Trademark: OLYMPIC CHANNEL 1728311
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
10 July 2015
Registration Date
10 July 2015
Renewal Date
10 July 2025


Goods and Services:
Class 9:
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic recording media, sound recording disks; compact disks, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, equipment for data processing and computers; software; extinguishers; protective helmets for sports; glasses, sunglasses, sports goggles; game software; software for developing graphic user interfaces and displaying data, communication software for connecting computer network users; fiber-optic transmission systems, namely fiber-optic transmitters, receivers and transceivers for transmission of video signals, audio signals and data via optical fibers; data processing computer software and hardware; portable electronic devices for wireless reception and/or transmission of data, enabling users to store or manage personal information and to transmit and receive voice, video and image communications; portable digital electronic apparatus and software related thereto; portable electronic devices for wireless data reception and/or transmission; telecommunication devices; portable electronic devices for voice, video, data and image communications; computer game software for mobile telephone receivers; electronic game software for mobile telephone receivers; software packages; acoustic machines and apparatus, radios, tape recorders/players, radio cassette recorders, portable tape players, compact disc recorders/players, minidisc recorders/players, minidisc decks consoles, DVD (digital versatile disc) audio recorders/players, secured digital recorders/players, secured digital cards, loudspeakers, tuners, amplifiers, stereo component systems, disc readers, graphic equalizers, alarm clocks, integrated circuit recorders, digital audio processing devices, earphones, headphones, microphones, cassette recorders/players, software for compact discs (prerecorded), electric megaphones, language laboratories, audio systems for cars, public address systems, audio mixers, audio equipment cleaning equipment, namely magnetic head cleaning equipment; audio cables, video cables, other audio machines; audiovisual machines and apparatus, television sets, cathode ray tube display devices, cathode ray tubes, image pick-up tubes, plasma television sets, plasma displays, LCD (liquid crystal display) television sets, liquid crystal display monitors, television sets combined with video tape recorders, television sets combined with disc players, antennas, tuners for satellite broadcasting, television tuners, Internet terminals, video projectors, video cassette recorders, camcorders, video cameras, video printers, laser disc players, video CD (compact disc) players, software for video CD (compact disc), video recorders/players for DVDs, color video systems for large-scale display, cable television systems, hard disk units, video imaging devices, electric optical display boards, multi-purpose electric display systems, closed-circuit video equipment systems, software for DVDs, television cameras, video switches, non-linear editing systems, editing controllers, DVD creation systems, light emitting diodes (LED) displays, other audiovisual machines; optical disc machines and apparatus; communication apparatus and machines, facsimile transceivers, transceivers, telephones, cellular mobile telephones, cases for cellular mobile telephones, telephone answering machines, private auto-switch systems, global positioning system receivers, radiotelephones; data processing equipment; computers and computer peripherals, word processors; video tapes, audio cassettes, diskettes, optical discs, mini-discs, DVDs (digital versatile discs), integrated circuit memory cards
Class 35:
Advertising; dissemination of advertising matter via all media, particularly in the form of thematic messages focused on human values; advertising by sponsoring; business management; business administration; office functions; promotion of the goods and services of others, by means of contractual agreements, particularly sponsoring and licensing agreements, enabling them to gain additional notoriety and/or enhanced image and/or a surge of sympathy derived from the notoriety and/or enhanced image resulting from cultural and sporting events, particularly international events, and/or a surge of sympathy generated by the above; promotion of the goods and services of others by means of what is referred to as the initial interest factor leading the public to consider, among a multitude of competitors, goods or services presented to the public by means of signs, emblems or messages aimed at capturing its attention; promotion of the goods and services of others by means of the so-called image transfer; rental of advertising space of all type and on all media, whether digital or not; commercial administration of the participation of national teams to an international athletic competition, and promotion of the support to said teams with the public and concerned circles; advertising by means of direct marketing for others consisting in marketing of databases; consultation relating to advertising by means of direct marketing for others consisting in marketing of databases; administrative, commercial and technical management of computer files; promotion of sporting events and competitions for use by others; promotion of concerts and cultural events for others, organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; provision of documentation, namely direct mail advertising, distribution of advertising material, distribution of samples, reproduction of documents; advertising concerning the promotion of commercial sales of goods and services for retail sale purposes; provision of information in connection with e-commerce and electronic retail sale; provision of information concerning the purchase of goods and services on line via the Internet and other computer networks; maintenance of computerized databases; computer file management, namely, digital file management comprising a portfolio of images and video footage intended for one use under license in traditional advertising and in behavioral promotion (moral advertising)
