Trademark: SONY 1610973
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
29 March 2012
Registration Date
29 March 2012
Renewal Date
29 March 2022

McCabe and Company Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 1:
Chemical products used in industry, science and photography, as well as in agriculture; horticulture and forestry; unprocessed artificial resins, unprocessed plastics; fertilizers; fire extinguishing compositions; tempering and soldering preparations; chemical products for preserving foodstuffs; adhesives for industrial purposes; unprocessed acetate of cellulose; acetates; acetic anhydride; acetone; acetylene; acetylene tetrachloride; acid-proof chemical compositions; acids; acidulated water for recharging batteries; unprocessed acrylic resins; actinium; activated carbon; chemical additives to drilling muds; chemical additives for fungicides; chemical additives to insecticides; chemical additives to motor fuel; adhesives (other than for stationery or household purposes); adhesive preparations for surgical bandages; adhesives for billposting; adhesives (adhesive materials) for use in industry; adhesives for wallpaper; adhesives for wall tiles; agar-agar; agglutinants for concrete; chemical products for repelling aggressors; agricultural chemicals excluding fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; albuminized paper; alcohol; aldehydes; algarobilla (tanning substance); alginates (gelling and inflating products), not for food; alkalies; alkaline iodides for industrial use; alkaline metals; alkaline-earth metals; alkaloids; alum; alumina; aluminum acetate; aluminum alum; aluminum chloride; aluminum hydrate; aluminum iodide; aluminum silicate; americium; ammonia; ammonia alum; ammonia volatile alkali for industrial use; ammoniacal salts; aminoethanol; ammonium salts; amyl acetate; amyl alcohol; anhydrides; anhydrous ammonia; animal albumen (raw material); animal carbon; animal carbon preparations; animal charcoal; anti-boil preparations for engine coolants; antifreeze; anti-frothing solutions for accumulators; anti-incrustants; anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines; antimony; antimony oxide; antimony sulphide; anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables; antistatic preparations not for household use; anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows; antranilic acid; argon; arsenic; arsenious acid; unprocessed artificial resins; artificial sweeteners (chemical preparations); astatine; artificial sweeteners; auxiliary fluids for abrasives; bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; bacteriological preparations for acetification; bacteriological preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; balm of gurjun (gurjon, gurjan) for making varnish; barium; barium compounds; barium sulphate; baryta; baryta paper; barytes; bases (chemical products); basic gallate of bismuth; bauxite; beer-preserving agents; beer-clarifying and preserving agents; bentonite; benzene derivatives; benzene-based acids; benzoic acid; benzoic sulphinide; berkelium; bicarbonate of soda for chemical use; bichloride of tin; bichromate of potassium; bichromate of soda; biochemical catalysts; biological preparations other than for medical or veterinary use; birdlime; bismuth; bismuth nitrite for chemical use; blood charcoal; blueprint cloth; blueprint paper; bone charcoal; borax; boric acid for industrial use; brake fluids; brazing fluxes; brazing products; brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils; bromine for chemical use; by-products of the processing of cereals for industrial use; caesium; calcined soda; calcium carbide; calcium salts; californium; camphor for industrial use; carbide; carbolineum for the protection of plants; carbon; carbon black for industrial use; carbon for filters; carbon sulphide; carbon tetrachloride; carbonates; carbonic acid; carbohydrates; casein for industrial use; cassiopium (lutetium); catalysts; catechu; caustic alkali; caustic soda for industrial use; caustics for industrial use; cellulose; chemical cellulose derivatives; cellulose esters for industrial use; cellulose ethers for industrial use; glue for shoes and boots; cement for mending broken articles; cement for pneumatic tires; cement [metallurgy]; cement preservatives, except paints and oils; cement-waterproofing preparations, except paints; ceramic compositions for sintering (granules and powders); ceramic glazings; ceramic materials in particulate form for use as filtering media; cerium; chemical products; chemical intensifiers for paper; chemical intensifiers for rubber; chemical products for facilitating the alloying of metals; chemical preparations for scientific use other than for medical or veterinary use; chemical reagents (except for medical and veterinary use); chemical preparations for analyses in laboratories other than for medical or veterinary purposes; chemicals for forestry, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; chemical chimney cleaners; chlorates; chlorides; chlorine; cholic acid; chromates; chrome alum; chrome salts; chromic acid; chromic salts; chromium oxide; cinematographic films, sensitized but not exposed; citric acid for industrial use; coal saving products; cobalt oxide for industrial use; collodion; color brightening chemicals for industrial use; combusting preparations (chemical additives to motor fuel); compositions for the manufacture of phonograph records; compost; concrete preservatives, except paints and oils; concrete-aeration chemicals; condensation-preventing chemicals; coolants for vehicle engines; vitriol; corrosive products; cream of tartar, other than for pharmaceutical use; creosote for chemical use; crotonic aldehyde; cryogenic products; cultures of microorganisms other than for medical and veterinary use; curium; currying preparations for leather; currying preparations for skins; cyanides (prussiates); cymene; damp proofing products except paints for masonry; decolorants for industrial use; defoliants; dehydrating preparations for industrial use; detergent additives to gasoline; detergents for use in manufacturing processes; dextrine (size); diagnostic preparations other than for medical or veterinary use; diastase for industrial use; diatomaceous earth; diazo paper; hydrogen peroxide; disincrustants; dispersions of plastics; distilled water; dolomite for industrial use; bate for dressing skins; drilling muds; dry ice (carbon dioxide); dysprosium; earth for growing; emollients for industrial use; emulsifiers; enamel-staining chemicals; engine-decarbonizing chemicals; enzyme preparations for industrial use; enzymes for industrial use; unprocessed epoxy resins; erbium; esters; ethane; ethyl alcohol; ethyl ether; europium; fat-bleaching chemicals; fatty acids; ferments for chemical use; fermium; ferrocyanides; ferrotype plates (photography); fertilizers; filtering materials (chemical products); filtering materials (mineral substances); filtering materials (unprocessed plastics); filtering materials (vegetable substances); filtering preparations for the beverages industry; steel finishing preparations; fireproofing preparations; fissionable chemical elements; fissionable material for nuclear energy; fixing baths (photography); fixing solutions (photography); flashlight products; flocculants; flours for industrial use; flower preservatives; flowers of sulphur for chemical use; fluids for hydraulic circuits; fluorine; fluorspar compounds; flour and starch for industrial use; formic acid; formic aldehyde for chemical use; foundry molding products; foundry sand; francium; fuel for atomic piles; fuel-saving products; fuller's earth for use in textile industry; fulling preparations; fulling preparations for use in textile industry; gadolinium; gallic acid for the manufacture of ink; gallium; gallnuts; gallotannic acid; galvanizing baths; galvanizing products; gambier; gas propellents for aerosols; gas purifying products; gelatine for industrial use; getters (active substances); glass-frosting chemicals; chemicals for preventing the tarnishing of glass; glucose for industrial use; glucosides; glue for industrial purposes; gluten (glue), other than for stationery or household purposes; glutinous tree-grafting products; glycerides; glycerine for industrial use; glycol; glycol ether; gold salts; grafting mastic for trees; grafting wax for trees; graphite for industrial use; degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes; guano; gum arabic for industrial purposes; degumming products; gums (adhesives) other than for stationery or household purposes; heavy water; helium; holmium; hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit; horticulture chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; humus top dressing; hydrates; hydrazine; hydrochlorates; hydrochloric acid; hydrofluoric acid; hydrogen; hypochlorite of soda; hyposulphites; industrial chemicals; iodic acid; iodine for chemical use; iodine for industrial use; iodized albumen; iodized salts; ion exchangers (chemicals); iron salts; isinglass other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes; isotopes for industrial use; kainite; kaolin; ketones; kieselgur; krypton; lactic acid; lamp black for industrial use; lanthanum; lead acetate; lead arsenate; lead oxide; leather glues; leather-dressing chemicals; leather-impregnating chemicals; leather-renovating chemicals; leather-waterproofing chemicals; lecithin (raw material); lime acetate; lime carbonate; lime chloride; limestone hardening substances; liquids for removing sulphates from accumulators; lithia [lithium oxide]; lithium; litmus paper; loam; cassiopium (lutetium); magnesite; magnesium carbonate; magnesium chloride; magnetic fluid for industrial use; malt albumen; manganate; manganese dioxide; mangrove bark for industrial use; manure for agriculture; masonry preservatives, except paints and oils; mastic for leather; cement for pneumatic tires; meat tenderizers for industrial use; mercuric oxide; mercury; mercury salts; metal earths; metal hardening products; metal annealing products; metalloids; methane; methyl benzene; methyl benzol; methyl ether; milk ferments for chemical use; mineral acids; moderating materials for nuclear reactors; moistening (wetting) preparations for use in bleaching; wetting preparations for use in dyeing; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in the textile industry; mordants for metals; mold-release products; must-fining products; naphthalene; neodymium; neon; neptunium; nitrate of uranium; nitrate paper; nitrates; nitric acid; nitrous oxide; nitrogen; nitrogenous fertilizers; calcium cyanamide (fertilizer); nitrous oxide; non-ferrous metals; non-metallic minerals; oenological bactericides (chemical preparations used in wine making); oil dispersants; oil-bleaching chemicals; oil-purifying chemicals; oils for currying leather; oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; oils for tanning leather; oils for the preservation of food; oil-separating chemicals; oleic acid; olivine (chemical product); opacifiers for enamel or glass; organic-bleaching chemicals; oxalates; oxalic acid; oxygen; palladious chlorides; paper pulp; peat (fertilizer); peat pots for horticulture; pectin [photography]; perborate of soda; percarbonates; perchlorates; persulphates; persulphuric acid; petroleum dispersants; phenol for industrial use; phosphates (fertilizers); phosphatides; phosphoric acid; phosphorus; photographic developers; photographic emulsions; photographic paper; photographic sensitizers; photographic supplies, namely chemical products for use in photography, photographic paper, photographic sensitizers, unexposed photographic films, photographic plates; photosensitive plates; chemical products for use in photographic work; photographic developers for use in photography and electrophotography, particularly toner salts in the form of powders and liquids; gelatine for photographic use; sensitized photographic plates; potash; potassic water; potassium; potassium dioxalate; potato flour for industrial use; potting soil; power steering fluids; praseodymium; preservatives for pharmaceutical products; preservatives for tiles, except paints and oils; oil cement [putty]; promethium; protactinium; protective gases for welding; protein (raw material); prussiates; purification preparations; paper pulp and wood pulp; pyrogallic acid; pyroligneous acid (wood vinegar); quebracho for industrial use; radiator flushing chemicals; radioactive elements for scientific use; radium for scientific use; radon; rare earths; reagent paper; reducing agents for use in photography; refrigerating products; renovating products for phonograph records; rhenium; rock salt; sensitized but not exposed X-ray films; rubber preservatives; rubidium; saccharin; sal ammoniac; sal ammoniac spirits; salicylic acid; salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs; raw salt; saltpeter; salts (chemical products); salts (fertilizers); salts for coloring metal; salts for galvanic cells; salts for industrial use; salts from rare earth metals; salts of alkaline metals; salts of precious metals for industrial use; samarium; sauce for preparing tobacco; scale removing preparations, other than for household use; scandium; sea water for industrial use; algae (fertilizers); sebacic acid; seed preserving products; selenium; self-toning paper (photography); sensitized cloth for photography; unexposed sensitized films; sensitized paper; sensitized plates for offset printing; silicates; silicon; silicones; silver nitrate; silver salt solutions for silvering; glues (size for finishing and priming); sizing products; slag (fertilizers); metallic soaps for industrial use; soda ash; sodium; sodium salts (chemical products); soil conditioning chemicals; welding chemicals; soldering fluxes; solidified gases for industrial use; solvents for varnishes; soot for industrial or agricultural use; sorrel salt; spinels (chemical products); spirits of salt; spirits of vinegar (dilute acetic acid); stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics; industrial starch; starch paste (glue) other than for stationery or household use, primers; starch-liquifying chemicals (ungluing agents); stearic acid; strontium; substrates for soil-free cultivation (agriculture); sulphates; sulphides; sulphonic acids; sulphur; sulfuric acid, sulfuric ether, sulfurous acid; sumac for use in tanning; superphosphates (fertilizers); unprocessed synthetic resins; talc (magnesium silicate); tan; tannic acid; tannin; tanning materials; tan-wood; tapioca flour for industrial use; tartar other than for pharmaceutical use; tartaric acid; technetium; tellurium; surface-active chemical agents; terbium; chemical test paper; tetrachlorides; textile-brightening chemicals; textile-impregnating chemicals; textile-waterproofing chemicals; thallium; thiocarbanilide; thorium; thulium; tire-repairing compounds; titanite; titanium dioxide for industrial use; toluene; toluol; toning baths (photography); toning salts (photography); toxic gas neutralizers; tragacanth gum for use in manufacture; automatic transmission fluids; tree cavity fillers (forestry); tungstic acid; compositions for repairing tires; chemicals agents or products for protection against vulcanization diseases; vulcanizing products; moistening products for use in the textile industry; laundry products; wine finings; witherite; wood alcohol, wood pulp; wood vinegar (pyroligneous acid); xenon; X-ray films, sensitized but not exposed; ytterbium; yttrium; zirconia; wood pulp
Class 2:
Paints, varnishes, lacquers; preservatives against rust and against deterioration of wood; colorants, mordants; raw natural resins, metals in foil and powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists; alizarine dyes; aluminum paints; aluminum powder for painting; aniline dyes; annatto [dyestuff]; anti-corrosive bands; anti-corrosive products; anti-fouling paints; anti-rust greases; anti-rust oils; anti-rust preparations for preservation; preparations for preventing the tarnishing of metals, asbestos paints; auramine; bactericidal paints; badigeon; binding preparations for paints; bitumen varnish; black japan; blacks (colorants or paints); bronze powder; bronzing lacquers; Canada balsam; caramel (food colorant); carbon black color; carbonyl [wood preservative]; ceramic paints; coatings (paints); coatings for roofing felt (paints); cobalt oxide (colorant); cochineal carmine; colophony; colorants for beer; colorants for beverages; colorants for butter; colorants for liqueurs; paints for drawing images; copal varnish; copal; creosote for wood preservation; dammar; distempers; dyes; colorants; dyewood extracts; coloring wood; enamels (varnishes); enamels for painting; engraving inks; fireproof paints; fixatives (varnishes); fixatives for watercolors; food dyes; gamboge for painting; gildings; glazes (coatings); gum resins, gum-lac; indigo; inks for leather; ink for skin-dressing; lacquers; lamp black (pigment); lime wash; litharge; malt caramel (food colorant); malt colorants; marking ink for animals; mastics; metal foil for painters, decorators, printers and artists; inks for photocopying, non-ferrous metals in foil or powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists; paints; paper for dying Easter eggs; pigments; gum resins; rosin for stringed musical instruments; precious metals in foil or powder form for painters, decorators, printers and artists; wood preserving oils; printing inks; minium; sandarac; gum-lac; Sienna earth; silver emulsions (pigments); silver foil [leaf]; mordants for leather; sumac for varnishes; thickeners for colorants; thinners for lacquers; thinners for paints; titanium dioxide (pigment); ink (toner) cartridges for printers and photocopiers; inks (toner) for photocopiers; turmeric (colorant); turpentine (paint thinner); undercoating for vehicle chassis; varnishes; white lead; whites (colorants or paints); whitewash; wood coatings (paints); wood mordants; wood preservatives; wood stains; yellowwood (colorant); zinc oxide (pigment)
Class 3:
Bleaching preparations and other substances for laundry use; cleaning, polishing, degreasing and abrasive preparations; soaps; perfumes; essential oils; cosmetics, hair lotions; dentifrices; abrasive papers; abrasive sand, abrasives, adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; adhesives for affixing false hair; adhesives for cosmetic use; after-shave lotions; air fresheners, almond milks for cosmetic use; almond oil; almond soap; aloe vera preparations for cosmetic use, alum stones (astringents); amber (perfumery); antiperspirant soap; antiperspirants [toiletries]; antistatic products for household use; aromatics (essential oils); artificial pumice stone; astringents for cosmetic use; badian essence; balms other than for medical use; bases for flower perfumes; bath salts, not for medical use; beard dyes; beauty masks; bergamot oil; bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic use; bleaching salts; bleaching soda; breath freshening sprays; breath freshening strips; flavorings for cakes (essential oils); cakes of toilet soap; canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; carbides of metal (abrasives); cleaning chalk; cleaning products; cleansing milk for toilet purposes; cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; cobblers' wax; colorants for toilet purposes; color-brightening chemicals for household purposes (laundry); color-removing products; corundum (abrasive); cosmetic creams; cosmetic dyes; cosmetic kits; cosmetic pencils; cosmetic preparations for baths; cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; cosmetic skin care preparations; cosmetic preparations for slimming; toiletries and cosmetic products; cosmetics for animals; cosmetic products; cotton sticks for cosmetic use; cotton wool for cosmetic use; creams for leather; decorative transfers for cosmetic use; degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes; degreasing products for household use; dental bleaching gels; denture polishes; deodorant soaps; deodorants for humans or for animals; deodorants for pets; depilatories; detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical use; diamantine (abrasive); disinfectant soaps; douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; dry shampoos; dry-cleaning products; drying agents for dishwashing machines; eau de Cologne; emery cloth; emery paper; emery; essential oils of cedarwood; essential oils of lemon; ethereal essences; extracts of flowers (perfumery products); eyebrow cosmetics, eyebrow pencils; fabric softeners for laundry use; false eyelashes; false nails; flavorings for beverages (essential oils); floor wax removers (scouring preparations); parquet floor wax; fumigation products (perfumes); furbishing preparations; gaultheria oil; starch gelatin (chemical preparations); geraniol; glass cloth; greases for cosmetic use; grinding products; hair dyes; hair lotions; hair spray; hair waving preparations; heliotropine; hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic use; incense; ionone (perfumery); jasmine oil; Javelle water; polishing rouge; incense sticks; lacquer-removing products; laundry bleach; laundry blueing; laundry glaze; laundry detergents; laundry soaking preparations; starch for laundry purposes; laundry wax; lavender oil; lavender water; leather bleaching products; preservatives for leather (polishes); lip glosses; lipstick; lotions for cosmetic use; make-up powder; make-up products; make-up removing products; make-up; mascara, massage gels other than for medical use; medicated soaps; mint essence [essential oil]; mint for perfumery; mustache wax; mouth washes not for medical use; musk (perfumery); nail art stickers; nail care products; nail polish; neutralizers for permanent waving; non-slipping liquids for floors; non-slip wax for floors; oil of turpentine (degreasing product); oils for cleaning purposes; oils for cosmetic use; oils for perfumes and scents; oils for toilet use; paint stripping products; pastes for razor strops; perfumery products, fragrances and incenses (other than perfumes used as cosmetic or toiletry products); petroleum jelly for cosmetic use; polish for furniture and flooring; abrasive cloth; polishing creams; polishing paper; polishing preparations; polishing stone; polishing wax; ointments for cosmetic use; potpourris [fragrances]; preparations for unblocking drain pipes; preparations to make the leaves of plants shiny; preparations for cleaning dentures; pumice stone; quillaia bark for washing; rose oil; rust removing products; sachets for perfuming linen; safrol; sandpaper; scale removing preparations for household use; scented water; scented wood; scouring solutions; seaweed gelatin for laundry use (funori); shampoos for pets; shampoos; shaving products; shaving soap; shaving stones (astringents); shining products [polish]; polish for footwear; shoe wax; shoemakers' wax; abrasive silicon carbide; skin whitening cream; smoothing products [starching]; smoothing stones; soap for brightening textile; soaps for foot perspiration; detergents; soda lye; stain removers; starch glaze for laundry purposes; sunscreen preparations; sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; tailors' wax; talcum powder, for toilet use; terpenes [essential oils]; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; toilet water; toiletries; tripoli stone for polishing; turpentine (degreasing product); varnish-removing products; volcanic ash for cleaning; wallpaper cleaning products; washing soda, for cleaning; whiting; windshield cleaning liquids
Class 4:
