in fishing; fishing equipment in this class; artificial fishing bait; audible indicating apparatus for use in fishing; bags adapted for fishing; bags adapted to hold fishing tackle; bite indicators (fishing tackle); bite sensors (fishing tackle); cases for fishing rods; creels (fishing traps); decoys for hunting or fishing; fishing bags; fishing bait (synthetic), artificial fishing bait; fishing floats; fishing gaffs; fishing hooks, fishing holdalls; fishing ground baits; fishing lines; fishing line casts; fishing plumbs; fishing lures; fishing rod guides; fishing leaders; fishing reels; fishing reel cases; fishing rigs; fishing rods; fishing rod blanks; fishing rod cases; fishing rod rests; fishing rod supports; fishing stools; fishing sinkers; fishing tackle; fishing tackle boxes; fishing tackle float swivels; fishing tackle holdalls; fishing tackle wallets; fishing weights; flies for fishing; fly-tying materials for making flies for fishing; gut for fishing; landing nets for fishing; lures (artificial) for fishing; paternosters (fishing tackle) poles for fishing; swivels (fishing tackle); toys for pets; balloons (toys); parts, fitting and accessories for the aforementioned products