Class 38:
Telecommunications; television program broadcasting, broadcasting of televised programs (live or recorded); cellular telephone communication; communications by electronic computer terminals, by databases and by telecommunication networks connected to the Internet; communications by telex; communications by telegrams; communications by telephone; communications by facsimile machines; radio paging; communications by teleconferencing; television broadcasting; cable television; radio broadcasting; news agency services; other message transmission services; dissemination of a commercial site on the Internet; radio and television broadcasting provided via the Internet; electronic messaging; providing access to computer information newsletters and to discussion forums on line; transmission of messages and images via computers; provision of access to home and office shopping services via computers and/or interactive communication technologies; telecommunication of information (including web pages), of computer programs and of all other data; electronic messaging services; provision of user access to the Internet; telecommunication connections to the Internet or to databases; provision of access to digital music websites on the Internet; provision of access to MP3 web sites on the Internet; rental of access time to a central database (telecommunications); provision of access to search engines; operation of discussion forums on the Internet; rental of access time to a central server database; rental of access time to a computer database (telecommunication services); simultaneous broadcasting, particularly by means of electronic interconnections, of films and of video and sound recordings; wireless data messaging services, particularly services enabling a user to send and/or receive messages via a wireless data network; one-way and two-way messaging services; electronic transmission of data, images, documents and audio and video data, including texts, cards, letters, messages, mail, animations and electronic mail, via local or global communication networks, including the Internet, intranets, extranets, television, mobile communication networks, cellular networks and satellite networks; electronic transmission of software via local or global communication networks, including the Internet, intranets, extranets, television, mobile communication networks, cellular networks and satellite networks; provision of access to databases and to local or global communication networks, including the Internet, intranets, extranets, television, mobile communication, cellular and satellite networks; transmission and relay of messages, namely electronic transmission of messages; telecommunication services for the dissemination of information by mobile telephone, namely, transmission of data to mobile telephones; communication by mobile telephone; voice communication transmission and reception services; transmission and reception on a value-added network; telecommunication services by telematic means and by multimedia networks; rental of access time to a database server center; operation of networks for transmission of value-added data (multimedia systems, interactive videography, global computer telecommunication networks)
Class 41:
Education; training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities, televised sporting and cultural entertainment; organization of exhibitions for cultural and educational purposes; organization of lotteries and competitions; betting and gambling services in connection with or relating to sports; entertainment services provided during sporting events or concerning sporting events; organization of sporting and cultural events and activities; organization of real or virtual sporting competitions; operation of sports facilities; rental of audio and video equipment, production of films, other than advertising films; production of sound and video recordings; presentation and distribution of films and of sound and video recordings; rental of sound and video recordings; rental and/or provision via a computer network of interactive education and entertainment products, namely interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, computer games; entertainment, namely presentation of interactive education and entertainment products, namely interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, computer games; coverage of radio broadcast and televised sports events; production of television and radio programs and of videotapes; production of cartoons; production of animated programs for television; reservation of tickets for sporting events and shows; timing of sports events; organization of beauty contests; interactive entertainment; on-line betting services; provision of games on the Internet; provision of raffle services; information concerning entertainment or education, provided on line from a data bank or the Internet; electronic game services provided by means of the Internet; provision of electronic publications on line; publication of books, magazines, texts (other than advertising texts) and periodicals; online publication of electronic books, magazines, texts (other than advertising texts) and periodicals; provision of digital music from the Internet; provision of digital music from MP3 web sites; provision of sporting results; information services concerning sports and sporting events; rental of recorded sounds and images; audio production services; information services concerning sporting events provided on line from a computer database or the Internet; editing and publishing services; provision of digital music (non-downloadable); offer of digital music by means of telecommunications; publication of statistics regarding sporting results and audience ratings for sporting competitions; movie presentations; entertainment information; production of films; production of shows; theater production services; presentation of live performances; film projection (film screening); organization of shows (impresario services); movie studios; news reporters services; provision of on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; organization and conducting of ceremonies in connection with the awarding of prizes and rewards