Trademark: LA MAISON GLASSHOUSE 1550077
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
08 April 2013
Registration Date
08 April 2013
Renewal Date
08 April 2023

Baxter Patent Attorneys Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Room fragrances; Room perfumes in spray form; Room fresheners (fragrance preparations); Cosmetics; Skin lotions (cosmetic); Skin creams (cosmetic); Oils for the skin (cosmetics); Skin care oils (cosmetic); Non-medicated face lotion; Non-medicated face cream; Hair oil; Hair cream; Hair lotions; Non-medicated hair lotions; Liquid soaps; Soap; Perfumery; Eau de Cologne; Essential oils for use in eau de colognes; Essential oils; Dentifrices; Antiperspirant deodorants; Body deodorants; Deodorants for personal use; Personal deodorants; Antiperspirants (toiletries); Nourishing creams (cosmetics); Oils for the body (cosmetics); Oils for the hair; Skincare cosmetics; Facial cleansers; Sun block; Sunscreens; Cosmetic kits; Cosmetic creams; Scrubs (preparations), other than for medical use; Hair care products; Bath crystals, not medicated; Non-medicated bath salts; Cosmetic face powders; Skin toners; Cream perfumes; Perfume oils; Lipsticks; Non-medicated lip balms; Beauty masks; Cosmetic masks; Creams for use after shaving; Creams for use before shaving; Preparations for use in shaving; Shaving creams; Shampoos; Conditioners for use on the hair; Skin conditioners; Toothpaste; Mouth washes, not for medical purposes; Make-up removing preparations; Cosmetics in the form of eye shadow; Cosmetic pencils; Decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; Blushers; Cosmetic powder; Foundation preparations; Mascara; Eyebrow pencils; Eyeliner; Lip glosses; Nail polish; Aromatherapy preparations; Fragrant preparations