Industrial oils and greases; dust absorbing, wetting and binding compositions; fuels (including motor spirit) and lighting fuel; candles and wicks for lighting; non-chemical additives to motor fuel; alcohol used as fuel; anthracite; beeswax; belting wax; benzene; benzine; benzol; bone oil for industrial purposes; candles; carnauba wax, castor oil for technical purposes; ceresine; coal (fuel); Christmas tree candles; coal briquettes; coal dust (fuel); coal naphtha; coal tar oil; coal; coke; combustible briquettes; cutting fluids; diesel oil; dust binding compositions for sweeping; dust laying compositions; dust removers; electrical energy; ethanol (fuel); firelighters; firewood; fish oil, not edible; fuel gas; combustible oils (fuel oil); fuel with an alcoholic base; carburants; gas for lighting; gasoline; grease for belts; grease for leather; grease for shoes and boots; grease for arms (weapons); illuminating grease; illuminating wax; industrial grease; industrial oils; industrial wax; kerosene; lamp wicks; leather preservative oils and greases; lighting fuel; lignite; ligroin; lubricants; lubricating graphite; lubricating grease; lubricating oil; mazut; methylated spirit; mineral fuel; mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes (not for fuel); moistening oil; fuels, motor oils; naphtha; nightlights; non-mineral oils and greases for industrial purposes (not for fuel); non-slipping preparations for belts; oil for the preservation of leather; oils for the preservation of masonry; oil-gas; oils for paints, oils for releasing form work [building]; oleine; ozocerite; paper spills for lighting; paraffin, peat (fuels); blocks of peat (fuel); perfumed candles; petroleum ether; petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; raw or refined petroleum; leather preservatives (oils and greases); producer gas; rape oil for industrial purposes; solid lubricants; solidified fuel gases; soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; stearine; sunflower oil for industrial purposes; tallow; oils for fabrics; tinder; fuel mixtures in gas form; wax (raw material); wicks for candles; wood briquettes; wood spills for lighting; woody biomass fuel; wool grease; xylene; xylol
Class 5:
Pharmaceutical and veterinary preparation; sanitary preparations for medical use; dietetic foodstuffs and substances for medical or veterinary use, food for babies; dietary supplements for humans and animals; plasters, materials for dressings; material for stopping teeth, dental wax; disinfectants; preparations for destroying vermin; absorbent cotton; acaricides; acetates for pharmaceutical purposes; acids for pharmaceutical use; aconitine; adhesive plaster, adhesive tapes for medical use; adhesives for dentures; adjuvants for medical purposes; air fresheners; air purifying products; albumin dietary supplements; albuminous foodstuffs for medical use; albuminous preparations for medical use; alcohol for pharmaceutical use; aldehydes for pharmaceutical use; algicides; alginate dietary supplements; alginates for pharmaceutical use; alkaline iodides for pharmaceutical purposes; alkaloids for medical use; alloys of precious metals for dental use; aloe vera preparations for pharmaceutical use; aluminum acetate for pharmaceutical use; amino acids for medical use; amino acids for veterinary use; anesthetics; analgesics; angostura bark for medical use; animal washes; antibiotics; anticryptogamic preparations; antioxidant pills; antiparasitic collars for animals; anti-parasitic products; anti-rheumatism bracelets; anti-rheumatism rings; antiseptic cotton; antiseptics; anti-uric preparations; appetite suppressant pills; appetite suppressants for medical use; migraine treatment articles; aseptic cotton; asthmatic tea; babies' diaper-pants; bacterial poisons; bacterial preparations for medical or veterinary use; bacteriological preparations for medical or veterinary use; balms for medical use; balsamic preparations for medical use; bandages for dressings; barks for pharmaceutical use; medicated baths; bath salts for medical use; belts for sanitary towels; bicarbonate of soda for pharmaceutical use; biocides; biological preparations for medical use; biological preparations for veterinary use; biological tissue cultures for medical use; biological tissue cultures for veterinary use; bismuth preparations for pharmaceutical use; bismuth subnitrate for pharmaceutical use; blood for medical use; blood plasma; bone cement for surgical and orthopedic purposes; bracelets for medical use; breast-nursing pads; bromine for pharmaceutical use; bronchodilating preparations; bunion pads; by-products of the processing of cereals for dietetic or medical use; cachou for pharmaceutical use; calomel; camphor for medical use; camphor oil for medical use; candy for medical use; capsules for medicines; capsules for pharmaceutical use; carbolineum (parasiticide); casein dietary supplements; castor oil for medical use; cattle washes; caustic pencils; caustics for pharmaceutical use; cedar wood for use as an insect repellent; cellulose esters for pharmaceutical use; cellulose ethers for pharmaceutical use; cement for animal hooves; charcoal for pharmaceutical use; chemical conductors for electrocardiograph electrodes; chemical contraceptives, chemical preparations for medical use; chemical preparations for pharmaceutical use; chemical preparations for the diagnosis of pregnancy; chemical preparations for treating phylloxera; chemical preparations for veterinary use; chemical preparations to treat mildew; chemical preparations to treat wheat blight [smut]; chemical reagents for medical or veterinary use; chemico-pharmaceutical products; chewing gum for medical use; chilblain products; chinoline for medical use; chloroform; quinquina for medical use; cocaine; cod liver oil; collodion for pharmaceutical use; collyrium; compresses; condurango bark for medical use; contact lens cleaning preparations; cooling sprays for medical use; corn remedies; corn rings for the feet; cotton for medical use; cream of tartar for pharmaceutical use; creosote for pharmaceutical use; croton bark; cultures of microorganisms for medical or veterinary use; curare; decoctions for pharmaceutical use; abrasives for dental use; dental amalgams of gold; dental amalgams; dental cements; dental impression materials; dental lacquers; dental mastics; deodorants for clothing or textiles; deodorants other than for human beings or animals; depuratives; detergents for medical use; bread for medical use in diabetics; diagnostic products for medical use; diapers; diastase for medical use; dietary fibers; food supplements for animals; dietetic beverages adapted for medical use; dietary foodstuffs for medical use; dietetic substances for medical use; digestives for pharmaceutical use; digitalin; dill oil for medical use; disinfectants for chemical toilets; disinfectants for hygienic use; dog lotions; dog washes; vaginal douching preparations for medical use; medical dressings; drugs for medical use; elixirs (pharmaceuticals); enzyme dietary supplements; enzyme preparations for medical use; enzyme preparations for veterinary use; enzymes for medical use; enzymes for veterinary use; ergot for pharmaceutical use; esters for pharmaceutical use; ethers for pharmaceutical use; eucalyptol for pharmaceutical use; eucalyptus for pharmaceutical use; purgatives; hop extracts for pharmaceutical use; eyepatches for medical use; eye-washes; febrifuges; fennel for medical use; ferments for pharmaceutical use; filled first-aid boxes; fish meal for pharmaceutical use; linseed dietary supplements; linseed for pharmaceutical use; linseed meal for pharmaceutical use; linseed oil dietary supplements; flowers of sulphur for pharmaceutical use; fly glue; fly catching paper; fly destroying preparations; food for babies; formic aldehyde for pharmaceutical use; frostbite salve for pharmaceutical use; fumigating sticks; fumigation preparations for medical use; fungicides; gallic acid for pharmaceutical use; gamboge for medical use; gases for medical use; gauze for dressings; gelatine for medical use; gentian for pharmaceutical use; germicides; glucose food supplements; glucose for medical use; glycerine for medical use; glycerophosphates, lead water; fats for medical use; greases for veterinary use; guaiacol for pharmaceutical use; gum for medical use; gurjun balm for medical use; migraine treatment pencils; hematogen; hemoglobin; hemorrhoid products; hemostatic pencils; herb teas for medicinal use; herbicides; hormones for medical use; hydrastine; hydrastinine; hydrated chloral for pharmaceutical use; hydrogen peroxide for medical use; hygienic bandages; insect repellent incense; insect repellents; insecticides; iodides for pharmaceutical use; iodine for pharmaceutical use; iodoform; Irish moss for medical use; isotopes for medical use; jalap; jujube, medicated; lacteal flour for babies; lactose for pharmaceutical use; larvae exterminating preparations; laxatives; lecithin dietary supplements; lecithin for medical use; leeches for medical use; liniments; lint for medical use; liquorice for pharmaceutical use; lotions for pharmaceutical use; lotions for veterinary use; lupulin for pharmaceutical use; magnesia for pharmaceutical use; malt for pharmaceutical use; malted milk beverages for medical use; mangrove bark for pharmaceutical use; flour for pharmaceutical use; culture media for bacteriology; medical preparations for slimming; medicinal mud; candy for pharmaceutical use; medicinal drinks; medicinal hair growth preparations; medicinal herbs; medicinal infusions; medicinal oils; medicinal roots, medicinal tea; filled portable medicine cases; constipation remedies; medicines for dental use; medicines for human medicine; medicines for veterinary use; melissa water for pharmaceutical use; menthol; mercurial ointments; milk ferments for pharmaceutical use; milk of almonds for pharmaceutical use; milking grease; mineral food supplements; mineral water salts; mineral waters for medical use; mint for pharmaceutical use; molding wax for dentists; moleskin for medical use; mothproofing paper; mothproofing products; mouthwashes for medical use; mud for baths; mustard for pharmaceutical use; mustard oil for medical use; mustard plasters; myrobalan bark for pharmaceutical use; sanitary napkins for incontinence; narcotics; nervines; nutritional supplements; nutritive substances for microorganisms; oil of turpentine for pharmaceutical purposes; ointments for pharmaceutical use; opiates; opium; opodeldoc; opotherapy preparations; oxygen baths; oxygen for medical use; absorbent underpants for incontinence; panty liners (sanitary articles); paper for mustard plasters; parasiticides; pastilles for pharmaceutical use; pearl powder for medical use; pectin for pharmaceutical use; pepsins for pharmaceutical use; peptones for pharmaceutical use; personal sexual lubricants; pesticides; petroleum jelly for medical use; pharmaceutical products for skin care; pharmaceutical products for treating dandruff; pharmaceuticals; phenol for pharmaceutical use; phosphates for pharmaceutical use; plasters; poisons; pollen dietary supplements; pomades for medical use; porcelain for dental prostheses; potassium salts for medical use; poultices; powder of cantharides; products for calluses; preparations for destroying dry rot fungus; products for destroying mice; preparations for reducing sexual activity; products for the treatment of burns; preparations of trace elements for human and animal consumption; lime-base products for pharmaceutical use; preparations to facilitate teething; propolis dietary supplements; propolis for pharmaceutical use; protein dietary supplements; protein supplements for animals; pyrethrum powder; quassia for medical use; quebracho for medical use; quinine for medical use; radioactive substances for medical use; radiological contrast substances for medical use; radium for medical use; rat poison; remedies for foot perspiration; remedies for perspiration; repellents for dogs; rhubarb roots for pharmaceutical use; royal jelly dietary supplements; royal jelly for pharmaceutical use; rubber for dental use; salts for medical use; salts for mineral water baths; sanitary pads; sanitary panties; sarsaparilla for medical use; scapulars for surgical use; sea water for medicinal bathing; semen for artificial insemination; serotherapeutic medicines; sera; siccatives [drying agents] for medical use; slimming pills; slug exterminating products; smelling salts; smoking herbs for medical use; sodium salts for medical use; floor-sterilizing products, solutions for contact lenses; solvents for removing adhesive plasters; soporifics; starch for dietetic or pharmaceutical use; stem cells for medical use; stem cells for veterinary use; sterilizing products; steroids; stick liquorice for pharmaceutical use; strychnine; styptic preparations; sugar for medical use; sulfonamides (medicines); sulphur sticks [disinfectants]; sunburn ointments; sunburn products for pharmaceutical use; suppositories; surgical dressings; surgical implants (living tissues); surgical cloth [tissues]; syrups for pharmaceutical use; tanning pills; tartar for pharmaceutical use; teeth filling material; therapeutic preparations for the bath; thermal water; thymol for pharmaceutical use; tincture of iodine; tinctures for medical use; tissues impregnated with pharmaceutical lotions; tobacco extracts (insecticides); tobacco-free cigarettes for medical use; tonics (medicines); tranquillizers; turpentine for pharmaceutical use; vaccines; vaginal washes; vermifuges; vermin destroying products; vesicants; veterinary products; vine disease treating chemicals; vitamin preparations; vulnerary sponges; wadding for medical use; wart pencils; wheat germ dietary supplements; yeast dietary supplements; yeast for pharmaceutical use; lactose (milk sugar); liquid bandages; sanitary pads; sanitary tampons; oiled paper for packaging purposes for doses of medicines; reagents for medical or veterinary use; hygienic napkins of paper for buttocks; paper diaper pants
Class 6:
Common metals and their alloys; building materials of metal; transportable buildings of metal; railway material of metal; cables and wires of metal, non-electric; ironmongery and small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes [strong boxes]; goods of common metal not included in other classes; ores; advertisement columns of metal; alloys of common metals; aluminum foil; aluminum wires; aluminum; anchor plates; anchors; firedogs [andirons]; angle irons; valves of metal other than parts of machines; anti-friction metal; anvils (portable); anvils; arbors (structures of metal); armour plate; armor plating; artificial fish reefs of metal; metal valves other than for parts of machines; badges of metal for vehicles; balls of steel; wrapping or binding bands of metal; barbed wire; barrel hoops of metal; large barrels of metal; bars for metal railings; baskets of metal; beacons of metal, non-luminous; beak-irons [bick-irons]; bed casters of metal; bells for animals; bells; belt stretchers of metal; straps of metal for handling loads; beryllium; bicycle parking installations of metal; binding screws of metal for cables; binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes; bindings of metal; bird baths (metal constructions); blooms (metallurgy); movable metal boarding stairs for passengers; bolts of metal; flat bolts; bottle caps of metal; bottle closures of metal; box fasteners of metal; boxes of common metal; braces of metal for handling loads; metal brackets (building); nails; branching pipes of metal; unwrought or semi-wrought brass; brazing alloys; bronzes (works of art); bronze; bronzes for tombstones; broom handles of metal; buckles of common metal (hardware); building panels of metal; building or furniture fittings of nickel-silver; buildings of metal; busts of common metal; cabanas of metal; non-electric cable joints of metal; cables of metal, non-electric; cadmium; snap hooks; casement windows of metal; cash boxes of metal; casings of metal for oilwells; casks of metal; unwrought or semi-wrought cast iron; cast steel; cattle chains; ceilings of metal; hafnium; cermets; chains for dogs; chains of metal; chests of metal for food; chests of metal; chicken-houses, of metal; chill-molds (foundry); chimney cowls of metal; chimney pots of metal; chimney shafts of metal; chimneys of metal; chrome iron; chrome ores; chromium; linings of metal (building); clips of metal for cables or pipes; closures of metal for containers; clothes hooks of metal; cobalt (raw) (metal); common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; containers of metal (storage, transport); containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; containers of metal for liquid fuel; containers of metal for storing acids; transport containers of metal; copper rings; copper wires, not insulated; copper, unwrought or semi-wrought; cornices of metal; cotter pins; cotter pins of metal; couplings of metal for chains; ice spikes; crampons of metal; guard rails of metal for roads; diving boards of metal; platforms of metal; door bells, non-electric; flat bolts of metal; door closers, non-electric; door fittings, of metal; door cases of metal; door handles of metal; door knockers; doormats of metal; non-electric door openers; door panels of metal; foot scrapers; door stops of metal; doors of metal; drain pipes of metal; drain traps (valves) of metal; duckboards of metal; ducts of metal for ventilating and air conditioning facilities; ducts of metal for central heating installations; metal pipe bends; enclosures of metal for tombs; eye bolts; fences of metal; titanium iron; ferrules of metal for handles; ferrules of metal for walking sticks; ferrules of metal; figurines statuettes of common metal; filings of metal; fish plates (rails); fittings of metal for beds; fittings of metal for building; fittings of metal for coffins; fittings of metal for compressed air ducts; fittings of metal for furniture; fittings of metal for windows; flanges of metal; flashes of metal, for building; floating containers of metal; floating docks of metal, for mooring boats; floor tiles, of metal; floors of metal; foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; foundry molds of metal; frames of metal (for building); framework of metal for building; furnace screens; furnace fireguards; furniture casters of metal; galena (ore); gates of metal; nickel-silver alloys; germanium; girders of metal; gold solder; grilles of metal; grease nipples; greenhouse frames of metal; transportable conservatories of metal; guard rails of metal; gutter pipes of metal; gutters of metal; handcuffs; handling pallets of metal; small hardware of metal; hat hanging hooks of metal; hinges of metal; hooks (metal hardware); hooks for slate (metal hardware); hooks of metal for clothes rails; iron strip; hoppers of metal, non-mechanical; horseshoe nails; binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes; ice molds of metal; identification bracelets of metal, for hospitals; identity plates of metal; indium; industrial packaging containers of metal not including stoppers, lids and caps of metal; industrial water storage tanks of metal; ingots of common metal; insect screens (frames of metal); internal floating lids of aluminum for use with storage tanks for liquefied gas or gas; iron ores; iron slabs; iron wires; iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; iron and steel; ironwork for doors; ironwork for windows; jalousies of metal; jets of metal; joists of metal; keys (mechanical element); keys; knife handles of metal; knobs of metal; leaf springs of metal, not machine elements; latch bars of metal; latches of metal; laths of metal; latticework of metal; lead seals; lead, unwrought or semi-wrought; letter boxes of metal; letters and numerals of common metal, except type; limonite; lintels of metal; storage tanks of metal for liquefied gas; storage tanks or reservoirs of metal for storing liquids; loading and unloading pallets of metal; loading gauge rods, of metal, for railway waggons; loading pallets, of metal; locking bolts; closures of metal for bags; locks of metal for vehicles; locks of metal, other than electric; machine belt fasteners of metal; magnesium; manganese; manhole covers of metal; manifolds of metal for pipelines; masts of metal; fixed equipment for funicular railways; paving blocks of metal; metal cages for wild animals; containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; metal ironmongery; joinery connectors of metal; metal pipe couplings; metal lids and caps for industrial packaging containers; metal materials for building or construction; metal molds for forming cement products; metal nameplates and door nameplates; metal stepladders and ladders; metal stoppers for industrial packaging containers; metal tombs and tomb plates of metal; metals in powder form; moldings of metal for cornices; molybdenum iron; molybdenum; metal monuments for tombs; monuments of metal; mooring bitts of metal; mooring bollards of metal; mooring buoys of metal; nails; nickel; nickel-silver; niobium; non-ferrous metals and their alloys; metal nozzles; registration plates, of metal; nuts of metal; ores of metal; outdoor blinds of metal; packaging containers of metal; padlocks; booths of metal for spraying paint; palings of metal; partitions of metal; paving blocks of metal; metal pegs; penstock pipes of metal; sheet piles of metal; metal columns (parts of constructions); pins (hardware); pipe muffs of metal; pipes of metal; pipework of metal; pitons of metal (mountaineering equipment); prefabricated platforms of metal; bungs of metal; metal posts, for electric lines; poles of metal; porches of metal (building); posts of metal; pot hooks of metal; poultry cages of metal; prefabricated building assembly kits of metal; metal cans; props of metal; pulleys of metal, other than for machines; pyrophoric metals; railroad ties of metal; rails of metal; materials, of metal, for railway tracks; lane change; non-mechanical reels of metal for flexible hoses; refractory construction materials of metal; reinforcing materials of metal for building; reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts; reinforcing materials for pipes (of metal); reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete; rings of common metal for keys; rings of metal; rivets of metal; signage panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; rocket launching platforms of metal; rods of metal for brazing and welding; rods of metal for brazing; rods of metal for welding; roller blinds of steel; roof coverings of metal; roof flashing of metal; roofing of metal; rope thimbles of metal; wire rope; runners of metal for sliding doors; safety cashboxes; safety chains of metal; window pulleys; scaffolding of metal; screws of metal; sculptures of metal; scythe handles of metal; sealing caps of metal; sheaf binders, of metal; metal sheets; shims; metal formwork for concrete; shutters of metal; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; signboards of metal; road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal, for roads, signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; silicon iron; sills of metal; silos of metal; silver plated tin alloy; silver solder; skating rinks (metal structures); muffs; slings, of metal, for handling loads; soldering wire of metal; spiral springs, of metal, not elements of machines; spring locks; springs (metal hardware); spurs; metal steps; metal staircases; statues of common metal; steel alloys; steel structure; steel masts; steel tubes; steel sheets; steel strips; steel wires; unwrought or semi-unwrought steel; steps [ladders] of metal; stops of metal; belt joints of metal; iron band stretchers; stretchers for metal bands; metal load beams; swage blocks; reels of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; reservoirs of metals; tantalum (metal); taps for casks, of metal; telegraph posts of metal; telephone booths of metal; telpher cables; tension links; tent pegs of metal; thread of metal for tying-up purposes; tiles of metal; tiles, of metal, for construction; tiles of metal; tin; tinfoil; tinplate packings; tinplate; titanium; tombac; tombs of metal; tombstone plaques of metal; tombstone stelae of metal; gravestones of metal; toolboxes of metal, empty; tool chests of metal, empty; tool handles of metal; towel dispensers of metal; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; transport pallets of metal; transportable greenhouses of metal for household use; traps for wild animals; straps of metal for handling loads; tree protectors of metal; troughs of metal for mixing mortar; casings of metal; tungsten iron; tungsten; turnstiles non-automatic; turntables (railways); turn-tables for load handling; upright signboards of metal; valves (of metal, not machine elements); vanadium; vats of metal; vaults of metal [burial]; vice benches of metal; metal vice claws; wainscoting of metal; wall claddings of metal (building); collars of metal for fastening pipes; wall claddings of metal (building); metal pins; washers of metal; water tanks, of metal, for household use; water-pipe valves of metal; water pipes of metal; weather-or wind-vanes of metal; wheel clamps [boots]; white metal; wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal; winding spools, of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; window casement bolts; window fasteners of metal; window frames of metal, window stops of metal; wires of common metal alloys, of metal; wire stretchers (packaging stirrups for dose of medicines); industrial packaging containers of metal, not including metal stoppers, lids and caps
