Trademark: PRECISE 1604202
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
05 February 2014
Registration Date
05 February 2014
Renewal Date
05 February 2024

Collison & Co

Goods and Services:
Class 37:
Construction, repair and installation services in relation to buildings; residential, commercial and industrial installation and repair of electrical and computer wiring and cabling none in relation to telecommunications; installation maintenance and repair of heating and cooling apparatus; property maintenance; electrical installation and wiring services none in relation to telecommunications; boiler cleaning and repair; bricklaying; building construction supervision; building insulating; burglar alarm installation and repair; burner maintenance and repair; construction; construction equipment (Rental of -); construction information; electric appliance installation, maintenance and repair, elevator installation and repair; fire alarm installation and repair; freezing equipment installation and repair; furnace installation and repair; heating equipment installation and repair; installation of doors and windows; irrigation devices installation and repair; kitchen equipment installation; lift installation and repair; machinery installation, maintenance and repair; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; painting, interior and exterior; pipeline construction and maintenance; plastering; plumbing; pump repair; rat exterminating; rental of construction equipment; repair of security locks; roofing services; safe maintenance and repair; sanding; scaffolding; sealing (building - ); services stations (vehicle - ) (refuelling and maintenance); signs (painting or repair of -); supervision (building construction-); swimming-pool maintenance; wallpapering; warehouse construction and repair; window cleaning; windows (installation of doors and -)