Trademark: MACHT 1574102
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Lapsed: Not accepted
Application Date
12 August 2013


Goods and Services:
Class 7:
Branch cutters (machines); Brush cutters (machines); Electric tree branch cutters; Gear cutters (machines); Hedge cutters (machines); Hedge trimmers (machines); Power driven hedge shears; Power operated hedge trimmers; Blades for circular saws (machines); Bow saws (machines); Butchers saws (machines); Chain saws; Circular saw blades being parts of machines; Circular saws being portable electric power tools; Clearing saws (hand-operated); Clearing saws (machines); Electric portable power saws; Electric saws; Hole saws (machines); Hydraulic gripper saws; Power operated cross-cutting saws; Power saws; Saw blades (parts of machines); Saw blades for use with power tools; Saw chains; Sawing machines; Saws (machines); Air pressure pumps (garage installations); High pressure pumps; Oil pressure pumps; Pressure pumps; Flail mowers; Garden tractors for mowing lawns; Heavy duty flail mowers; Hitches for self-propelled mowers; Knives for mowing machines; Lawn mowing attachments for vehicles; Machine mowers; Motor driven lawn mowers; Mowing and reaping machines; Mowing buckets (machines or parts of machines); Mowing machines (electric); Mowing machines (petrol); Seated (ride on) lawn mowers; Self-propelled mowers; Electric lawnmowers; Lawn aerators (machines); Lawn clippers (machines); Lawn cutting machines; Lawn edge trimmers (machines); Lawn sweepers (machines); Lawn trimming machines; Lawn weeding machines; Lawnmowers (machines); Machines for use in the preparation of lawns; Power operated lawn edging tools; Gas welding machines; Machines for resistance welding (gas operated); Machines for welding (electric); Machines for welding (gas); Machines for welding corners on PVC window frames; Cleaning lances (parts of pressure washers); High pressure washers; Domestic grinders, electric; Centrifugal water pumps for domestic purposes; Engine driven water pumps; Machines for making automotive water pumps; Water pumps for aerating aquaria; Water pumps for aerating ponds; Water pumps for showers; Water pumps for vehicles; Demolition hammers (machines); Machines for the demolition industry; Bilge pumps; Centrifugal pumps; Circulating pumps; Compressed air pumps; Diaphragm pumps; Electric motor pump units; Electric pumps; Electric pumps for ponds; Engine feathering pumps; Fluid pumps; Fuel dispensing pumps; Marine pumps; Rotary pumps; Screw pumps; Submersible electric pumps; Submersible pumps; Air compressor pumps; Air compressors; Compressor stages; Rotary air compressors; Screw air compressors