Class 7:
Machines and machine tools; motors and engines (other for land vehicles); machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements other than hand-operated; incubators for eggs; automatic distribution machines; acetylene cleaning apparatus; adhesive bands for pulleys; adhesive tape dispensers (machines); aerated beverage-making machines; aerated water making apparatus; aerated water production apparatus; aerating pumps for aquariums; aerocondensers; aeronautical engines; airplane engines; agitators; agricultural elevators; agricultural implements other than hand-operated; agricultural machines; air brushes for applying color; air condensers; air cushion devices for moving loads; air pumps (garage installations); air suction machines; air turbines, not for land vehicles; alternators; angle valve, machine elements, and not for land vehicles; anti-friction bearings for machines; anti-pollution devices for engines; apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure; atomisers (machines); automatic control valves, machine elements, not for land vehicles; automatic grapnels for marine purposes; axial flow fans; axial flow compressors; axial flow pumps; shafts for machines; ball rings for bearings; ball valves, machine elements not for land vehicles; ball-bearings; band brakes, machine elements not for land vehicles; wine presses; bearing brackets for machines; bearings (parts of machines); bearings for transmission shafts; electric beaters; beating machines; beer pumps; belt conveyors; belt pulleys, machine elements, not for land vehicles; belts for conveyors; belts for machines; belts for motors and engines; bending machines; electromechanical machines for preparing drinks; bicycle assembling machines; bicycle dynamos; binding apparatus for hay; bitumen making machines; blade holders (parts of machines); blade sharpening [stropping] machines; iron elements (parts of machines); electric blenders for household use; shoe brakes, machine elements, not for land vehicles; bellows [machines]; blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases; blowing machines or fans for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain; bellows [machines]; bobbins for weaving looms; boiler tubes (parts of machines); bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial use; bottle capping machines; filling machines; bottle sealing machines; bottle stoppering machines; bottle washing machines; boxes for matrices (printing); braiding machines; brake linings other than for vehicles; brake pads other than for vehicles; brake segments other than for vehicles; brake shoes other than for vehicles; bread cutting machines; brewing machines; brushes (parts of machines); electric brushes; bulldozers; butter machines; calenders; cams, machine elements, not for land vehicles; capstans; carbon brushes (electricity); carburetor feeders; carburetors; carding machine fittings (parts of carding machines); carding machines; aprons [parts of machines]; carriages for knitting machines; cartridges for filtering machines; catalytic converters; central vacuum cleaning installations; centrifugal fans; centrifugal compressors; centrifugal machines; centrifugal mills; centrifugal pumps; chaff cutter blades; straw chaff cutters; chisels for machines; chucks (parts of machines); churns; cigarette machines for industrial use; cinder sifters (machines); clack valves (parts of machines); cleaning appliances utilizing steam; clippers (machines); clutches other than for land vehicles; coal-cutting machines; taps, machine elements not for land vehicles; coffee grinders, other than hand-operated; coin-operated washing machines; compressed air engines; compressed air guns for the extrusion of mastics; compressed air machines; compressed air pumps; compressors (machines); compressors for refrigerators; concrete mixers (machines); condensing installations; cone brakes, machine elements not for land vehicles; connecting rods for machines and engines; control cables for machines, engines or motors; control mechanisms for machines, motors and engines; converters for steelworks; conveyors; radiators [cooling] for motors and engines; cord making machines; grain husking machines; couplings other than for land vehicles; cranes (lifting and hoisting apparatus); crank shafts; crankcases for machines, motors and engines; cranks (parts of machines); cream/milk separators; cultivators (machines); current generators; electrically-operated curtain-drawing devices; cutters (machines); gas-operated cutting blow pipes; cutting machines; cylinder heads for engines; cylinders for machines; cylinders for motors and engines; dairy machines; darning machines; feed-water deaerators; degreasers (machines); derricks; die-cutting and tapping machines; diesel engines, not for land vehicles; die-stamping machines; diffusion pumps; diggers (machines); disk brakes, machine elements not for land vehicles; dishwashers; disintegrators; dividing machines; electric door closers; electric door openers; water separators; drainage machines; drill chucks (parts of machines); drilling bits (parts of machines); drilling heads (parts of machines); drilling machines; floating or non-floating drilling rigs; driving chains other than for land vehicles; driving motors other than for land vehicles; drums [parts of machines]; dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes; dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; dyeing machines; dynamo belts; dynamo brushes; dynamos; earth-moving machines; ejectors; electric arc cutting apparatus; electric arc welding apparatus; electric can openers; electric hammers; electric hand drills; electric machines for shampooing carpets; electric machines and apparatus for cleaning; electric machines and apparatus for polishing; electric machines and apparatus for wax-polishing; electric welding apparatus; electrical apparatus for sealing plastics [packaging]; electrodes for welding machines; electromechanical machines for the chemical industry; electroplating machines; elevating apparatus; elevator belts; elevator chains (parts of machines); lift operating apparatus; lifts, other than ski-lifts; embossing machines; emergency power generators; engines for air cushion vehicles; boat engines; motors and engines, other than for land vehicles; engraving machines; moving staircases [escalators]; excavators; exhaust manifolds for engines; exhausts for electric motors and thermal engines; expansion tanks (parts of machines); extractors for mines; fan belts for electric motors and thermal engines; fans for electric motors, and thermal engines; feeders (parts of machines); supply apparatus for engine boilers; feedwater regulators; filling machines; filter presses; filtering machines; filters (parts of machines or engines); filters for cleaning cooling air, for motors and engines; finishing machines; fittings for engine boilers; fleshing machines; flour mill machines; flues for boilers, for engines; hydraulic couplings, machine elements, not for land vehicles; fodder presses; electromechanical machines for food preparation; electric food processors; forge bellows; foundry machines; freewheels, other than for land vehicles; friezing machines; electric fruit presses for household use; fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines; fuel dispensing pumps for service stations; fuel economizers for electric motors and thermal engines; galvanizing machines; garbage [waste] disposals; gas turbines, not for land vehicles; aerators; gasoline engines, not for land vehicles; gas-operated blow torches; gearboxes, other than for land vehicles; gears for weaving looms; gears, other than for land vehicles; electricity generators; glass-working machines; glaziers' diamonds (parts of machines); glow plugs for diesel engines; electric glue guns; grain separators; grating machines for vegetables; grease boxes as parts of machines; grease rings (parts of machines); electric grinders/crushers for household purposes; crusher; grindstones (parts of machines); guides for machines; guides for machines; hair clipping machines for animals; hammers (parts of machines); hand printing machines; hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; handling apparatus (for loading and unloading); automatic handling machines (manipulators); hangers [parts of machines]; harrows; harvesting machines; heat exchangers (parts of machines); heel-making machines; hemming machines; high pressure washers; hoists; tool holders (parts of machines); cowlings (parts of machines); hoppers [for mechanical discharging]; hosiery looms; housings [parts of machines]; hydraulic accumulators, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; hydraulic controls for machines, electric motors and thermal engines; hydraulic devices for opening and closing doors (machine parts); hydraulic engines and motors; hydraulic intensifiers, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; hydraulic torque converters, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; hydraulic turbines; idle speed pulleys, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; igniting devices for internal combustion engines; igniting magnetos; incubators for eggs; injection molding machines; injectors for motor and engines; inking apparatus for printing machines; internal combustion engines, elements for machine, not for land vehicles; ironing machines; jacks (machines); jet engines other than for land vehicles; journal boxes (parts of machines); journals (parts of machines); kerosene engines, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; kick starters for motorcycles; electric food processors; kneading machines; knitting machines; knives (parts of machines); knives for mowing machines; electric knives; labelers (machines); lace making machines; laminated blade springs, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; lathes; lawnmowers (machines); leather paring machines; leather-working machines; lifting apparatus; lifts, other than ski-lifts; connections, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; loading ramps; loom shafts; weaving looms; lubricating pumps; lubricators (parts of machines); machine boiler scale collectors; machine fly-wheels; machine tools; machine wheels; machine wheelwork; machines for making edible pastes; machines for the textile industry; brand printing machine; matrices for use in printing; meat choppers (machines); mechanized livestock feeders; metal drawing machines; metalworking machines; milking machines; milling machines; mills (machines); mills for household use other than hand-operated; millstones; mine borers; machines for the manufacture of mineral waters; mineworking machines; mixed flow pumps; mixers (machines); mixing machines; molding machines; molds (parts of machines); mortizing machines; motorized cultivators; motors for boats; electric parts for motors, other than for land vehicles; electric motors, other than for land vehicles; mud catchers and collectors (machines); silencers for electric motors and for thermal engines; net hauling machines [fishing]; notchers (machine tools); nuclear engines; oil refining machines; machines for processing minerals; packaging machines; packing machines; painting machines; devices for feeding paper (printing); paper machines; papermaking machines; electric parquet wax-polishers; parts of air turbines, other than for land vehicles; parts of diesel engines, other than for land vehicles; parts for gas turbines, other than for land vehicles; parts of gasoline engines, other than for land vehicles; parts of hydraulic turbines, other than for land vehicles; parts of internal combustion engines, other than for land vehicles; parts of jet engines, other than for land vehicles; parts of kerosene motors, other than for land vehicles; parts of ramjets, other than for land vehicles; parts of steam engines, other than for automobiles; parts of steam engines, other than for land vehicles; parts of steam turbines, other than for land vehicles; parts of turbojet engines, other than for land vehicles; parts of turbo prop engines, other than for land vehicles; pedal drives for sewing machines; sifting machines; pepper mills other than hand-operated; piston rings; pistons (parts of machines or engines); pistons for cylinders; pistons for engines; planing machines; plows; plowshares; pneumatic controls for machines, electric motors and thermal engines; pneumatic door openers and closers (parts of machines); pneumatic hammers; pneumatic shock absorbers (air cushions, machine elements not for land vehicles); pneumatic transporters; pneumatic tube conveyors; potters' wheels; power hammers; power transmission belts, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; leather power transmission belts, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; rubber power transmission belts, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; textile power transmission belts, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; presses (machines for industrial use); pressure reducers (parts of machines); pressure regulators (parts of machines); pressure valves (parts of machines); printing cylinders; printing machines for use on sheet metal; machines for printing; printing plates; printing presses; printing rollers for machines; propulsion mechanisms other than for land vehicles; puddling machines; pulleys (parts of machines); pulleys being parts of machines; pump diaphragms; pumps (machines); pumps (parts of machines, of electric motors or of thermal engines); pumps for heating installations; punches for punching machines; punching machines; rack and pinion jacks; racket stringing machines; rail-laying machines; railroad constructing machines; rakes for raking machines; raking machines; ramjet engines, not for land vehicles; rams (machines); reapers and binders; reapers and threshers; reapers; reciprocating compressors; reciprocating compressors; piston pumps; shock absorber plungers; reduction gears other than for land vehicles; mechanical reeling apparatus; reels (parts of machines); mechanical reels for flexible hoses; regulators (machine parts); inverter mechanisms, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; rinsing machines; riveting machines; road making machines; steamrollers; self-propelled road sweeping machines; robots (machines); rocket engines, not for land vehicles; roller bearings; roller bridges; roller chains, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; rolling mill cylinders; rolling mills; rotary blowers; rotary printing presses; rotary pumps; portable rotary steam presses for fabrics; rotary vacuum pumps; satinizing machines; sausage machines; saw benches (machine parts); saw blades (parts of machines); saws (machines); electric scissors; joints (parts of engines); sealing machines for industrial purposes; self-oiling bearings; self-regulating fuel pumps; separators; sewage pulverizers; sewing machines; shaft couplings (machines); sharpening machines; sheaf-binding machines; electric shears; lasts for shoes (parts of machines); electric shoe polishers; mechanical shovels; shredders (machines) for industrial use; shuttles (machine parts); moving pavements [sidewalks]; sieves (machines or parts of machines); sifters; sifting installations; sizing machines; slide rests (machine parts); smoothing presses; snow plows; gas-operated welding apparatus; gas-operated soldering blow pipes; electric soldering irons; gas-operated soldering irons; soldering lamps; sorting machines for industry; sowers (machines); spark plugs other than for land vehicles; sparking plugs for internal combustion engines; speed regulators for machines, electric motors and thermal engines; spin driers (not heated); spinning frames; spinning machines; spinning wheels; coil springs, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; spray guns for paint; spring shock absorbers, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; spring-assisted hydraulic shock absorbers, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; springs (parts of machines); stalk separators (machines); stamping machines; stands for machines; starters for electric motors and thermal engines; stators (parts of machines); condensers (steam parts of machines); boilers for steam machines; steam engines; steam marine engines, not for land vehicles; steam traps; steam turbines, not for land vehicles; steam/oil separators; stereotype machines; stitching machines; stone working machines; stuffing boxes (parts of machines); teat cups [suction cups] for milking machines; suction machines for industrial use; sugar making machines; superchargers; superheaters; swaging machines; tables for machines; tambours for embroidery machines; faucets (parts of machines, of electric motors or of thermal engines); tarring machines; tedding machines; thermic lances (machines); threading machines; threshing machines; tilt hammers; tobacco processing machines; tools (parts of machines); toothed wheels or gears, elements for machines, not for land vehicles; torque converters other than for land vehicles; transmission chains other than for land vehicles; drive shafts, excluding for land vehicles; power transmissions for machines; transmissions, other than for land vehicles; trimming machines; truck lifts; trueing machines; turbines other than for land vehicles; turbo blowers; turbocompressors; turbojet engines, not for land vehicles; turboprop engines, not for land vehicles; turf removing plows; tympans (parts of printing presses); typecasting machines; type-setting machines [photocomposition]; type-setting machines (printing); typographic machines; typographic presses; universal joints [Cardan joints]; dust suction accessories for washing apparatus; washing machines [laundry]; water heaters (parts of machines); weeding machines; electric welding machines; electric whisks for household use; wind turbines; wine presses; winnowers; woodworking machines; wrapping machines; wringing machines for laundry; automatic distribution machines (automatic vending machines); motor reducers; composting machines; rotary printing presses; stepper motors
Class 8:
Hand-operated hand tools and implements (hand-operated); side arms, other than firearms; razors; abrading instruments (hand instruments); adzes (tools); hand-operated agricultural tools; annular screw plates; skinning apparatus and instruments for butchers' animals; apparatus and instruments for slaughtering butchers' animals; apparatus for tattooing; earth augers (hand tools); awls; axes; bayonets; beard clippers; bill-hooks; bits (hand tools); bits (parts of hand tools); blade sharpening instruments; bladed or pointed hand tools, other than swords; blades (hand tools); blades (weapons); blades for planes; truncheons; border shears; borers; saw bows; braiders (hand tools); branding irons; breast drills; budding knives; pickhammers; can openers, non-electric; carpenters' inkwells and their accessories; cattle shearers; cattle stunning appliances; caulking irons; center punches (hand tools); non-electric cheese slicers; chisels; choppers (knives); clamps for carpenters or coopers; cleavers; crimping irons; crow bars; curling tongs; cuticle tweezers; cutlery; cutter bars; cutting devices; cutting bars; cutting tools (hand tools); daggers; electric or non-electric depilation apparatus; plant parasite killing apparatus; dies (hand tools); diggers (hand tools); digging forks (spading forks); ditchers (hand tools); diving knife holders; diving knives; drawing knives; tailors' chalk sharpeners; drill holders (hand tools); gimlets; ear-piercing apparatus; earth rammers (hand tools); edge tools (hand tools); non-electric egg slicers; electric clippers for cutting human hair; embossers (hand tools); emery cuticle pushers; emery grinding wheels; engraving needles; expanders (hand tools); extension pieces for braces for screw taps; eyelash curlers; farriers' knives; files (tools); cuticle pushers, electric or non-electric; fire irons; shovels for transporting coal from living wood; fire tongs; fireplace bellows (hand instruments); fish tapes (hand tools); flat irons; mincing knives (hand tools); forks; instruments for transporting cast iron (hand tools); frames for handsaws; fruit pickers (hand tools); fullers (hand tools); fulling tools (hand tools); hand-operated garden tools; gimlets (hand tools); glazier's diamonds (parts of hand tools); polishing irons; goffering irons; gouges (hand tools); grafting tools (hand tools); chisels (hand tools); grindstones (hand tools); guns (tools); guns, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; hackles (hand tools); hainault scythes; clippers for cutting animal hair (hand instruments); electric and non-electric clippers for cutting human hair, for personal use; hair-removing tweezers; hammers (tools); hand drills; hand implements for hair curling; hand pumps; hand tools, hand-operated; harpoons for fishing; harpoons; hatchets; hoes (hand tools); holing axes; hollowing bits (parts of tools); hoop cutters (tools); hunting knives; ice picks; implements for decanting liquids (hand tools); insecticide atomizers (tools); instruments and tools for skinning animals; instruments for punching tickets; irons (non-electric hand tools); jig-saws; knives; punch rings [knuckle dusters]; ladles (tools); ladles for wine; lasts for shoes (shoemakers' tools); lawn clippers (hand instruments); lawn rakes (hand-held rakes only); leather strops; levers; lifting jacks, hand-operated; livestock marking tools; machetes; mallets (hand instruments); manicure sets, electric; manicure sets; marline spikes; masons hammers; mattocks; stretchers for wire and metal bands (hand tools); milling cutters (tools); miter boxes (tools); molding irons; money scoops; mortars for pounding; mortise chisels; nail clippers, electric or non-electric; crowbars (tools); nail extractors; nail files, electric nail files; nail nippers; nail punches; needle files; needle-threaders; tongs; non-electric planes for crumbling dried bonitos; numbering punches; nutcrackers; oyster openers; palette knives; paring irons (hand tools); paring knives; pedicure sets; penknives; perforating tools; pestles; pickaxes; picks (tools); pin punches; pizza cutters, non-electric; plane irons; planes; clamps; priming irons (hand tools); pruning knives; secateurs; pruning shears (tools); punch pliers (tools); punches (tools); rabbeting planes; rakes (tools); rams (hand tools); rasps (tools); ratchets (hand tools); razor blades; razor cases; razor strops; razors, electric or non-electric; reamer sockets; reamers; riveting hammers (tools); riveting hammers (tools); sabers; sand trap rakes; saw blades (parts of tools); saw holders; saws (tools); pruning knives, namely knives for cutting branches and bushes; scissors; scrapers (tools), scraping tools (hand instruments); screwdrivers; scythe rings; scythes; sharpening instruments; sharpening steels; sharpening stones; shaving cases; scissor blades; shearers (hand instruments); shears; shovels (tools); sickles; handguns, other than firearms; silver plate (knives, forks and spoons); sledgehammers; spades (hand tools); wrenches (tools); spatulas (tools); spoons; squares (tools); stamps (hand tools); stone hammers; stropping instruments; sugar tongs; sword scabbards; swords; syringes for spraying insecticides; tableware (knives, forks and spoons); table forks; tap wrenches; carriage keys; thistle extirpators (tools); tool belts [holders]; tree pruners; trowels (gardening); trowels; pipe cutters (tools); tube cutting instruments; tweezers; whetstone holders; scythe stone; wick trimmers (scissors); stripping pliers (hand tools); electric flat irons for household use; electric hair crimpers for household use
