Trademark: Creative Pl 1839654
Creative Pl
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
20 April 2017
Registration Date
20 April 2017
Renewal Date
20 April 2027

Spruson & Ferguson

Goods and Services:
Class 20:
Mannequins; furniture; furniture cabinets; furniture for storage; furniture for the home; office furniture; storage apparatus (furniture); storage baskets (furniture); storage boxes (furniture); storage cabinets (furniture); storage cases (furniture); storage cupboards (furniture); storage drawers (furniture); storage frames (furniture); storage furniture; storage installations (furniture); storage modules (furniture); storage shelves (furniture); storage units (furniture); waste bins (furniture); work stations (furniture); work stations (furniture) incorporating storage space; work stations (furniture) incorporating work surfaces; boxes for stacking purposes (plastic); boxes for stacking purposes (wood); boxes for storage purposes (plastic); boxes for storage purposes (wood); boxes made of fibreboard; boxes made of laminated plastics; boxes made of paper coated wood; boxes made of plastic; boxes made of plastics materials for packaging; boxes made of wood; boxes of wood or plastic; containers in the form of boxes made of plastics material; containers in the form of boxes made of wood; corrugated fibreboard boxes; layette boxes (of wood or plastic); toy boxes (chests); wooden storage boxes; bins of wood or plastic; bins, not of metal; paper bins; baskets in this class; pots in this class; stands in this class; hampers in this class; caskets in this class; casks in this class; reels in this class; clips in this class; closures in this class; curios in this class; trays in this class; cases in this class; garment covers in this class; household articles made of plastic for decoration purposes; works of art, of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; craft kits for decorative wall plaques; bamboo; baby changing mats; baby gates; picture frames; shelving units and shelves; storage systems for household use; laundry sorters; racks including wine racks; clothes and laundry storage bags; notice boards; barrels; blinds; cable clips; cable ties; cake decorations made of plastic; carvings of plaster, plastic, wax or wood; chalk boards; clips of plastic; compost bins; cot bumpers; cot bumper pads; curtain pins, hooks, rings, rails, rods and runners; cushions; pillows; dog kennels; pet kennels; identification bracelets (not of metal); identity plates (not of metal); infant walkers; license holders (not of metal); model ornaments and figures of plaster, plastic, synthetic resin, wax or wood; objects made of plaster, plastics, wax or wood for decoration; security boxes (not of metal); step ladders; stools; stoppers in this class; tags made of plastic; tent pegs (not of metal); tie racks; toy boxes; venetian blinds (indoors); water storage tanks of plastic; wind chimes; hangers in this class; beds for household pets; carriers for transporting domestic pets (other than cages); pet cushions; scratching posts for cats; crates; memo boards; apparatus for the display of goods; dispensers for toilet paper; door stops in this class; fans for personal use (non-electric); figures made of wood; figures made of plastic; figurines for ornamental purposes in this class; model ornaments in this class; objects in this class for decoration, including objects made of plaster, plastics, wax or wood; sculptures in this class; stretchers for embroidery; embroidery frames; embroidery hoops; time capsules in this class; trophies in this class; wickerwork; parts, fittings and accessories in this class for the aforesaid goods; packs or kits consisting of combinations of any of the aforesaid
Class 21:
Boxes for domestic use; Storage boxes for household use; Pedal bins (dustbins); Plastic bins (dustbins); Waste bins (other than furniture); Waste disposal receptacles (bins); Waste paper bins for domestic use; Containers for household use for storage purposes; Containers for storage purposes (household or kitchen use); Storage baskets for household use; Storage chests for domestic use; Storage containers for domestic use; Storage jars; Storage receptacles for household use; Storage tins for household use; aquariums; aromatherapy burners; household or kitchen utensils and containers; kitchenware in this class; earthenware in this class; drinkware in this class; tableware in this class; disposable eatware, drinkware, and tableware; cookware in this class; glassware; coffee pots and tea pots; cookery molds; jars; pots; dishes and trays; placemats in this class; trays in this class; vases; decanters; earthenware flasks; flowerpots, flower and fruit growing pots; flower towers and planters in the nature of tubs and pots; seed trays; cutting trays; watering cans; garbage cans; serving utensils; pitchers; pottery; brushes; cooking pots (non-electric); articles for cleaning purposes; porcelain goods; baskets in this class; bread baskets and bins; bread boards and cutting boards; dishes; china ornaments; buckets; figures, models and ornaments of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; art objects in this class; bouquet holders; moulds in this class; stands in this class; candle holders in this class; figurines in this class; models in this class; coin banks; cookie cutters; cosies; covers in this class; decorative objects in this class; sculptures in this class; plaques in this class; dispensers in this class; holders in this class; ice trays; lunch boxes; litter boxes; lunch boxes; pots for plants and flowers; spice sets; spray bottles; table centrepieces in this class; wall decorations in this class; homewares in this class; tissue box covers; cases adapted for cosmetic utensils; cases adapted for toilet utensils; parts, fittings and accessories in this class for the aforesaid goods; packs or kits consisting of combinations of any of the aforesaid
Class 26:
Lace; embroidery; ribbons; braid; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; studs in this class; haberdashery (except threads); rosettes in this class; artificial flowers; artificial plants; artificial trees; artificial foliage; artificial fruits and vegetables; hair decorations; hair accessories in this class; false hair; badges; buckles in this class; clasps in this class; bindings in this class; fasteners in this class; feathers in this class; brooches in this class; cases in this class; hair rollers in this class; fabric backed tapes; heat adhesive patches in this class; knitting needles; knitting bobbins in this class; lanyards; lettering in this class; letters and numerals of textile for decorating clothing; marking rings for use in knitting; mica spangles; names tags in this class; needlecraft kits; ornaments for clothing, shoes and hats in this class; passementerie; patches for use in the repair of clothing; sewing aids; sewing needles; sewing boxes; sewing repair kits; sewing thimbles; sewing fasteners; shapes in this class; smallwares for crochet; smallwares for dressmaking; smallwares for embroidery; smallwares for haberdashery; smallwares for knitting; smallwares for sewing; smallwares for tailoring; spangles for clothing; tapes in this class; textile smallwares for dressmaking; textile piping; tinels (trimmings for clothing); toupees; woggles; zippers; parts, fittings and accessories in this class for the aforesaid goods; packs or kits consisting of combinations of any of the aforesaid