Class 9:
Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; magnetic data media, recording disks; compact disks, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines; data processing equipment, computers; software; extinguishers; electronic apparatus; electronic apparatus and their parts and accessories; video and/or audio electronic apparatus; electronic communication apparatus; computer program for downloading, managing, converting and playing audio files, cinematographic films, texts and data regarding tray photo images; downloadable audio, video and image music file; downloadable software for wireless transmission and synchronization of audio, video, text, multimedia and film files and data flows, as well as music files to and between computers, television adapted to a computer, other devices for displaying video and playing audio content compatible with computers, mobile telephones, laptop computers, or other mobile devices; downloadable video game software; computer peripherals; laptop computers, tablet computers; personal digital assistants, computer terminals, electronic reading devices, electronic publications; network media players, helmet-mounted displays; wireless and wired remote controls for portable digital electronic devices, telephones, mobile telephones; smart phones, audio and video recorders and/or players for the home; portable and personal audio and video recorders and/or players; players and/or recorders for MP3 and other digital audio and video formats; earphones, helmets, cameras, video cameras, television apparatus, mobile television sets, electronic circuits, magnetic disks, optical discs, magnetic and optical disks, CD-Roms, (ROM compact discs), magnetic tapes and encoded DVD-ROMs, encoded, containing video game programs for personal use; electronic circuits, magnetic disks, optical disks, optical and magnetic disks, CD-ROMs (ROM compact disks), magnetic tapes and encoded DVD-ROMs containing video game programs for professional use; control modules, apparatus and instruments for remote control for television sets and video systems, memory cards, volume controllers, discs, computer mice, optical discs, magnetic and optical disks, CD-ROMs, (ROM compact discs), magnetic tapes and encoded DVDs with magazines, books, newspapers, Cards, photographs, literal information and images; cell analyzers; cell sorters; flow cytometers, laboratory apparatus and instruments (other than for medical use); apparatus and instruments for scientific research in laboratories; apparatus for measurement by standard measuring units; apparatus for measurement by derived measuring units, precision measuring machines and instruments, material testing machines and instruments; surveying machines and instruments; astronometric measurement machines and instruments; heat-sensitive plastic film sheets for temperature display; electricity control and/or distribution apparatus; converters; phase modifiers; dry cells; wet cells; accumulators and batteries; photovoltaic cells; electric or magnetic meters and testers; electric wires; electric cables; telescopes; microscopes, spectacles and goggles; parts and accessories for spectacles and goggles; safety nets; life belts; life jackets; life buoys; electron microscopes; electronic desk calculators; word processing software; X-rays tubes (not for medical use); photo-sensitive tubes; vacuum tubes; rectifier tubes; cathode-ray tubes; discharge tubes; thermistors; diodes; transistors; electron tubes; semi-conductor elements (semiconductor devices); integrated circuits; large-scale integrated circuits; electric buzzers for household use; exposed cinematographic films; exposed filmstrips; filmstrip mounts; pre-recorded videodisks and videotapes; lenses (glasses) and sunglasses; drainers for use in photography; Japanese charcoal extinguishers (hikeshi-tsubo); plotter; wall sockets and plugs; navigational instruments; music and cassette players (toys); portable electronic games and apparatus (different from those adapted for use with a television set only); diving suits (wet suits)
Class 11:
Apparatus for lighting, heating, steam generating, cooking, refrigerating, drying, supplying water, ventilation, and for sanitary use; accumulators; air conditioning apparatus; air filtering installations; lights for automobiles; bath fittings; bath tubs; electric blankets, not for medical use; brackets for gas burners; burners; electrically heated carpets; ceiling lights; electronic coffeemakers; cooking apparatus and installations; cycle lights; deodorizing apparatus not for personal use; desiccating apparatus; disinfectant apparatus; distillation apparatus; hair driers; air driers; electric lamps; fans; filaments for electric lamps; filters for air conditioning; filters for drinking water; chimneys; flares; flashlights (torches); foot muffs, electrically heated; gas boilers; gas burners; gas lamps; heat accumulators; heaters for baths; hot plates; electric kettles; kitchen ranges (ovens); lamps; lighting apparatus for vehicles; lighting apparatus for air vehicles; microwave ovens; flashlights for lighting; electric pressure cookers (autoclaves); electric radiators; refrigerators; roasters; sanitary apparatus and installations; sockets for electric lamps; cookers; stoves; washbasins; machines and apparatus for water purification, water supply installations; automatic control plumbing fittings of metal, excluding machine elements; aviaries of metal (structures); ball valves of metal, excluding machine elements; metal valves, excluding parts of machines; food cooling devices, containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes; smoke absorbers for household purposes
Class 12:
Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; AC or DC motors for land vehicles (their parts not included); electric motors; electric gear motors; electric motors for automobiles; adhesive patches for repairing inner tubes or tires; aerial conveyors; aeronautical apparatus, machines and devices; airplanes; inflatable air bags (safety devices for automobiles); air balloons; air cushion vehicles; aircraft and their parts and fittings; air pumps (vehicle accessories), air vehicles; aircraft; dirigible balloons [airships]; ambulances; amphibious airplanes; anti-dazzle devices for vehicles; anti-skid chains; anti-theft alarms for vehicles; anti-theft devices for vehicles; automobiles and their parts and fittings; automobile bodies; automobile chains; automobile chassis; automobile hoods; automobile tires; automobiles; axles; baby carriage; bands for wheel hubs; bicycle bells; bearings (for land vehicles); bicycle chains; rims for wheels of bicycles; spokes for bicycles; stands for bicycles; bicycles; bicycle trailers; boat hooks; boats, vehicle bodies; bogies for railway cars; brake linings for vehicles; brakes (for land vehicles); brake pads for automobiles; brake segments for vehicles; brake shoes for vehicles; bicycle brakes; brakes for vehicles; buffers for railway rolling stock; bumpers for automobiles; telpher railways [cable cars]; cable transport apparatus and installations; caissons (vehicle); caps for vehicle petrol [gas] tanks; caravans; carriages (railways); motor cars; carts; cars for cable transport installations; casing for pneumatic tires; casters for carts (vehicles); chairlifts; cleaning carts; concrete mixing vehicles; couplings for land vehicles; covers for vehicle steering wheels; crankcases for land vehicle components; other than for motors and engines; cranks for cycles; bells for bicycles, cycles; bicycle brakes; cycle cars; chains for bicycles, cycles; frames for cycles; handle bars for bicycles, cycles; cycle hubs; cycle mudguards; pumps for bicycles; bicycle rims; bicycle saddles; bicycle spokes; cycle stands; bicycle tires; cycles; davits for boats; delivery tricycles; dining cars; dining cars; direction indicators for bicycles; dirigible balloons (airships); disengaging gear for boats; doors for vehicles; dredgers (boats); dress guards for bicycles, cycles; driving chains for land vehicles; driving motors for land vehicles; ejector seats for aircraft; vehicles, fenders for ships; ferry boats; railway wheel tires; frames for cycles; freewheels for land vehicles; funiculars; funnels for locomotives; funnels for ships; gear boxes for land vehicles; gearing for land vehicles; gears for cycles; golf carts; handle bars for bicycles, cycles; handling carts; headlight wipers; head-rests for vehicle seats; hoods for vehicle engines; hoods for vehicles; horns for vehicles; hose carts; horse drawn carriages; hub caps; hubs for vehicle wheels; hydraulic circuits for vehicles; hydroplanes; inclined ways for boats; inner tubes for bicycles, cycles; inner tubes for pneumatic tires; jet engines for land vehicles; kick sledges; casting carriages; launches; lifting cars [lift cars]; locomotives; luggage carriers for vehicles; luggage nets for vehicles; two-wheeled trolleys; masts for boats; military vehicles for transport; mine cart wheels; mopeds, motor buses; motor cars; motor coaches; motor homes; motorcycles; electric motors for land vehicles; motors for cycles; motors and engines for land vehicles; mudguards; non-skid devices for vehicle tires; non-electric primary engines for land vehicles (not including parts); oars; omnibuses; paddles for canoes; special baskets for cycles and bicycles; parachutes; pedals for cycles; pontoons; portholes; tailboard lifts (parts of land vehicles); transmissions and clutches (for land vehicles); propulsion mechanisms for land vehicles; pumps for bicycles, cycles; stroller covers; stroller hoods; strollers (pushchairs); cars for mining extraction; railway couplings; railway rolling stock and their parts and accessories; rearview mirrors; reduction gears for land vehicles; refrigerated vehicles; remote control vehicles, other than toys; repair outfits for inner tubes; reversing alarms for vehicles; rickshaws; rims for vehicle wheels; rims for wheels of bicycles, cycles; rolling stock for funicular railways; rolling stock for railways; cable cars for cargo or freight handling; oarlocks; rudders; two-wheeled trolleys; saddle covers for bicycles or motorcycles; saddles for bicycles, cycles or motorcycles; safety belts for vehicle seats; children's safety seats, for vehicles; scooters (vehicles); screw-propellers; screw-propellers for boats; screws [propellers] for ships; seaplanes; seat covers for vehicles; security harness for vehicle seats; shafts, axles or spindles (for land vehicles); shaft couplings or connectors (for land vehicles); ships; boat hulls; automotive absorbers; shock absorbers (for land vehicles); shock absorbing springs for vehicles; shopping carts; side cars; ski lifts; sleeping berths for vehicles; sleeping cars; sleighs; sleighs and sleds (vehicles); snowmobiles; space vehicles; covers for spare tires; pneumatic tire cover for spare tires; spare wheel covers; spars for ships; spoilers for vehicles; spoke clips for wheels; spokes for bicycles, cycles; sports cars; sprinkling trucks; shock absorbing springs (for land vehicles); stands for bicycles, cycles (parts for bicycles, cycles); steering gear for ships; steering wheels for vehicles; sculls; stroller covers; strollers (pushchairs); spikes for tires; sun-blinds adapted for automobiles; suspension shock absorbers for vehicles; tailboard lifts (parts of land vehicles); cable cars (funicular railways); tilt trucks; tilting-carts; timbers [frames] for ships; tipping apparatus, parts of trucks and carriages; tipping bodies for trucks; tires for bicycles, cycles; tires for vehicle wheels; tires (pneumatic tires); torque converters for land vehicles; torsion bars for vehicles; traction engines; tractors; traction engine; trailer hitches for vehicles; trailers (vehicles); tramcars; transmission chains for land vehicles; transmission shafts for land vehicles; transmissions, for land vehicles; treads for retreading tires; treads for vehicles [tractor type]; treads for vehicles (tractors); tricycles; trolleys; trucks; tubeless tires for bicycles, cycles; turbines for land vehicles; direction signals for vehicles; two-wheeled trolleys; two-wheeled motor vehicles, bicycles and their parts and accessories; tires for vehicle wheels; tires (pneumatic tires); undercarriages for vehicles; unloading tippers (to tilt railway freight cars); upholstery for vehicles; valves for vehicle tires; vans (vehicles); vehicle bumpers; vehicle chassis; fitted covers for vehicles; vehicle running boards; vehicle seats; vehicle suspension springs; rims for vehicle wheels; vehicle wheel spokes; tires for vehicle wheels (tires); vehicle wheels; vehicles for transportation by land, air, water or rail; ships and their parts and rolling parts
Class 13:
Firearms; ammunition and projectiles; acetyl nitrocellulose; air pistols (weapons); ammonium nitrate explosives; ammunition for firearms; ammunition; apparatus for recharging cartridge pouches; artillery pieces; automatic firearm ammunition belts; ballistic missiles; special belts for ammunition; Bengal lights; breeches of firearms; cannons; cartridge cases; cartridge loading apparatus; cartridge pouches; cartridges; cleaning brushes for firearms; detonating caps other than toys; detonating fuses for explosives; detonating plugs; detonators; dynamite; explosive cartridges; explosive powders; explosives; firearm sights; firecrackers; fireworks; firing platforms; explosive fog signals; fuses for lighting explosives (for use in mines); fuses for explosives; rifle barrel; gun carriages (artillery); gun cases; gun cotton; barrel powder; guns (weapons); gunstocks; hammers for guns and rifles; hand grenades; guns harpoon (weapons); hunting firearms; lead shot (for hunting); machine guns; mines (explosives); mortars (firearms); self-propelled weapons; noise-suppressors for guns; pistols (weapons); powder horns; primings; projectiles (weapons); pyrophoric substances; pyrotechnic products and their peripherals; pyrotechnic products; revolvers; rifles; rocket launchers; rockets; shells (projectiles); shoulder straps for weapons; side arms (firearms); sighting mirrors for guns and rifles; sights, other than telescopic sights, for guns; sights, other than telescopic sights, for guns [artillery]; signal rockets; sprays for personal defense; battle tanks; protective weapons, guns; trunnions for heavy weapons
Class 14:
Precious metals and their alloys and goods in precious metals or coated therewith not included in other classes; jewelry, precious stones; timepieces and chronometric instruments; agates; alarm clocks; alloys of precious metal; amulets (jewelry); anchors (clock and watch making); atomic clocks; badges of precious metal; barrels (clock and watch making); beads for making jewelry; boxes of precious metal; bracelets (jewelry); brooches (jewelry); busts of precious metal; cases for timepieces; cases for watches [presentation]; chains (jewelry); trinkets (jewelry); stopwatches (watches); chronometers; chronometric instruments; chronoscopes; clock cases; clock hands (clock and watch making); clocks and watches; clocks and watches, electric; clocks; clockworks; cloisonne jewelry; coins; commemorative shields; copper tokens; fashion jewelry; cuff links; dials (clock and watch making); diamonds; earrings; gold thread (jewelry); gold, unwrought or beaten; hat ornaments of precious metal; ingots of precious metals; iridium; ivory ornament (jewelry); unwrought or semi-wrought jet; jewelry cases (caskets); jewelry of yellow amber; jewelry; novelty key rings; control clocks; medallions (jewelry); medals; movements for timepieces; necklaces (jewelry); olivine (gems); ornamental pins; ornaments (jewelry); ornaments of jet; osmium; palladium; parts and accessories for timepieces; pearls (jewelry); pearls made of ambroid [pressed amber]; pendulums (clock and watch making); ornaments (other than cuff links); pins (jewelry); platinum (metal); precious metals; precious metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; precious stones; rhodium; rings (jewelry); ruthenium; semi-precious stones; semi-wrought precious stones and their imitations; shoe ornaments of precious metal; silver thread; silver, unwrought or beaten; spinel (precious stones); spun silver; statues of precious metal; statuettes of precious metal; stopwatches; watch straps; sundials; wire of precious metal (jewelry); tie clips; tie pins; trophies (prize cups); uncut precious stones; watch cases; watch chains; watch glasses; watch springs; watches; works of art of precious metal; wristwatches; leather bracelets
Class 15:
Musical instruments; accordions; bagpipes (musical instruments); bamboo flutes; bandonions; barrel organs; basses (musical instruments); bellows for musical instruments; bow nuts for musical instruments; bows for musical instruments; bridges for musical instruments; buccins (trumpets); carillons (musical instruments); cases for musical instruments; castanets; catgut for musical instruments; chin rests for violins; clarionets; clarions; concertinas; conductors' batons; cornets (musical instruments); cymbals; dampers for musical instruments; double basses; drumheads; drums (musical instruments); drumsticks; electronic musical instruments; flutes; gongs; guitars; handbells (musical instruments); harmonicas; harmoniums; strings for harps; harps; hats with bells (musical instruments); French horns (musical instruments); horsehair for bows for musical instruments; huqin (Chinese violins); intensity regulators for mechanical pianos; Jews' harps (musical instruments); kettledrum frames; kettledrums; keyboards for musical instruments; keys for musical instruments; lyres; mandolins; mouthpieces for musical instruments; music rolls (piano); music stands; music synthesizers; musical boxes; oboes; ocarinas; organs; pedals for musical instruments; pegs for musical instruments; perforated music rolls; piano keyboards; piano keys; piano strings; pianos; plectrums; pipa (Chinese guitars); reeds; saxophones; sheng (Chinese musical wind instruments); stands for musical instruments; sticks for bows for musical instruments; stringed musical instruments; strings for musical instruments; suona (Chinese trumpets); tambourines; tom-toms; triangles (musical instruments); trombones (musical instruments); trumpets; apparatus for tuning musical instruments; tuning forks; tuning hammers; apparatus for turning pages of sheet music; valves for instruments of xylophones; zithers; music box
Class 16:
Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; printed matter; bookbinding material; photographs; adhesives for stationery or for the home (sticky materials); artists' materials; typewriters and office requisites (except furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); plastic materials for packaging (not included in other classes); printing blocks; absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; address plates for addressing machines; address stamps; address printing machines; adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes; adhesive tape dispensers (office requisites); adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; adhesives for plastics for stationery or the home; adhesives for stationery or household purposes; advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; almanacs; announcement cards (stationery); apparatus for mounting photographs; architects' models; arithmetical tables; watercolor [watercolour] saucers for artists; atlases; automatic stamp affixing machines; luggage tags; bags (envelopes, pouches), of paper or plastic, for packaging; bags for microwave cooking; balls for ball-point pens; paper banners; bibs of paper; biological samples for use in microscopy; blackboards; blotters; blueprints; bookbinding apparatus and machines (items of stationery); bookbinding cloth; thread for bookbinding; bookbinding materials; bookbindings; bookends; booklets; bookmarkers; books; bottle envelopes of cardboard or paper; bottle wrappers of cardboard or paper; boxes of cardboard or paper; cabinets for stationery (office requisites); calendars; canvas for painting; carbon paper; cardboard articles; cardboard tubes; cardboard; cards; cases for stamps (or seals); catalogs; chalk for lithography; chalk holders; crayons (pencils); non-electronic chart pointers; chromolithographs; cigar bands; clipboards (office requisites); staples for offices; coasters of paper; comics (comic books); compasses for drawing; composing frames (printing); obliterating stamps; conical paper bags; copying paper (stationery); correcting fluids (stationery); correcting ink (heliography); correcting tapes (office items); cream containers of paper; credit card imprinters, non-electric; transfers [decalcomanias]; decorators' paintbrushes; diagrams; document holders (stationery); document laminators for office use; paper drawer liners, perfumed or not; drawing boards; drawing instruments; drawing materials; drawing pads; ruling pens; drawing rulers; drawing sets; drawing squares; drawing T-squares; duplicators; elastic bands for offices; electric staplers for offices; electrocardiograph paper; electrotypes; embroidery patterns; engraving plates; engravings; envelope sealing machines, for offices; envelopes (stationery); erasers for offices; erasing products; erasing shields; etching needles; etching; fabrics for bookbinding; face towels of paper; figurines of papier mache; folder; document files (stationery); filter paper; filtering materials (paper); finger-stalls (stationery); flags of paper; covers of paper for flower pots; flyers; folders for documents (stationery); paper folders; food wrapping plastic film for household use; printed forms; fountain pens; mail franking machines; French curves; galley racks (printing); garbage bags, of paper, for household use; garbage bags of paper or of plastics; garbage bags, of plastic, for household use; geographical maps; glue for stationery or household purposes; graining combs; graphic prints; graphic representations; graphic reproductions; greeting cards; gummed cloth for stationery purposes; gummed tape (stationery); gums (adhesives) for stationery or household purposes; hand labeling appliances; hand towels, of paper; handkerchiefs of paper; hand support units for painters; handwriting specimens for copying; hat boxes, of cardboard; hectographs; histological sections for teaching purposes; holders for checkbooks [cheque books]; stamp holder or seals; hooks for writing instruments; house painters' rollers; humidity control sheets, of paper or plastic, for foodstuff packaging; videocassette files; index cards (stationery); repositionable index; Indian inks; industrial packaging containers, of paper; ink containers; inking ribbons; inking ribbons for holograms; ink sticks (Sumi); ink sticks; ink; inking pads; inking ribbons for computer printers; inking sticks; inking sheets for reproduction machines; inking sheets for duplicators; inkstands; ink stone (ink containers); inkwells; isinglass for stationery or household purposes; label for videocassette; labels, not of textile; ledgers (books); letter trays; characters (numbers and letters); lithographic stones; lithographic works of art; lithographs; loose-leaf binders; luminous paper; periodical magazines; magazines (publication); manifolds (stationery); manuals [handbooks]; marking chalk; marking pens (stationery); marking templates; equipment for seals; mats for beer glasses; duplicators; modeling clay; modeling materials; modeling paste; modeling wax, not for dental use; moisteners [office requisites]; moisteners for gummed surfaces (stationery); banknote clips; molds for modeling clays; musical greeting cards; newsletters; newspapers; nibs of gold; nibs; notebooks; numbering apparatus; numbers (printing type); office perforators; office requisites, except furniture; oleographs; packaging material made of starch; memo blocks (stationery); paint boxes (articles for use in school); paint trays; paintbrushes; painters' brushes; easels for painters; paintings and calligraphic works; framed or non-framed paintings; palettes for painters; pamphlets; pantographs (drawing instruments); paper and cardboard; paper bows; paper clasps; paper coffee filters; paper for radiograms; paper for recording machines; hologram paper; paper cutters (stationery); paper on which a hologram is formed; paper patterns; paper ribbons; paper sheets (stationery); paper shredders for office use; punched paper tapes or cards for recording computer programs; paper; paper clips; paperweights; papier mache; parchment paper; passport holders; pastels; pastes and other adhesives for stationery or household purposes; patterns for making clothes; patterns for making clothes; pen cases; pen clips; pen wipers; pencil holder; pencil lead holders; pencil leads; pencil sharpener, electric or non-electric; pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric; pencils; pen holders; pens (office requisites); perforated cards for jacquard looms; periodicals; photo engravings; photograph stands; photographs (printed); pictures; placards of paper or cardboard; packaging films, of plastic, for wrapping or packaging; adhesive plastic film, extensible, for palletization; plastic film for wrapping; plastics for modeling; portraits; franking machines for office use; postage stamps; postcards; posters; printed lottery tickets (other than toys); printed sheets on which a hologram is formed; printed matter; printed publications; printed timetables; printers' blankets, not of textile; printers' reglets; printing blocks; portable printing sets (office requisites); printing type; prints (engravings); processed paper in the form of a sheet on which a hologram is formed; prospectuses; cutter (office items); relief duplicators; rollers for typewriters; rosaries; rotary duplicators; rubber erasers; school supplies (stationery); albums; stamps for ink pads; sealing compounds for stationery purposes; sealing machines for offices; sealing stamps; sealing wafers; sealing wax; seals on which a hologram is formed; seals; self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; blankets; sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; shields (paper seals); signboards of paper or cardboard; silver paper; slate pencils; song books; spools for inking ribbons; square rulers; stamp cancelling machines; stamp pads; stamp stands; stamps; stands for pens and pencils; staples for offices; staplers (stationery); starch paste (adhesive) for stationery or household use; stationery and study materials; stationery; steatite (tailor's chalk); steel letters; steel pens; stencil cases; stencil; stencils (stationery); stencils; stickers for holograms; stickers (stationery); tablecloths of paper; table linen of paper; table napkins, of paper; place mats of paper; tags for index cards; tailors' chalk; teaching materials (except apparatus); terrestrial globes; thumbtacks; tickets; tissues of paper for removing make-up; toilet paper; paper napkins; tracing cloth; tracing needles for drawing purposes; tracing paper; tracing patterns; trading cards on which a hologram is formed; trading cards other than for games; transparencies (stationery); trays for sorting and counting money; typewriter keys; typewriter ribbons; typewriters, electric or non-electric; vignette-making equipment; (paints); waxed paper; cover (stationery); wrapping paper; wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; writing board erasers; writing brushes; writing set (writing case); writing set (stationery); writing chalk; writing ink; writing instruments; writing materials; writing or drawing books; notepads; writing paper; writing slates; Xuan paper for Chinese painting and calligraphy; transfer film with holograms on the surface; bed throws, of paper; ornamental stickers for jackets; sheets with a hologram formed on the surface, namely sheets consisting of a carrier material, mainly of paper or of plastic, with a hologram formed on the surface
Class 17:
Rubber, guttapercha, gum, asbestos, mica and goods made from these materials, not included in other classes; plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; packing, stopping and insulating materials; flexible pipes, not of metal; acrylic resins (semi-finished products); adhesive bands other than for stationery and other than for medical or household purposes; anti-dazzle films for windows (tinted films); synthetic resins (semi-finished products); asbestos boards; asbestos cloth; asbestos tarps; asbestos fabrics; asbestos felt; asbestos fibers; asbestos mill boards; asbestos packing; asbestos packing; asbestos paper; asbestos powder; asbestos safety curtains; asbestos sheets; asbestos slate; asbestos sole; asbestos; bags, envelopes and pouches, of rubber, for packaging; balata; bands of rubber for unscrewing jar lids; bark for sound insulation; material for preventing the radiation of heat in boilers; brake lining materials, partly semi-processed; canvas hose pipes; carbon fibers, other than for textile use; caulking materials; cellulose acetate, semi-processed; chemical compositions for repairing leaks; clack valves of rubber; clutch linings; compositions to prevent the radiation of heat; compressed air pipe fittings, not of metal; condensation paper; connecting hose for vehicle radiators; cords of rubber; cotton wool for packing; cylinder connectors; dielectrics (insulators); weatherstripping; ebonite [vulcanite] molds [moulds]; ebonite (vulcanite); elastic thread, not for textile use; electric insulating board; electric insulating canvas; electric insulating compound; electric insulating paper; electric insulating products of rubber; electrical insulators; expansion joint fillers; fiberglass fabrics for insulation purposes; glass fibers for insulation; filtering materials (semi-processed foams or plastic films); flexible tubes, not of metal; floating anti-pollution barriers; floral foam (semi-finished products); foil of regenerated cellulose, other than for packing; metal foil for insulation; gaskets; glass wool for insulation; gutta-percha; reinforcing materials, not of metal, for pipes; junctions, not of metal, for pipes; pipe gaskets; compressed air pipe fittings, not of metal; canvas hose pipe; pipe muffs, not of metal; pipes, of textile material; insulating cloths; insulating felt; insulating gloves; insulators; insulating oil for transformers; insulating oils; insulating paints; insulating paper; insulating plaster; insulating refractory materials; insulating tape; insulating varnish; insulators for cables; insulators for electric mains; insulators for railway tracks; insulators; connectors for non-metal tubes; latex (rubber); lute; mica, raw or partly processed; mineral wool (insulator); non-conducting materials for maintaining heat; packing (cushioning, stuffing) materials of rubber or plastics; stuffing materials, of rubber or plastic; paper for electrical capacitors; joints for pipes; pipe jackets, not of metal; plastic fibers, not for textile use; plastic film on which a hologram is formed; plastic film, other than for wrapping; plastic semi-processed products as supplies; plastic sheet on which a hologram is formed; plastic sheet with a function to prevent counterfeiting of goods when a hologram is produced by irradiation with a laser beam; plastic sheets for agricultural use; plastic substances, semi-processed; reinforcing materials for pipes, not of metal; rings of rubber; pipes of rubber; rubber material for recapping tires; rubber fittings; shell casings of rubber for protecting parts of machines; rubber solutions; gum, raw or partly processed; sealant compounds for joints; gaskets; adhesive tapes, other than stationery and not for medical or household purposes; shock absorbing buffers of rubber; slag wool (insulator); threads of plastic for soldering; soundproofing materials of rock wool (not for building); soundproofing materials; rubber stoppers; substances for insulating buildings against moisture; synthetic rubber; threads made of plastic materials, not for textile use; rubber thread, not for textile use; valves of rubber or vulcanized fiber; viscose sheets, other than for wrapping; vulcanized fiber [fibre]; washers of rubber or vulcanized fiber; garden hose; waterproof packings; water-tight rings; weatherstripping compositions; liquid rubber; rubber solutions
Class 18:
Leather and imitation leather, goods made from these materials and not included in other classes; animal skins; trunks and suitcases; umbrellas and parasols; walking sticks; whips, harness and saddlery; alpenstocks; attache cases; backpacks; bags, namely sports bags, shoulder bags, Gladstone bags, hand luggage, Boston bags, leather shopping bags, net bags for shopping, shopping bags, rope bags, textile shopping bags, school book bags, backpacks, handbags, purses, wallets, key cases, credit card cases, business card cases, cases for suburban train tickets, folding briefcases and attache cases, trunks and suitcases; bags for campers; bags for climbers; sports bags; bands of leather; beach bags; bits (harness); blinders (harness); boxes made of leather or leather boards; boxes of vulcanized fiber; bridles (harness); bridoons; briefcases; butts [parts of hides]; card cases; cases, of leather or leather board; casings, of leather, for springs; cat o' nine tails (whips); cattle skins; chain mesh purses; skins of chamois, other than for cleaning; leather straps (chin straps); clothing for pets; clothing for animals; collars for animals; coverings of skins (furs); covers for horse saddles; curried skins; bags (envelopes, pouches), of leather, for packaging; fastenings for saddles; frames for umbrellas or parasols; furs; furniture coverings of leather; game bags [hunting accessories]; garment bags for travel; gold beaters' skin; gut for making sausages; halters; handbag frames; handbags; walking stick handles and walking sticks; harness fittings; harnesses for animals; harness straps; hat boxes, of leather; haversacks; horse blankets; horse collars; horseshoes; imitations of leather; industrial packaging containers, of leather; key cases; kid; knee-pads for horses; leather laces; dog leashes; leather shoulder straps; thongs [straps] of leather; leather, not worked or semi-worked; leather board; metal parts of canes; moleskin (imitation leather); music cases; muzzles; net bags for shopping; nose bags; card cases (wallets); pads for horseback riding saddles; parasols; parts of rubber for stirrups; pocket books; pouch baby carriers; bags and the like; purse frames; purses; rawhides; unworked leathers; reins; riding saddles; saddle trees; saddlery; school bags; shopping bags; saddlebags for carrying infants; slings for carrying infants; stirrup leathers; stirrups; straps for soldiers' equipment; straps of leather (saddlery); suitcase handles; suitcases; tanned leather; tool bags, of leather, empty; straps (harnesses); travel bags; travel sets (leather goods); travel cases; leather fittings for furniture; trunks (luggage); umbrella covers; umbrella handles; umbrella or parasol ribs; umbrella rings; umbrella sticks; wheels; whips; alpenstocks (ice axes); imitation leather
Class 19:
Building materials (not of metal); non-metallic rigid pipes for building; asphalt, pitch and bitumen; transportable buildings, not of metal; monuments, not of metal; advertisement columns, not of metal; agglomerated bagasses of cane (building material); alabaster glass; alabaster; angle irons, not of metal; aquaria (structures); aquarium gravel; aquarium sand; arbors (structures, not of metal); artificial reef (not of metal); artificial stone; asbestos cement; asbestos mortar; asphalt paving; asphalt; aviaries, not of metal (structures); balustrades; beacons, not of metal, non-luminous; beams, non-metal; bicycle parking installations, not of metal; binding agents for making briquettes; binder for road repairs; bird baths (structures, not of metal); bitumen; bituminous coatings for roofing; bituminous products for building; blinds (outdoor), not of metal and not of textile; spray coating booths using air jets (not of metal); branching pipes, not of metal; bricks; building cardboard (asphalted); building glass; building panels, not of metal; building paper; building stone; building timber; buildings, not of metal; transportable buildings, not of metal; busts of stone, concrete or marble; cabins, not of metal; chicken houses (not of metal); caissons for construction work under water; calcareous marl; casement windows not of metal; cask wood; ceiling, not of metal; cement for blast furnaces; cement for furnaces; cement posts; cement slabs; cement; chicken-houses, not of metal; chimney cowls, not of metal; chimney pots, not of metal; chimney shafts, not of metal; chimneys not of metal; facings, not metal for building; clay; clinker ballast; slag stone; coal tar; coatings (building materials); concrete building elements; sculptures of concrete; concrete; non-metal building materials; cork (compressed); cornices, not of metal; crash barriers, not of metal, for roads; diving boards, not of metal; door cases, not of metal; door panels, not of metal; doors not of metal; drain traps (valves), not of metal or plastic; non-metal drainage pipes; duckboards not of metal; ducts, not of metal, for ventilation, and air conditioning installations; earth for bricks; fair huts; felt for building; fences, not of metal; fire burrs; grog [fired refractory material]; refractory cement coatings; valley rafters, not of metal, for building; floating docks, not of metal, for mooring boats; tile floorings, not of metal; floors, not of metal; folding doors, not of metal; casings for forming cement products (not of metal); plaster (baked); framework, not of metal, for building; furrings of wood; gates, not of metal; geotextiles; granules for road marking, of glass; granite; gravel; gravestone slabs, not of metal; greenhouse frames, not of metal; transportable greenhouses, not of metal; mortar; gutter pipes, not of metal; gypsum; platforms; hips for roofing; huts; insect screens (not of metal); insulating glass (building); jalousies not of metal; joists, not of metal; laths, not of metal; latticework, not of metal; extensions for chimneys, not of metal; letter boxes, of masonry; luminous paving; lime; limestone; lintels, not of metal; macadam; magnesia cement; manhole covers not of metal; mantlepieces; manufactured lumber; sculptures of marble; marble; masts (poles), not of metal; materials for roads and coverings for roads; memorial plaques, not of metal; moldable wood; moldings, not of metal, for building; moldings, not of metal, for cornices; monuments, not of metal; mooring bollards, not of metal; mosaics for building; road signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal; minerals for building or construction, not of metal; olivine for building; non-metallic paint spraying booths; palings, not of metal; pantiles; paperboard for building; floor boards; parquet flooring; dividing screens not of metal; paving blocks, not of metal; penstock pipes, not of metal; petroleum pitch; pigsties; sheet piles, not of metal; pitch; planks (wood for building); plaster; plate glass (windows), for building; platforms, prefabricated, not of metal; plywood; posts, not of metal, for electric lines; porches, not of metal, for building; porphyry (stone); posts, not of metal; clay for potters (raw material); clay for potters; prefabricated houses (kits); props, not of metal; quartz; railway sleepers, not of metal; raw chalk; reeds, for building; refractory construction materials, not of metal; reinforcing materials, not of metal, for construction; rigid pipes, not of metal (building); coating for roads; road marking sheets and strips of synthetic material; rocket launching platforms, not of metal; roof coverings, not of metal; roof flashing not of metal; roof gutters, not of metal; roofing shingles; roofing slates; roofing, not of metal, incorporating photovoltaic cells; roofing, not of metal; rubble; safety glass; sand, except foundry sand; sandstone for building; sandstone tubes; squared timber; scaffolding not of metal; scantlings [carpentry]; schists; shuttering, not of metal, for concrete; shutters, not of metal; signaling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal; market posts, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal, for roads; silica (quartz); sills, not of metal; silos, not of metal; silvered sand; skating rinks (structures, not of metal); paving slabs not of metal; slag (building material); slate powder; slate; stables; stained-glass windows; staircases not of metal; stair-treads [steps] not of metal; statues of stone, concrete or marble; statuettes of stone, concrete or marble; stone sculptures; stone; street gutters, not of metal; stringers (parts of staircases), not of metal; swimming pools (structures, not of metal); tanks of masonry; tar; tarred strips, for building; telegraph posts, not of metal; telephone booths, not of metal; terra cotta; tiles, not of metal, for building; tomb or grave enclosures, not of metal; tombs (monuments), not of metal; tombs, not of metal; tombstone stelae, not of metal; tombstones; tufa; vaults, not of metal (burial); veneer wood; vinyl siding; wainscoting not of metal; wall linings, not of metal, for building; non-metallic wall linings for building; water tanks, of masonry (for industrial use); water tanks, of masonry, for household purposes; water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastic; water pipes, not of metal; window cases not of metal; window glass, except glass for vehicle windows; window glass, for building; windows not of metal; wood for making household utensils; wood paneling; wood paving; wood pulp board (construction); wood tar; wood veneers; wood, semi-worked; works of art of stone, concrete or marble; works of stonemasonry; xylolith; carpet underlay
Class 20:
Furniture, mirrors, picture frames; products (not included in other classes) of wood, cork, reed, cane, wicker, horn, bone, ivory, whalebone, sea shell, amber, mother-of-pearl, meerschaum, substitutes for all these materials, or of plastic; air cushions, not for medical use; air mattresses, not for medical use; air pillows, not for medical purposes; amber bars; amber plates; animal claws; animal hooves; animal horns; armchairs; artificial honeycombs; baby changing mats; baby-changing platforms; bakers' bread baskets; curtains of bamboo; bamboo; barbers' chairs; barrel hoops, not of metal; casks, not of metal; trays, not of metal; bead curtains for decoration; bed castors, not made of metal; hook fittings, not of metal; bedding, except bed linen; beds for household pets; beds; bedsteads of wood; frills for clothing; benches (furniture); pressure screws, not of metal, for cables; boarding stairs, not of metal, mobile, for passengers; bolsters; bolts, non-metal; book stands (furniture); bottle caps, not of metal; bottle racks, of wood; corks for bottles, not of metal; bottle racks; broom handles, not of metal; brush mountings; busts made of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; cabinet work; pipe or cable clips, of plastic; trolleys for computers (furniture); barrel holders, not of metal; casks, of wood, for decanting wine; barrels, not of metal; chairs (seats); toy chests; chests of drawers; chopping blocks (tables); closing devices, not of metal, for containers; coat hooks, not of metal; cloth hangers; coat hooks, not of metal; coat hangers; accessories for coffins, not of metal; coffins; containers, not of metal (storage, transport); containers, not of metal, for liquid fuel; coral; cork bands; corks for bottles; corks; corozo; suit display stands; display stands for suits; counters (tables); covers for clothing (wardrobe); cradles; boxes; cabinets; accessories for curtains; curtain holders, not of textile; curtain hooks; curtain rods; curtain rings; curtain rods; curtain rollers; curtain tie-backs; cushions; easy chairs; decoration of plastic for foodstuffs; desks; display panels; display stands; divans; dog kennels; bayonet bolts, not of metal; door accessories, not of metal; door handles, not of metal; doors for furniture; stud bolts, not of metal; traps of plastic; draughtsman's tables; beauty cabinet (furniture); mannequins; easy chairs (recliners); edgings, of plastic, for an item of furniture; embroidery frames and hoops; embroidery frames; folding fans for personal use, non-electric; filing cabinets; fireplace screens, domestic; fishing baskets; flagstaffs; floating containers, not of metal; stands for flower pots; plant stands (furniture); hayracks; stools; foundations for beehives; funerary urns; furniture casters, not of metal; furniture accessories, not of metal; furniture, of metal; furniture partitions, of wood; racks (furniture); piece of furniture; garment covers (storage); gas storage tanks (not of metal or brick); hairdressers' chairs; baskets; portable mirrors (toilet mirrors); pallets, not of metal; hanging boards (Japanese style pegboards using positional hooks); hat hooks (not of metal); hat stands; head rests (furniture); high chairs for babies; hinges, non-metal; honeycombs; horns, non-worked or semi-worked; hospital beds; house numbers, not of metal, non-luminous; identification bracelets, not of metal, for hospital purposes; name plates, not of metal; filing cabinets (furniture); interior window blinds (blinds) (furniture); industrial water tanks (not of metal or brick); walkers; inflatable publicity objects; interior textile window blinds; ivory, not-machined or partly machined; Japanese floor cushions (zabuton); kennels for household pets; keyboards for hanging keys; knife handles, not of metal; knobs, not of metal; ladders, of wood or plastic; bolts, not of metal; mail boxes, not of metal or brick; library shelves; gas storage tanks, not of metal or brick; liquid storage tanks or reservoirs, not of metal or brick; loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway waggons [wagons]; loading pallets, non-metal; filing cabinets; bolts, not of metal, for vehicles; bolts, non-electric, not of metal; magazine racks; mannequins; massage tables; mats for playpens; removable mats for sinks; mattresses; meat chests, not of metal; medicine cabinets; meerschaum; plastic fasteners, of metal substitute; mirror tiles; mirrors; wind chimes (decoration); mooring buoys, not of metal; mother-of-pearl, non-machined or partly machined; moldings for picture frames; nails, wedges, nuts, screws, tacks, bolts, rivets and casters [not of metal]; plates and door plates [not of metal]; nests for domestic animals; nesting boxes for small birds; nesting boxes; newspaper display stands; registration plates, not of metal; nuts, not made of metal; office furniture; oyster shells; packaging containers made of plastic; paper blinds; cushions for pets; frame supports; frames; pillows; signboards, of wood or plastic; straw mats, except matting; plaster sculptures; plastic key cards, not encoded; dish drainers; playpens for babies; stoppers, not of metal; piles, non-metallic; pulleys, of plastic, for blinds; racks (furniture); rattan; reeds (plating materials); reels of wood for yarn, silk, cord; spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; containers, not of metal or brick; rivets, not of metal; saw horses; school furniture; playing posts for cats; screens (furniture); screws, not made of metal; scythe handles, not of metal; sealing cowls, not of metal; seats of metal; sections of wood for beehives; settees; hulls; shelves for filing-cabinets (furniture); storage shelves; shelves for typewriters; shopping baskets; showcases (furniture); sideboards; poster boards, of wood or plastic; silvered glass (mirrors); slatted indoor blinds; sleeping bags for camping; sofas; bed springs; horns (antlers); stair rods; stakes for plants or trees; standing desks; stands for calculating machines; statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; statuettes of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; staves of wood; ladder rungs (ladders), not of metal; edgings of straw; straw mattresses; mats of straw; stuffed animals; stuffed birds; table tops; tables of metal; tables; taps for casks, not of metal; tea trolleys; tent pegs, not of metal; non-metal tool boxes; tool handles, not of metal; imitation tortoiseshell; tortoise shells; towel cupboards (furniture); towel dispensers, not of metal; transport pallets, not made of metal; tray (bon), not of metal; trestles (furniture); trolleys (furniture); feeding troughs, not of metal, for mixing mortar; umbrella stands; valves of plastic, other than parts of machines; valves not of metal, other than parts of machines; vats, not of metal; vices, not of metal; washers, not of metal, of rubber or vulcanized fiber; hand basins (furniture); water beds, not for medical use; water tanks for household purposes, not of metal or brick; water pipe valves of plastic; wax figures; whalebone, not machined or semi-machined; willow; winding spools, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; window fittings, not of metal; wood ribbon; sculpture of wood; work benches; works of art, of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; woven wood blinds (furniture); standing desks; wind chimes (decoration); shoulder poles [yokes]
Class 21:
Household or kitchen utensils and containers; combs and sponges; brushes (except paintbrushes); brush-making materials; brooms of synthetic fibers or natural animal fibers; glass, non-machined or semi-machined (except glass used in building); glassware, porcelain and tableware, not included in other classes; abrasive pads for the kitchen; abrasive sponges for scraping the skin; aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; animal hair brushes (equipment for brushes); apparatus for polishing, non-electric; aquarium hoods; baby baths, portable; basins (bowls); basins (receptacles); baskets for domestic use; sprinkling spoons, for culinary use; whiskers, not electrically powered; beer tankards; bird baths; birdcages; mixers, non-electric, for household use; boot jacks; drinking flasks for travelers; bottle openers; bottles; boxes of glass; metal boxes for dispensing paper towels; bread baskets, domestic; bread boards; brooms; brush goods; brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; brush for shoes; brushes; buckets made of woven fabrics; buckets; chamois leathers for cleaning; busts of china terra-cotta or glass; butter dishes; button hooks; cabaret (trays); cages for domestic animals; cake molds; candle extinguishers; candelabra (candlesticks); candlesticks; candy boxes; demijohns; beaters (hand instruments); carpet sweepers; cauldrons; ceramics for household purposes; chamber pots; cheese cutlery; porcelain ornaments; chopsticks; ash sieves (household utensils); cleaning instruments, hand-operated; tow; lids for pans; cloths for washing floors; laundry driers; clothes pegs; clothing stretchers; rags cloth for cleaning; coasters, not of paper and other than tablecloths; cocktail stirrers; coffee filters, non-electric; coffee grinders, hand-operated; percolators, non-electric; coffee services (tableware); coffeepots, non-electric; comb cases; combs for animals; combs; confectioners' decorating bags; containers for household or kitchen use; cookery molds (molds); cookie cutters; cookie jars; cooking pot sets; skewers, of metal; cooking utensils, not electric; corkscrews; cosmetic utensils; cotton waste for cleaning; dish covers; covers, not of paper, for flower pots; condiment set; cruets; crumb trays; crystal (glassware); cups of paper or plastic; cups; currycombs; cutting boards for the kitchen; wine decanters; deep-fryers, non-electric; dental floss for children; dental floss holder; cotton dental floss; deodorising apparatus for personal use; soap holders; dishes; dishwashing brushes; disposable table plates; glasses; drinking horns; straws; drinking trough; drinking vessels; drying apparatus; dusting apparatus, non-electric; dusting cloths (rags); earthenware pans; egg cups; electric brushes, except parts of machines; electric combs; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; electric toothbrushes; electric toothbrushes and brush heads for children; electric toothbrushes and their parts and accessories; enameled glass; centerpiece; eyebrow brushes; feather dusters; feeding troughs; fiberglass, not for insulation or textile use; fiberglass thread, not for textile use; figurines (statuettes), of porcelain, ceramic, earthenware or glass; equipped picnic baskets, including crockery; hip flasks; holders for straightening irons; floss for dental use; flower boxes; fly catchers (fly traps or catchers); fruit cups; citrus presses, non-electric, for household purposes; frying pans; funnels; furniture dusters; fused silica (semi-finished product), other than the one used for construction; trash cans; gardening gloves; garlic press (kitchen utensils); glasses (receptacles); glass bowls; ampules (receptacles); glass caps; glass covers and lids for industrial packaging containers; glass flasks (containers); glass for vehicle windows (semi-finished product); glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; glass jars; glass stoppers for industrial packaging containers; glass wool other than for insulation; glass, not processed or semi-processed glass, except for building glass; glove stretchers; gloves for household use; glue-pots; goblets; graters (household utensils); grills and grill supports (kitchen utensils); hair for brushes; thermally insulated containers for beverages; heaters for feeding bottles; thermally insulated containers; holders for flowers and plants (flower arrangement); horse brushes; hot plates, not electrically heated; ice pails [coolers]; ice cube molds (molds); indoor aquariums; mini-indoor greenhouses (plant growing); indoor terrariums (vivariums); insect traps; insulating flasks; ironing board covers, shaped; ironing boards; isothermal bags; decanters; kettles, not electrically powered; kitchen vessels; kitchen mixers, non-electric; kitchen utensils; knife rests for the table; lamp glass brushes; wide-toothed haircombs; lazy Susans; liqueur sets; litter trays for animals; lunch boxes; majolica; make-up removing appliances; mangers for animals; manual mixers (cocktail shakers); material for brush making; menu holders; mess-tins; hand-operated grinder for household use; mixing spoons (kitchen utensils); molds (kitchen utensils); floor mop wringers; floor mops; mosaics of glass, not for construction; nail brush; napkin holders; napkin rings; nest eggs, artificial; isothermic boxes, non-electric; spaghetti pots, hand-operated; nozzles for perforated garden hose; nozzles for watering cans; opal glass; opaline glass; cleaning pads; painted glassware; paper plates; pasta cutters; pepper mills, hand-operated; pepper pots; perfume burners; perfume diffusers; pie servers; pig bristles; piggy banks; ice glasses (raw material); overflow prevention plates for milk; pipe cleaners (for unblocking pipes); polishing machines and apparatus, non-electric, for household use; gloves for polishing; polishing leathers; polishing materials for shining paper and stone, except preparations; porcelain service; non-electric cooking utensils; pan lids; stew-pans; pottery; poultry rings; powder compacts; powder puffs; powdered glass for decoration; pressure cookers (autoclaves), non-electric; rails and rings for towels; refrigerating bottles; rings for birds; rolling pins, domestic; salad bowls; salt cellars; saucepan scourers of metal; saucers; spoons (tableware); scrubbing brushes; services (plates); shaving brush stands; shaving brushes; shoe horns; stretchers (shapes); Chinese strainers (household utensils); sieves (household utensils); signboards of porcelain or glass; siphons for carbonated water; smoke absorbers for household purposes; soap boxes; soap dispensers; soup bowls; spatulas (kitchen utensils); spice sets; sponge holders; sponges for household purposes; spouts; syringes for watering flowers and plants; sprinklers; devices for watering; statues of porcelain, earthenware, ceramic or glass; strainers for household purposes; strainers; sugar bowls; table plates; tableware other than knives, forks and spoons; beer mugs; tar brushes, with long handles; tea caddies; tea cosies; tea infusers; tea services (tableware); tea strainers; teapots; thermally insulated containers for food; tie presses; closet brushes; toiletry sets; toilet paper holders; toilet tissue holder; toilet sponge; toilet utensils; tooth brushes, electric; toothbrushes; toothpick holders; toothpicks; trays for domestic purposes, of paper; trays for domestic use; table mats (utensils); trouser press; urns; utensils for household use; vases; vegetable dishes; containers, of metal, for making ices and iced drinks; vitreous silica fibers, not for textile use; waffle maker, non-electric; washing boards; tub; waste paper baskets; water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; watering cans; non-electric wax-polishing appliances for footwear; non-electric whisks for household use; precious objects of porcelain, earthenware, not of metal; steel wool; steel wool for cleaning; mouse traps; rattraps; water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; bread boxes; window-boxes
Class 22:
Ropes, string, nets, tents, awnings, tarpaulins, sails, sacks and bags (not included in other classes); padding and stuffing materials (except those of rubber or plastic); raw fibrous textile materials; animal hair; blinds of synthetic materials; bags (envelopes, small bags) of textile, for packaging; bags in the nature of sacks for the transport and storage of materials in bulk; bags for washing hosiery; bands, not of metal, for wrapping or binding; straps, not of metal, for handling loads; binding wire, not of metal, for agricultural purposes; body bags; straw wrappers for bottles; braces, not of metal, for handling loads; cables, not of metal; camel hair; car towing ropes; carbon fibers [fibres] for textile use; carded wool; coconut fiber; cocoons; combed wool; cordage; ropes for hanging frames; cotton felt for futon; combing tow; cotton wadding for clothing; cotton waste (flock) for padding and stuffing; covers for camouflage; down (feathers); eiderdown; esparto grass; feathers for bedding; feathers for stuffing; fibrous joints for boats; fishing nets; fleece wool; flock (stuffing); futon bags; glass fibers for textile use; grasses for upholstering; hammocks for babies; hammocks; hemp bands; hemp; horse hair; jute; kapok; knitted cordage; tapes for venetian blinds; liber; linters; mail bags; mountaineering ropes; nets for camouflage; nets; network; packing materials (cushioning, stuffing), not of rubber or plastic; packaging cable; packaging rope; cushioning, not of rubber or plastic, for stuffing; plastic fibers (fibers) for textile use; raffia; ramie fiber; raw cotton; raw fibrous textile; raw linen (cut); raw or treated wool; raw silk; rope ladders; ropes, not of metal; ropes; sails for ski sailing; sails for board sailing; veils; window sash cords; sawdust; seaweed for stuffing; bundled wires; shaved wool; silk flock; silk waste; sisal; slings, not of metal, for handling loads; snares (nets); hammock feet; straw for stuffing; strings; tapes for tying-up vines; tarpaulins; tarred brattice cloth; tents; tents for mountaineering or camping; textile fibers; wire, not of metal, for wrapping or binding; packings; twine for nets; twine made of paper; upholstery wool (stuffing); vehicle covers, not fitted; silica fibers (vitrified) for textile use; filtering wadding; cotton wadding; wax ends; whipcord; wood shavings; wood wool; wool flock; bands, not of metal, for wrapping or binding
Class 24:
Fabrics and textile goods, not included in other classes; bed throws; tablecloths; adhesive fabric for thermal application; banners; bath linen, except clothing; bed blankets; sheets [textile]; bed linen; bed sheets; billiard coating, of wool; billiard table covering; blankets; bunting; brocades; buckram; gauze; calico; heavy canvas for tapestry or embroidery; cheese cloth; chenille fabric; cheviots (fabrics); cloth for tatami mat edging ribbons; fabrics; coasters (table linen); cotton fabrics; covers for furniture; covers for cushions; crepe (fabric); crepon; curtain holders, of textile material; curtains of textile or plastic; damask; honeycomb fabrics; cross fustian; dish cloths; curtains for doors; drugget; eiderdowns (bed covers); elastic woven material; esparto fabrics; fabrics for footwear; fabrics of imitation leather; fabric, impermeable to gas, for hot air balloons; fabrics for textile use; textile face towels; felt; fiberglass fabrics for textile use; filtering materials of textile; covers for toilet lids of fabric; flags, not of paper; flannel (fabric); ratine (fabric); furniture covers of textile; fustian; futon and quilt covers; eiderdowns (duvet foot covers); futon covers (untrimmed futon); gauze (cloth); glass cloths (towels); gummed cloth, other than for stationery; waterproof water-gummed cloth; horsehair cloth (packaging cloth); handkerchiefs of textile; hat linings, of textile, in pieces; hemp fabric; hemp cloth; household linen; jersey (fabric); jute fabric; knitted fabric; woven textile label; textile labels; linen sheet; lingerie fabric; lining fabric for shoes; linings (textile); marabout (fabric); mattress covers; moleskin (fabric); mosquito nets; make-up removing tissues; curtains; non-woven textile fabrics; oilcloth, for use as tablecloth; oil cloths; personal articles of woven textile, not for wear; pillow cases; table mats, not of paper; plastic (fabric substitute); printed calico cloth; blankets of textile, for printing; ramie fabrics; rayon fabrics; rubberized cloth; sheets (textile); shower curtains of textile or plastic; shrouds; Silk (fabric); silk fabrics for printing patterns; sleeping bags (sheeting); table cloths (not of paper); table napkins of textile; table runners; table cloths (not of paper); table sets not of paper; taffeta (fabric); tapestry (wall hangings), of textile; textile materials; ticking (linen); covers (mattress covers); towels of textile; traced cloths for embroidery; lap robes; trellis (cloth); tulle; upholstery fabrics; velvet; coated fabrics; washing mitts; wool fabrics; woven fabrics; zephyr (cloth)
Class 25:
Clothing, footwear, headgear; aprons for wear; scarves for men; baby underpants (clothing); bandanas (neckerchiefs); bath robes; bath sandals; bath slippers; bathing suits; beach clothes; beach shoes; belts (clothing); berets; bibs, not of paper; boas (neckwear); corsets (underwear); waders; sports shoes; boots; suspenders for clothing; brassieres; breeches for wear; smock tops; caps [headwear]; bonnets (hats); chasubles; sports clothing; gymnasts' clothing; imitation leather clothing; clothing of leather; clothing; coats; collar protectors; overalls (clothing); handsets; corsets (underwear); cyclists' clothing; detachable collars; underarm clothing shields; dresses; dressing gowns (robes); ear warmers (clothing); Roman sandals or sandals; fisher vests (angler vests); metal fittings for footwear; football boots; foot muffs, not electrically heated; boots; fur stoles; furs (clothing); gabardines (for clothing); stocking suspenders; girdles; gloves (clothing); gym boots; calf-height boots; hat frames (skeletons); hats; headbands (clothing); headgear for wear; heel inserts for footwear; heel pieces for stockings; heels; hoods (clothing); riding boots; hosiery; inner soles; fishing vests; Japanese style socks (tabi); covers for Japanese style socks (tabi covers); Japanese traditional clothing; jerseys; jumper dresses; pullovers; knitwear (clothing); lace-up boots; baby layettes for clothing; leggings (leg warmers); leggings (pants); liveries; priest's stoles; mantillas; disguises; miters (hats); mittens; wallet belts (clothing); clothing for motorcyclists; muffs (clothing); scarves; neckties; nightcaps; pyjamas; anti-slip devices for footwear; outdoor clothing; bib overalls; overcoats; pajamas; breeches for wear; clothing of paper; hats (paper) (clothing); parkas; pelerines; pelisses; petticoats; pocket squares; pockets for clothing; ponchos; puttees and gaiters; pret-a-porter clothing; pret-a-porter clothing linings (parts of clothing); sandals; saris; sarongs; belts of cloth; sashes for wear; dickies; shirt inserts; shirts; footwear; short-sleeved shirts; shawls; shower caps; ski boots; ski gloves; skirts; culottes; yarmulke; masks worn over the eyes to shield off lights; slippers; petticoats (underwear); sock suspenders; socks; soles for footwear; spats; sports singlets; boots for sports; garters; stockings; cleats for football shoes; woolen jackets (clothing); suits; sweat-absorbing socks; sweat-absorbing underclothing (underwear); sweaters; bathing caps; bathing suits; teddies (undergarments); tee-shirts; tights; shoe dowels; togas; top hat; trouser suspenders; trousers; turbans; underpants; underwear; uniforms; veils (clothing); vests; isothermal combination suit; waterproof clothing; welts for footwear; wimples; wooden shoes; Cuffs (clothing); item of clothing of hemp; wet suits for water skiing
Class 26:
Lace and embroidery; ribbons and braid; buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; armbands (clothing accessories); artificial flowers; artificial fruit; artificial garlands; badges, not of precious metal (embroidery); barrettes (hair slides); beads different from those for making jewelry; belt buckles [for clothing]; needles for braiding; bird feathers (clothing accessories); blouse buttons; coil for retaining embroidery yarn or wool (that are not part of machines); hat pins, not of precious metal; bows for the hair; braids; brassards; brooches (clothing accessories); brooches for clothing; buckles (clothing accessories); buttons; chenille (trimmings); collar supports; competitors' numbers; cords for clothing; edge cords, for clothing; corset hooks; darning lasts; darning needles; edgings for clothing; elastic ribbons; hooks for embroidery; embroidery; elastic bands for holding sleeves; eyelets for clothing; false beards; false hems; false moustaches; buttons for clothing; buttons for garters; feathers (clothing accessories); festoons (embroidery); flounces (lace-making); flounces for clothing; fringes; gold embroidery; haberdashery, except yarn; bands; coloring caps; hair curlers, non-electric; hair curlers, different from hand-operated utensils; hair-setting papers; hair-setting pins; hair-curling papers (curlers), pins for crimping hair; hair extensions; hair grips (barrettes); hair nets; hair ornaments; hair pins; hat ornaments, not of precious metal; thermo-adhesive patches for repairing textile articles; thermo-adhesive patches for decorating textile articles (haberdashery); hook and pile fastening tapes; hooks (haberdashery); hooks for corsets; human hair; coat of arms to be worn, not of precious metal; knitting needles; lace for edgings; lace trimmings; letters for marking linen; buckles, of metal, for shoes and boots; mica spangles; numerals or letters for marking linen; boxes for needles; needle cushions; needles for combing machines; needles; numbers for marking linen; fancy badges (buttons); ostrich feathers (clothing accessories); picot (lace); pin cushions; pins, different from those used in jewelry; braided hair; medal ribbons; ribbons (haberdashery); rosettes (haberdashery); lockstitches for carpets; saddlers' needles; sewing boxes; sewing needles; thimbles; buckles for footwear; shoe eyelets; buckles and laces for footwear; shoe hooks; shoe laces; footwear ornaments, not of precious metal; cobblers' needles; shoulder pads for clothing; shuttles for making fishing nets; silver embroidery; skirt flounces; slide locks for bags; snap fasteners; spangles for clothing; special belt clips for obi (Japanese belt); tapes for curtain headings; tassels (haberdashery); garlands (trimmings for clothing); top-knots (pompoms); toupees; trimmings for clothing; pants clips for cyclists; wigs; zippers; japanese style braids (sanada-himo); knitted braids; starched braids; twist braids; reins for guiding children
Class 28:
Games and toys; gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes; decorations for Christmas trees; playing cards; portable electronic game units; apparatus for games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; game controllers for video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor; toys, games and musical games; audio equipment (game); music box (game); musical instruments (games); players for listening to music and cassettes (games); musical games; battery operated action toys; electronic toys; electric computer games, different from those adapted for use with television sets; electric and electronic entertainment apparatus (automatic, without coins/tokens); automatic electronic games, without coins or tokens (different from those used with television sets); portable electronic game apparatus (different those adapted for use with television sets only); video games different from those adapted for use with television sets only; automatic and coin-operated amusement machines; computer game apparatus, different from those operated with coins or for use with television sets; video games and toys; toys; interactive computer game apparatus; stand-alone video game machines incorporating a means of display; portable electronic devices (games); toy computers (not working); toy mobile telephones (not working); parts and accessories for all of the aforementioned goods; straps for skates; accessories for video game machines with television set for personal use
Class 29:
Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, deep-frozen, dried and cooked fruit and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs; milk and dairy products; edible oils and fats; ajvar (preserved peppers); albumen for culinary purposes; albumin milk; alginates for culinary purposes; almonds, crushed; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; anchovy; animal marrow for food; apple sauce; bacon; beans, preserved; black pudding; bone oil, edible; concentrates (broth); stock; butter; butter cream; canned fish; fruits canned; canned meat; caviar; charcuterie; cheese; clams (not live); cocoa butter; coconut butter; coconut fat; coconut oil; coconut, desiccated; colza oil for food; corn oil; cranberry sauce (compote); crayfish (not live); cream (dairy products); croquettes; crustaceans, not live; frosted fruits; curd; dates; edible birds' nests; edible fats; edible oils; eggs; fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; fermented vegetable-based foods (kimchi); fillets of fish; fish meal for human consumption; fish mousses; fish, not alive; fish, preserved; linseed oil for food; foods prepared from fish; glazed fruit; frozen fruits; fruit chips; fruit jellies; fruit peel; fruit preserved in alcohol; fruit pulp; fruit salads; fruits, stewed; fruit-based snack; game, not live; gelatine; gherkins; ginger jam; ham; herring; hummus (chickpea puree); gelatine for food; jams; jellies for food; kephir (milk beverage); kumys (milk beverage); lard for food; lecithin for culinary purposes; lentils, preserved; liver pate; liver; lobsters, not live; low-calorie chips; margarine; marmalade; meat extracts; meat jellies; meat, preserved; meat; milk beverages, milk predominating; milk ferments for culinary purposes; products of milk; milkshakes; milk; mushrooms, preserved; mussels, not live; non-alcoholic eggnog; walnuts, prepared; olive oil for food; olive, preserved; onions, preserved; oysters, not live; palm kernel oil for food; palm oil for food; peanut butter; peanuts, processed; peas, preserved; pectin for food; piccalilli; pickles; pollen prepared as foodstuff; pork; chips; potato flakes; potato fritters; poultry, not live; powdered eggs; prawns (not live); preparations for making bouillon; preparations for making soup; preserved garlic; processed fish spawn; processed grains; sunflower seeds processed; protein for human consumption; raisins; raw pulses; rennet; salmon; fish, salty; slated meats; sardines; sauerkraut; sausages in batter; sausages; sea cucumbers, not live; sesame oil; shellfish, not alive; shrimps, not live; silkworm chrysalis, for human consumption; snail eggs for consumption; soups; soya beans, preserved, for food; soya milk (milk substitute); spiny lobsters, not live; suet for food; sunflower oil for food; tahini (cream based on sesame seeds); toasted seaweed; tofu; tomato juice for cooking; tomato puree; tripe; truffles, preserved; tuna fish; vegetable juices for cooking; whipped cream
Class 30:
Coffee, tea, chocolate and coffee substitute; rice; tapioca and sago; flour and preparations made from cereals; bread, pastry and confectionery; ices; sugar, honey, treacle; yeast, baking powder; salt; vinegar, sauces (condiments); allspice; almond confectionery; almond paste; aniseed; aromatic preparations for food; coffee substitute; baking-powder; sodium bicarbonate; barley meal; bean meal; propolis; beer vinegar; binding agents for ice cream (edible ices); biscuits, cookies; bread rolls; bread; breadcrumbs; buns; icing for cakes; cake powder; cakes; candy; capers; caramels (sweet); celery salt; cereal preparations; cereal based snack foods; cheeseburgers (sandwiches); bubble gum; chicory (coffee substitute); Chinese steamed ravioli (shumai, cooked); Chinese stuffed ravioli (gyoza, cooked); chips (cereal products); chocolate-type beverages with milk; chocolate mousses; chocolate beverages; chow-chow (condiment); chutneys (condiments); cinnamon (spice); cloves (spice); chocolate goods; cocoa; cocoa-based beverages; coffee-type beverages with milk; coffee flavorings; coffee; coffee-based beverages; confectionery for decorating christmas trees; confectionery products; cookies; cooking salt; corn flour; corn, milled; corn, roasted; couscous (semolina); crackers; cream of tartar for cooking; crushed barley; crushed oats; icing sugar (different from confectionery); cube sugar; curry (condiment); custard; mousses (pastry); edible ices; essences for foodstuffs, except ethereal essences and essential oils; farinaceous foods; ferments for pastes; flavorings, other than essential oils, for beverages; flavouring, other than essential oils, for cakes; flavorings, other than essential oils; linseed for human consumption; flour; flour-milling products; fondants (confectionery); toasted octopus fritters (takoyaki); frozen yogurt (edible ices); fructose (for food); fruit coulis (sauces); fruit jellies (confectionery); aromatic herbs, preserved (seasoning); ginger (spice); gingerbread; glucose for culinary use; additives containing gluten for food; gluten prepared as foodstuff; table syrup; oatmeal for human consumption; milk-based gruel, for food; halvah; glaze for ham; hamburgers; high-protein cereal bars; crushed and boiled corn; hominy grits; honey; hot dog sausages; husked barley; husked oats; husked rice; ice; ice for refreshment; ice, natural or artificial; iced tea; infusions, not medicinal; ketchup (sauce); leaven; licorice (confectionery); macaroni; macaroons (pastry); malt-based cookies; malt extract for food; malt for human consumption; maltose; marinades; marzipan; mayonnaise; flour; meat gravies; potpies; meat tenderizers, for household purposes; mint for confectionery; molasses for food; muesli; mustard meal; mustard; natural sweeteners; prepared noodle-based meals; noodles; nutmegs; oat flakes; oat-based foodstuff; oatmeal; pancakes; pasta; pasties; pastilles (confectionery); pastry; peanut confectionery; pepper; peppermint sweets; peppers (seasonings); pesto (sauce); petit-beurre biscuits; petits fours (cakes); pies; pizzas; popcorn; potato flour for food; powdered starch syrup (for food); ice powders; pralines; preparations for stiffening whipped cream; propolis; puddings; quiches; ravioli; condiments; rice cakes; rice; rice-based snack food; royal jelly; rusks; saffron (seasoning); sago; salad dressings for salads; salt for preserving foodstuffs; sandwiches; sauces (condiments); sauces for barbecued meat; binding agents for sausages; sea water for cooking; soy sauce (soba-tsuyu); seasonings; semolina; sherbets (ices); soya bean paste (condiment); soya flour; soy sauce (soya sauce); spaghetti; spices; spring rolls; star aniseed; starch for food; Chinese-style bread stuffed with minced meat (Chinese manjuh); licorice stick (confectionery); sugar; sushi; sweets (candy); tabbouleh; tacos; tapioca flour for food; tapioca; tarts; tea; tea-based beverages; thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; tomato sauce; tortillas; turmeric for food; unleavened bread; unroasted coffee; vanilla (flavoring); vanillin (vanilla substitute); plant-based preparations for use as coffee substitutes; vermicelli (noodles); vinegar mixes; vinegar; waffles; weeds (condiment); wheat flour; wheatgerm for human consumption; white sauce; worcester sauce; yeast
Class 31:
Grains and agricultural, horticultural and forestry products, not included in other classes; fresh fruits and vegetables; grains; natural plants and flowers; food products for animals; malt; algarovilla for animal consumption; almonds (fruit); aloe vera (plants); animal foodstuffs; aromatic sand for pets (litter); bagasses of cane [raw material]; fresh barley beans; beet; berries (fruits); beverages for pets; preserved bird food (food for animals); bran; bred stock; unprocessed buckwheat; shrubs; by-products of the processing of cereals for animal consumption; unprocessed cereal seeds; fresh chestnuts; chicory (salad); chicory roots; Christmas trees; citrus fruit; cocoa beans, raw; coconut shell; coconuts; kola nuts; copra; unprocessed corn; crayfish, live; live crustaceans; fresh cucumbers; cuttle bone for birds; distillery waste for animal consumption (animal foodstuffs); dog biscuits; draff; edible chews for animals; eggs for hatching, fertilised; fish meal for animal consumption; fish spawn; fish, live; live bait for fishing; fishing bait; flax meal (fodder); linseed for animal consumption; flaxseed meal for animal consumption; onions (flower bulbs); flowers, dried, for decoration; natural flowers; fodder; bird millet, unprocessed; fruit residue (marc); fresh fruits; fresh garden herbs; grains (cereals); grains for animal consumption; fresh grapes; groats for poultry; hay; hazelnuts; hop cones; hops; Japanese millet, unprocessed; juniper berries; leeks, fresh; fresh lemons; lentils fresh; lettuce, fresh; lime for animal forage; litter peat; live animals; animal fattening products; locust beans; maize cake for cattle; corn; malt for brewing and distilling; squashes; mash for fattening livestock; meal for animals; menagerie animals; mushroom spawn for propagation; fresh mushrooms; mussels live; nettles; nuts; oats; oil cake; fresh olives; fresh onions (vegetables); oranges; oysters, live; palm tree leaves, unprocessed; palm trees; palms (leaves of the palm tree); peanut cake for animals; peanut meal for animals; fresh peanuts; peas, fresh; chili peppers (plants); pet food; pine cones; grains (seeds); dried plants for decoration; plants; pollen, raw material; potatoes, fresh; fowl (live animals); preparations for egg laying poultry; products for animal litter; proso millet, unprocessed; rape cake for cattle; raw barks; residue in a still after distillation; rhubarb; flax meal (fodder); rice, unprocessed; roots for food; rose bushes; rye; salt for cattle; p sanded paper for pets (litter); sea-cucumbers live; germ seed for botanical purposes; seedlings; sesame; live shellfish; silkworm eggs; silkworms; natural turf; sorghum, unprocessed; spinach, fresh; spiny lobsters, live; stall food for animals; straw (forage); straw litter (cereal stalks); mulch (humus layer); strengthening animal forage; sugarcane; trees (plants); truffles, fresh; trunks of trees; undressed timber; unsawn timber; lacquer tree seeds, rough cork; fresh vegetables; vine plants; algae for human or animal consumption; wheat germ for animal consumption; wheat; wood chips for the manufacture of wood pulp; wreaths of natural flowers; yeast for animal consumption; none of the foregoing being plants or plant material of the genus Phaseolus
Class 35:
Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions; retail sale; retail services in the field of electronic apparatus, computer software and of game machines and apparatus; retail or wholesale services for musical instruments and recordings; retail services in the field of entertainment, namely musical and audiovisual works and merchandise in the field of consumer electronic devices and entertainment equipment, provided via the Internet and via other computer and electronic communication networks; administration of the business affairs of retail stores; computerized point-of-sale data collection for retailers; management of a retail company for others; gathering, for the benefit of others, of electrical household appliances, enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase such goods in a retail store; retail sale of computer hardware on the Internet; retail sale of home video game machines; automatic data processing; computer data processing; computerized services for processing commercial information; computerized data processing; data processing; data processing for companies; data processing for the collection of data for commercial purposes; checking of data processing; EDP; information services in connection with data processing; online data processing services; advice, consultancy and information in this class for all the above-mentioned services; accounting; mail advertising; auctions; checking of accounts; bill-posting; book-keeping; company appraisals; business inquiries; business inquiries; business investigations; business management of hotels; business management of performing artists; business research; commercial information agencies; commercial or industrial management assistance; compilation of information in computer databases; computerized online ordering services in the field of video game apparatus for use with television sets only and with the software thereof; cost price analysis; demonstration of goods; mail advertising; dissemination of advertising matter; distribution of samples; document reproduction; economic forecasting; efficiency experts; employment agencies; import-export agencies; market research; market studies; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; office machines and equipment rental; opinion polling; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; bill-posting; wage payroll preparation; personnel management consultancy; personnel recruitment; photocopying service; supply of commercial statistics about new goods, namely magazines, video games and videos; public relations; publication of publicity texts; advertising agencies; advertising mail; publicity material rental; radio advertising; radio commercials; relocation services for businesses; rental of advertising space; rental of photocopying machines; retail sale of video game machines and software thereof, including on the Internet; secretarial services; shop window dressing; shorthand services; statistics on the sale of new products; systematization of information within computer databases; tax preparation; television advertising; television commercials; transcription of communications and typing services; updating of advertising material; evaluation of standing timber; word processing; data search in computer files for others, particularly press articles; administrative processing of purchase orders; commercial and advertising services, namely the preparation and distribution of printed advertising, according to the orders and/or instructions of others; advertising agencies; advertising via public communication means; arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; business management assistance; business management consultancy; business management consultancy, namely practical strategies for innovative management; business management for athletes; business management and organization consultancy; business management services and administration services relating to the use of a global computer network; business organization consultancy; business administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; commercial information and advice for consumers; compilation of statistics; data search in computer files on behalf of third parties; invoicing; layout design services for advertising purposes; marketing; news clipping service; on-line advertising on a computer network; outsourcing services [assistance to companies]; photocopying services; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail sale; price comparison services; procurement services for third parties [purchasing goods and services for other companies]; production of advertising films; psychological testing for the selection of personnel; rental of advertising time on communication media; rental of vending machines; sales promotion for others; advertising order search; telemarketing services; telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; writing of advertising texts
Class 36:
Insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; accident insurance underwriting; housing agencies [real estate]; actuarial services; financial analysis; antique appraisal; apartment house management; art appraisal; sureties; banking; capital investment; charitable fund raising; check verification; deposit and clearing agencies for the exchange of money, for accounting and debt collection via computer systems; clearing operations; credit bureaux; credit card services; customs brokerage; debit card services; debt collection agencies; deposits of valuables; electronic funds transfer; electronic payment of road tolls; payment services for electronic commerce, namely opening of accounts supplied and used for purchasing goods and services on the Internet; exchanging money; factoring; financial consultancy; financial appraisals relating to insurance, banking and real estate services; financial information; financial management; financial guarantee; financing services; fire insurance underwriting; fiscal valuations; capital investments; surety services; health insurance underwriting; hire-purchase financing; home banking; real estate brokers; insurance regarding fees for goods and services on the Internet; installment loans; insurance brokerage; insurance consultancy; insurance information; issuance of credit cards; issue of tokens of value; issuing of travelers' checks; leasing of farms; leasing of real estate; pawnbrokerage; life insurance underwriting; financing loans; marine insurance underwriting; lending against security; mutual fund bodies; numismatic appraisal; organization of collections; real estate agencies; real estate appraisals; real estate brokers; real estate management; rent collection; rental of offices; renting of apartments; retirement pension payment services; safe deposit services; saving banks; stock exchange brokerage; stamp appraisal; stock exchange quotations; security and bond brokerage; guarantees and sureties; trusteeship; brokerage; brokerage of carbon credits; financial company liquidation services; clearing operations; jewelry appraisal; lending services for companies; loans [financing]; provident fund services; repair cost evaluation [financial valuation]; financial evaluation of standing timber; financial evaluation of wool; hire-purchase financing of encoded magnetic tapes with programs for video game consoles on televisions for computer system security
Class 37:
Building construction; repair; installation services; installation and repair of air conditioning systems; airplane maintenance and repair; anti-corrosive treatment for vehicles; artificial snow-making services; asphalting; boiler cleaning and repair; building construction supervision; insulation of buildings; construction of trade fair stands and shops; building sealing; burglar alarm installation and repair; maintenance and repair of burners; cabinet making (repair) relating to caissons; motor vehicle wash; carpentry services; chimney sweeping; cleaning of buildings [exterior surfaces]; cleaning of buildings [interior]; cleaning of clothing; clothing repair; construction; construction consultation; construction information; protection against damp [buildings]; demolition of buildings; diaper cleaning; disinfecting; drilling of deep oil or gas wells; drilling of wells; dry cleaning; installation and repair of electric apparatus; factory construction; projector repair and maintenance; installation and repair of fire alarms; freezing equipment installation and repair; care, cleaning and repair of furs; furnace installation and repair; furniture care; restoration of furniture; harbor construction; installation and heating equipment repair; information on installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware, components and peripherals; installation of doors and windows; installation and repair of surgical and medical apparatus and instruments, including surgical drills, scalpels, blades, staplers, anatomical couplers and cardiac stabilizers, auto-transfusion equipment and disposable devices used for handling and monitoring blood; installation of water supply systems and of waste water and sludge processing systems; installation, maintenance and repair of telecommunication devices; interference suppression in electric apparatus; irrigation devices installation and repair; kitchen equipment installation; knife sharpening, laundering; care, cleaning and repair of leather; elevator installation and repair; installation, maintenance and repair of machines for ironing; masonry; clothing repair (mending clothing); mining extraction; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; motor vehicle washing, installation, maintenance and repair of office machines and equipment; painting of interiors and exteriors; wallpapering; parasol repair; repair of cameras, breakwater construction; construction and maintenance of pipes; plastering; plumbing; pressing, sanding; pump repair; extraction services; rat exterminating; rebuilding engines that have been worn or partially destroyed; rebuilding machines that have been worn or partially destroyed; filling of toner cartridges; renovation of clothing; rental of bulldozers; rental of cranes [construction equipment]; rental of excavators; rental of road-sweeping machines; information on repair services; electric apparatus installation and repair, and installation, maintenance and repair of kitchen equipment; installation, maintenance and repair of office machines; repair and maintenance of electronic printers; repair of locks; restoration of musical instruments; restoration of works of art; re-tinning; retreading of tires; riveting; road paving; covering services; protection against rust; secure maintenance and repair; sanding; scaffolding; service stations [vehicles] [refueling and maintenance], shipbuilding; shoe repair; street cleaning; maintenance and repair of vaults; maintenance of swimming pools; telephone installation and repair; umbrella repair; under-water constructions; repair, underwater; packing; upholstery repair; varnishing; vehicle breakdown [repair]; vehicle cleaning; vehicle lubrication [greasing]; vehicle maintenance; vehicle polishing; service stations [refueling and maintenance]; vehicle washing; vermin exterminating, except for agriculture; vulcanization of pneumatic tires [repair]; wallpaper application; warehouse constructions and repair; washing; washing of linen; window cleaning; repair or maintenance of aircraft; cleaning of bathtubs and boilers; cleaning of carpets and rugs; repair or maintenance of clocks and watches; building consultancy; disinfecting of telephone handsets; floor polishing; fluffing of cotton felt for futons; concierge services, namely maintenance and cleaning of buildings; rental of vehicle washing equipment; rental of construction equipment, machines and equipment; rental of electric washing machines; rental of floor cleaning machines; rental of laundry dryers; rental of mining machines and equipment; rental of mops; rental of spin dryers for clothes; repair of bags; repair of bicycles; billiard table repair services; repair of fishing tackle; repair of game machines; repair of personal ornaments; repair of radio or television sets; repair of spectacles; repair of sports equipment; repair of tatami mats; repair of toilet seats with water jets; repair of toys or dolls; repair or maintenance of air conditioning [industrial] systems; repair or maintenance of arcade machines; repair or maintenance of automobiles; repair or maintenance of sanitary valves and fittings; repair or maintenance of bicycle parking systems; repair or maintenance of boilers; burner maintenance and repair; repair or maintenance of fodder machines; repair or maintenance of chemical units; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for chemical treatment; repair or maintenance of chick brooders; repair or maintenance of cinematographic machines and systems; repair or maintenance of construction machines and equipment; repair or maintenance of consumer electric appliances; repair or maintenance of industrial cooking equipment; repair or maintenance of cooking pots; repair or maintenance of cultivation machines and accessories; repair or maintenance of industrial dish washing machines; repair or maintenance of various systems; repair or maintenance of egg incubators; repair or maintenance of electric lighting; repair or maintenance of electric motors; repair or maintenance of industrial electric washing machines; repair or maintenance of electronic machines and systems; repair or maintenance of fire alarms; repair or maintenance of firearms; repair or maintenance of fishing machines and instruments; repair or maintenance of fodder cutting machines; repair or maintenance of fodder mixing machines; repair or maintenance of fodder presses; repair or maintenance of freezing machines and systems; repair or maintenance of gas water heaters; repair or maintenance of service station equipment; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for manufacturing glassware; repair or maintenance of harvesting machines and systems; repair or maintenance of industrial furnaces; repair or maintenance of integrated circuit manufacturing machines and systems; repair or maintenance of laboratory systems and instruments; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for loading and unloading; repair or maintenance of machines and apparatus for lumbering, woodworking, or veneer or plywood making; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for processing food and beverages; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for use in beauty salons or hairdressing salons; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for making paper pulp, paper or treating paper; repair or maintenance of machines and instruments for measuring and testing; repair or maintenance of mechanical parking systems; repair or maintenance of medical apparatus and instruments; repair or maintenance of metalworking machines and tools; repair or maintenance of milk filtering machines; repair or maintenance of dairy machines; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for mining extraction; repair or maintenance of musical instruments; repair or maintenance of non-electric cooking apparatus; repair or maintenance of nuclear power plants; repair or maintenance of office machines and equipment; repair or maintenance of optical machines and instruments; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for packaging; repair or maintenance of painting machines and systems; repair or maintenance of photographic machines and systems; repair or maintenance of plant fiber treatment machines and systems; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for plastic processing; repair or maintenance of plowing machines and systems [except "portable tools"]; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for energy distribution or control; repair or maintenance of power generators; repair or maintenance of mechanically controlled floor-cleaning machines; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for book printing or bookbinding; pump repair or maintenance; repair or maintenance of railway rolling stock; repair or maintenance of tanks; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for manufacturing rubber products; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for manufacturing semi-conductors; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for silk farming; repair or maintenance of sewing machines; repair or maintenance of footwear-making machines; repair or maintenance of signboards; repair or maintenance of telecommunication systems [except telephones, radios and television sets]; repair or maintenance of telephone apparatus; repair or maintenance of textile machines and systems; repair or maintenance of tobacco processing; repair or maintenance of two-wheeled motor vehicles; repair or maintenance of vehicle washing installations, repair or maintenance of automatic distribution machines; repair or maintenance of vessels; repair or maintenance of machines and systems for waste compacting; repair and maintenance of waste crushing machines; repair or maintenance of water pollution control systems; repair or maintenance of water purification systems; tank cleaning; septic tank cleaning; installation or repair of locks; sharpening of kitchen knives and scissors; sterilization of horticulture or forestry machines and apparatus; sanding [saw mill]
Class 38:
Telecommunications; telecommunications (other than broadcasting); electronic transmission of audio and video files by streaming and downloadable via computer and other communication networks; webcasting services; provision of connectivity services and access to electronic communication networks, for transmission or reception of audio, video or multimedia content; provision of connectivity services and access to electronic communication networks, for the transmission or reception of digital photographs, video files and other digital multimedia, broadcasting services and provision of telecommunication access to films and video programs provided via a video-on-demand service; telecommunication services including provision of access to online communities in which users create, view, edit, share, store and upload and download digital photos, video files and other multimedia content; cable television broadcasting; cellular telephone communications; communications by computer terminals; communications via telegrams; communications by telephone; computer aided transmission of messages and images; electronic mail; electronic display services (telecommunications); transmission via facsimile; information about telecommunications; message sending; press agencies; telecommunication connection services to a global computer network; provision of user access to global computer networks; radio broadcasting; rental of facsimile devices; rental of message sending devices; rental of modems; rental of telecommunication equipment; rental of telephones; satellite transmission; sending of telegrams; routing and connection services for telecommunication networks; teleconferencing services; telegraph services; telephone services; television broadcasting; online distribution of games from a computer network; telex services; transmission of telegrams; transmission of videos on demand; news agency services; provision of access points to electronic news bulletins; communication by fiber-optic networks; paging services [radio, telephone or other means of electronic communication]; database access services; provision of chat rooms on the Internet; provision of telecommunication channels for teleshopping services; telecommunication connection services to a global computer network; rental of access time to global computer networks; transmission of digital files; transmission of greeting cards online; voice mail services; wireless broadcasting; online access to photograph catalogs by means of a sharing portal; provision of access to electronic communication networks, namely social networks for facilitating social interaction between individuals, social meetings and searches for people with specific leisure pursuits, interests and origins; providing access to electronic communications networks, namely social and personal services provided by others
Class 39:
Transport; packaging and storage of goods; arranging of tours; air transport; ambulance transport; armored-car transport; arranging of cruises; organization of tours; lighterage; boat rental; storage of ships; boat transport; booking of seats for travel; bottling services; bus transport; vehicle parking; coach rental; grouping, transport of vehicles; chauffeur services; courier services [messages or merchandise]; delivery of goods by mail order; delivery of newspapers; distribution of energy; electricity distribution; transport by ferry-boat; flower delivery; franking of mail; freight brokerage [forwarding]; freight forwarding; freight [shipping of goods]; freighting; frozen food locker rental; garage rental; transportation of valuables; hauling; horse rental; ice-breaking; launching of satellites for others; barge transportation services; marine transport; message delivery; operating canal locks; packaging of merchandise; parcel delivery; rental of parking spaces; passenger transport; piloting; pleasure boat service; porterage; provision of travel information, via a global computer network; provision of navigation and information services, namely information relating to traffic and traffic jams; railway transport; refloating services for boats; refrigerator rental; removal services; rental of diving bells; rental of diving suits; rental of freezers; rental of motor racing cars; hire storage containers; rental of vehicle roof racks; rental of warehouses; rental of wheelchairs; salvaging and rescue operations [transport]; river transport; salvage of ships; rescue services; shipbrokerage; sightseeing [tourism]; stowage and unloading; storage; storage information; goods storage; tram services; taxi transport; towing; traffic information; tramway services; transport and disposal of waste; transport and storage of waste; transport brokerage; pipeline transport; transport of travelers; booking of transport; transport information; transport logistics; transport of furniture; booking for travel; travel agency services, namely transportation bookings; underwater salvage; unloading cargo; vehicle breakdown assistance [towing]; vehicle rental; storage; water distribution; water supply; packing of merchandise; airport services; brokerage relating to rental or chartering of ships; mail supply service; gas supplying [distribution]; heat supplying [distribution]; management of parking spaces; parking services; provision of road and traffic information; providing toll roads; provision of mooring equipment for boats; airplane rental; rental of bicycles; rental of freezers for household purposes; rental of freezing machines and apparatus; rental of loading-unloading machines and apparatus; rental of mechanical parking systems; rental of machines and apparatus for wrapping or packaging; rental of refrigerator-freezers for household use; rental of ships; rental of warehouses; boat steering; temporary safekeeping of personal belongings; temporary storage of deliveries; tour escorting; circuit accompanying or escorting; travel agencies; vehicle driving services; warehousing services; supply of water; food and beverage delivery services; escorting of travelers
Class 40:
Treatment of materials; development, processing, printing, reproduction, duplication, resizing, engraving, retouching, photo-composition and finishing of digital photographs and video files; enlarging of photographic prints; developing photographic film; printing of photographic film; processing of photographic and digital images, printing and reproduction; digital printing, namely printing of digital photographs and images on disks or other electronic media, printing of photographic and digital images from photographic negatives and digital images downloaded on printable surfaces, photographic printing, namely printing of photographic and digital images from photographic negatives and digital images downloaded on printable surfaces; photographic printing, namely printing of digital and photographic images from photographic negatives and digital images downloaded on printable surfaces, editing and retouching of photographic images, enlargement of photographs, reprinting, development and modification of images; online processing and development of digital images; online printing of digital images on photographic paper, photographic books or goods, advisory, consultancy and information services on processing photographic film and printing of photographs; abrasion; air freshening; air freshening; air purification; applying finishes to textiles; blacksmithing; Coppersmithing; bookbinding; burnishing by abrasion; cadmium-plating; chromium plating; cloth cutting; dyeing of fabrics; cloth edging; cloth fireproofing; cloth pre-shrinking; cloth treating; fabric waterproofing; alteration of clothing; color separation services; coppersmithing; crease-resistant treatment for clothing; cryopreservation services; customized assembly of materials for others; custom fashioning of fur; decontamination of hazardous materials; dressmaking; electroplating; embroidery; engraving; fabric bleaching; textile fireproofing; fabric waterproofing; flour milling; food and drink preservation; food smoking; framing of works of art; freezing of foods; fruit crushing; fulling of cloth; fur conditioning; fur dyeing; fur glossing; moth-proofing of fur; fur coloring; galvanization; gilding; glassblowing; gold-plating; grinding; laser scribing; leather staining; leather processing; lithographic printing; magnetization; information on treatment of materials; metal casting; metal plating; metal tempering; metal treating; milling; nickel plating; offset printing; optical glass grinding; paper finishing; pattern printing; permanent-press treatment of fabrics; photocomposition services; development of photographic films; photographic printing; photogravure; pottery firing; printing; processing of petroleum; production of energy; quilting; recycling of waste and trash; refining services; rental of air conditioning apparatus; rental of generators; rental of heating apparatus; saddlery work; sanding services; sawing [saw mill]; shoe staining; silkscreen printing; silvering; skin dressing; slaughtering of animals; soldering; sorting of waste and recyclable material [transformation]; washing finishes; tailoring services; tanning; taxidermy; fabric fireproofing; moth-proofing of textiles; textile treating; timber felling and processing; tin plating; vulcanization [material processing]; window tinting treatment, being surface coating; woodworking; wool treatment; rental of decontamination equipment
Class 41:
Education; training services; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; teaching; provision of non-downloadable films and television programs via a video-on-demand service; provision of prerecorded music online via a global computer network; amusement parks; entertainment; animal training; preparation and organization of colloquiums; preparation and organization of conferences; preparation and organization of congresses; preparation and organization of seminars; preparation and organization of symposiums; organization of beauty contests; boarding schools; booking of seats for shows; mobile library services; circuses; correspondence courses; discotheque services; dubbing; information on education; school examinations; hosting services; information on entertainment; production of films other than advertising films; providing games online from a computer network; gymnastic lessons; fitness club services; instruction services; lending libraries; mobile library services; modeling services for artists; movie studios; show halls; nursery schools; operating lotteries; orchestra services; organization of balls; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organization of sports competitions; physical education; production of radio and television broadcasts; show production; amusement arcade game services; providing sports facilities; publication of books; publication of online electronic books and newspapers from a computer network; radio entertainment; recording studio services; recreation information; religious education; rental of audio equipment; rental of video cameras; rental of motion pictures; rental of lighting devices for scenery for theaters or television studios; rental of animated films; rental of movie projectors and accessories; rental of radio and television sets; rental of show scenery; rental of skin diving equipment; rental of sound recordings; rental of stadium equipment; rental of stage scenery; rental of tennis courts; rental of video cameras; rental of video cassette recording devices; script writing services; sports camp services; television entertainment; theater production services; preparation of sporting events; education; editing of video cassettes; videotape film production; zoological gardens; provision of online information about video games on computers and computer game programs as described in magazines, manuals and publications; publication of manuals for programs for video game consoles on television for personal use; rental of encoded magnetic tapes with programs for video game consoles on television for the security of the computer system; digital publishing services; provision of online downloadable computer software to enable users to program digital photographs, video files and other multimedia content; academies [education]; preparation and organization of concerts; calligraphy services; movie presentations; club services [entertainment or education]; coaching [training]; computer-assisted electronic publishing; entertainment in the form of interactive games played via a global communication network; games involving gambling; rental of equipment for games; provision of golfing equipment; guidance [professional] [advice relating to education or training]; holiday camp services [entertainment]; language interpreter services; layout services, other than for advertising purposes; reproduction on micro film; rental of movie projectors and accessories; cinematographic film projection; music composition services; services of a journalist; nightclubs; organization of contests [education or entertainment]; organization of shows [impresario services]; personal training services [fitness training]; photographic reporting; photography; practical training [demonstration]; music production services; karaoke services; provision of non-downloadable online electronic publications; publication of online electronic books and newspapers; publication of texts, other than advertising texts; rental of sports equipment, except vehicles; rental of sports grounds; sign language interpretation; subtitling; teaching; ticket agency services [entertainment]; forecasting of sports events; toy rental; translation; rental of video cassettes; videotaping; professional guidance [advice for education or training]; vocational retraining; preparation and organization of workshops [training]; writing texts, other than advertising texts; zoo services; musical performances; publishing of computer programs; writing of instruction manuals for others in the field of video game consoles on television for personal use; health clubs (health and fitness training)
Class 42:
Scientific and technological services, research and design relating to these services; industrial analysis and research services; design and development of computer hardware and software; provision of computer programs; provision of online non-downloadable software for wireless transmission and synchronization of audio, video, text, multimedia files, films, music, and data flows to and between a computer, television via a computer, another audio and video display device via a computer, a mobile telephone, a laptop computer or other mobile device; ASP application service provider services including computer software; ASP application service provider services including computer software for creation, downloading, transmission, reception, publishing, extraction, encoding, decoding, display, storage and organization of texts, graphics, images and electronic publications; ASP application service provider, namely hosting of third-party computer software programs in the field of online sales on a computer server to make them accessible to others; provision of a website with technology that enables users toupload, store, view and download digital photos and video files; computer services, namely Cloud hosting services; advice for Cloud computer networks and applications; encryption of information available on a computer; planning, production and maintenance of computer system programs for securing data available on a computer; encryption of computer data relating to electronic communication; computer graphics design; design and production of computer graphics programs; creation and management of websites on a proprietary domain name; creation and management of a page for Internet communication; conversion of data or documents from physical support to an electronic support; conversion of program data and computer data (not physical conversion); professional consultancy services relating to computer systems; professional consultancy services relating to the design of computer systems; development of computer systems; development of software for video game consoles; computer security services; Computer access, authorization, authentication, encryption, identification and digital certificate services for users of Internet pages in connection with online sales; design of programs for video game consoles on television sets for personal use; provision of information relating to computers and computer programs; professional consulting services in connection with data creation and processing by a computer; design and management of systems for information processing by a computer; creation and processing of computer programs; design of computer networks; professional consulting in connection with the study and design of computer networks; rental of encoded magnetic tapes with computer programs for the security of computer systems; rental of memory space on servers for Internet pages; rental of computers and computer programs; rental by the hour of computers via an on-line network; private authentication services by means of Internet communication; provision of search engines for obtaining data via a global computer network; rental of computer access time; hosting on an online Website community so that registered users can share information, photographs, audio and video content and use social networks; analysis for the exploitation of oil sites; consultancy in the field of architecture; architecture; authentication of works of art; bacteriology research; biological research; grading [measuring]; chemical analysis; chemical research; chemistry services; cloud seeding; computer programming; computer rental; consultancy on computer software; computer software design; computer system analysis; computer system design; computer virus protection services; construction drafting; consultancy in the field of design and development of computer hardware; consultancy in the field of energy saving; cosmetic research; creation and management of third-party websites; design of interior decoration; digitization of documents [scanning]; clothing design; duplication of computer programs; engineering; geological prospecting; geological research; geological surveys; graphic arts designing; writing analysis [graphology]; hosting computer sites [websites]; industrial design; installation of computer software; land surveying; maintenance of computer software; equipment testing; mechanical research; meteorological information; remote monitoring of computer systems; oil exploration; studies of oil sites; oil well testing; packaging design; physics [research]; providing searching engines for the Internet; provision of scientific information, advice and consultancy in relation to carbon offsetting; quality control; recovery of computer data; rental of software; rental of web servers; research and development for others; research in the field of environmental protection; design [industrial design]; topography; technical research; textile monitoring; underwater exploration; town and city planning; technical inspection of vehicles; water analysis; weather forecast; provision or rental of electronic memory space (Web space) on messaging servers for recipients of electronic mail; writing of technical manuals for computer programs and computers
Class 44:
Medical services; veterinary services; hygienic and beauty care for human beings or animals; agriculture; horticulture and forestry services; provision of medical, veterinary, sanitary, cosmetic and beauty care services; massage, sun tanning and sauna services; beauty salon services; hairdressing salons; information, help and consultancy services relating to beauty, health care, beauty care, cosmetics and slimming; professional consultancy in the field of surgical and medical equipment, apparatus, devices and instruments, medical care, medical treatments and surgery; surface and air distribution of fertilizers and other agricultural chemicals; animal breeding; animal grooming; aquaculture services; aromatherapy services; artificial insemination services; blood bank services; chiropractic services; dental care; rental of farming equipment; flower arrangements; gardening; hair implants; health care; health centers; health and spa services; horticulture; hospices; hospitals; in-vitro fertilization services; landscaping; landscape design services; lawn maintenance; manicure services; massage; medical assistance; medical clinic services; leasing of medical equipment; midwife services; nursing homes; nursing and medical services; opticians' services; pet grooming; pharmacy services for the delivery of prescriptions; pharmaceutical advice; physical therapy; physical therapy; plant nurseries; plastic surgery; public baths for hygiene purposes; rehabilitation for drug abuse patients; rest homes; sanatoriums; sun bed services; tattooing; telemedicine services; therapy services; tree planting to offset carbon emissions; tree surgery; Turkish baths; vermin extermination for agriculture, horticulture and forestry; veterinary assistance; for crowns
Class 45:
Legal services; security services for the protection of property; presentation, networking and dating agencies; personal information to meet the needs of individuals, namely information on personal development; provision of websites on the Internet for the purpose of social networking; licensing of computer software [legal services]; consultancy relating to intellectual property; on-line social networking services; presentation and social networking services on the Internet; adoption agency services; alternative services for settling disputes; arbitration services; baby sitting; inspection of luggage for security purposes; chaperoning; clothing rental; copyright management; crematorium services; dating services; detective agencies; escorting in society [chaperoning]; suit rental; firefighting; burial; genealogical research; civil protection (guards); horoscope casting; house-sitting; inspection of factories for security purposes; intellectual property monitoring services; legal research; intellectual property licensing; litigation management services; lost and found property; marriage agencies; mediation; missing person searches; monitoring of alarms to prevent burglary and for security purposes; night guards; opening of security locks; organization of religious meetings; personal background checks; body guarding; care of animals; planning and organizing wedding ceremonies; registration of domain names [legal services]; rental of fire alarms; rental of fire extinguishers; rental of safes; security consultancy; undertaking; providing user authentication services in e-commerce transactions