Trademark: FUEL COMPANY TVEL 1509912
Device Descrption:
Trademark Type
Protected: Registered/protected
Application Date
09 December 2011
Registration Date
09 December 2011
Renewal Date
09 December 2021


Goods and Services:
Class 1:
Agar-agar; nitrogen; actinium; alkaloids; algarovilla [tanning material]; alginates [gelling and inflating preparations] other than for alimentary purposes; crotonic aldehyde; ammonium aldehyde; aldehydes; americium; amyl acetate; ammonia [volatile alkali] for industrial purposes; anhydrous ammonia; ammonia; acetic anhydride; anhydrides; anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines; anti-incrustants; disincrustants; antistatic preparations, other than for household purposes; antifreeze; dextrine size; dressing and finishing preparations for textiles; size for finishing and priming; argon; lead arsenate; astatine; aluminium acetate; lime acetate; lead acetate; acetate of cellulose, unprocessed; acetates [chemicals]; acetylene; acetone; oenological bactericides [chemical preparations used in wine making]; balm of gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] for making varnish; barium; barytes; albumen [animal or vegetable, raw material]; animal albumen [raw material]; iodised albumen; malt albumen; bentonite; berkelium; bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes; potassium dioxalate; bichromate of potassium; bichromate of soda; bauxite; bromine for chemical purposes; albuminized paper; baryta paper; diazo paper; blueprint paper; reagent paper; test paper, chemical; litmus paper; nitrate paper; sensitized paper; photometric paper; borax; agglutinants for concrete; gas purifying preparations; preservatives for pharmaceutical preparations; polish removing substances; preparations for the separation of greases; substances for preventing runs in stockings; water-softening preparations; limestone hardening substances; tanning substances; birdlime; glue for industrial purposes; surface-active chemical agents; artificial sweeteners [chemical preparations]; fissionable material for nuclear energy; foundry binding substances; concrete-aeration chemicals; leather-dressing chemicals; chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; starch-liquifying chemicals [ungluing agents]; flower preservatives; seed preserving substances; viscose; bismuth; bismuth nitrite for chemical purposes; witherite; distilled water; sea water for industrial purposes; acidulated water for recharging accumulators; heavy water; hydrogen; seaweeds [fertilizers]; gadolinium; getters [chemically active substances]; protective gases for welding; solidified gases for industrial purposes; gas propellents for aerosols; basic gallate of bismuth; gallium; gambier; helium; electrophoresis gels, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; aluminium hydrate; hydrates; hyposulphites; ceramic glazings; glycol; expanded-clay for hydroponic plant growing [substrate]; china slip; kaolin; alumina; glycerides; glycerine for industrial purposes; glucose for industrial purposes; glucosides; holmium; hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit; peat pots for horticulture; graphite for industrial purposes; guano; humus; potting soil; detergents for use in manufacturing processes; defoliants; hydrazine; diastase for industrial purposes; kieselgur; manganese dioxide; titanium dioxide for industrial purposes; dry ice [carbon dioxide]; zirconia; oil dispersants; petroleum dispersants; dysprosium; bichloride of tin; detergent additives to petrol [gasoline]; ceramic compositions for sintering [granules and powders]; additives, chemical, to drilling muds; additives, chemical, to insecticides; chemical additives for oils; additives, chemical, to motor fuel; additives, chemical, to fungicides; dolomite for industrial purposes; tan-wood; europium; gelatine for photographic purposes; gelatine for industrial purposes; auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives; fluids for hydraulic circuits; liquids for removing sulphates from accumulators; brake fluid; magnetic fluid for industrial purposes; power steering fluid; transmission fluid; grafting wax for trees; tree cavity fillers [forestry]; glaziers' putty; moderating materials for nuclear reactors; rare earths; metal earths; diatomaceous earth; fuller's earth for use in textile industry; lime chloride; isotopes for industrial purposes; ion exchangers [chemical preparations]; ytterbium; yttrium; iodine for industrial purposes; iodine for chemical purposes; aluminium iodide; alkaline iodides for industrial purposes; casein for industrial purposes; kainite; potassium; sorrel salt; californium; gum arabic for industrial purposes; tartar other than for pharmaceutical purposes; camphor, for industrial purposes; calcium carbide; carbide; lime carbonate; magnesium carbonate; carbonates; cement [metallurgy]; cassiopium [lutetium]; catalysts; biochemical catalysts; catechu; caustics for industrial purposes; alum; ammonia alum; aluminium alum; chrome alum; quebracho for industrial purposes; ketones; cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed; oxygen; nitric acid; antranilic acid; benzoic acid; boric acid for industrial purposes; tartaric acid; tungstic acid; gallic acid for the manufacture of ink; gallotannic acid; tannic acid; iodic acid; phenol for industrial purposes; citric acid for industrial purposes; lactic acid; formic acid; persulphuric acid; oleic acid; picric acid; pyrogallic acid; salicylic acid; sebacic acid; sulphuric acid; sulphurous acid; hydrochloric acid; stearic acid; carbonic acid; spirits of vinegar [dilute acetic acid]; phosphoric acid; hydrofluoric acid; cholic acid; chromic acid; oxalic acid; acids; benzene-based acids; fatty acids; arsenious acid; mineral acids; adhesives for billposting; leather glues; adhesives for wall tiles; adhesives for paperhanging; cement for mending broken articles; gums [adhesives], other than for stationery or household purposes; adhesives for industrial purposes; isinglass other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes; gluten [glue], other than for stationery or household purposes; flocculants; collodion; compost; beer preserving agents; mangrove bark for industrial purposes; tan; starch for industrial purposes; starch paste [adhesive], other than for stationery or household purposes; silicon; creosote for chemical purposes; krypton; xenon; curium; lanthanum; lecithin [raw material]; lithium; magnesite; manganate; oils for tanning leather; oils for currying leather; oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; oils for the preservation of food; carbolineum for the protection of plants; paper pulp; wood pulp; grafting mastic for trees; mastic for leather; mastic for tires [tyres]; synthetic materials for absorbing oil; ceramic materials in particulate form, for use as filtering media; filtering materials [mineral substances]; filtering materials [vegetable substances]; filtering materials [chemical preparations]; copper sulphate [vitriol]; metalloids; alkaline-earth metals; alkaline metals; methane; methyl benzene; methyl benzol; flour for industrial purposes; tapioca flour for industrial purposes; potato flour for industrial purposes; soap [metallic] for industrial purposes; arsenic; emollients for industrial purposes; dressing, except oils, for skins; sodium; hypochlorite of soda; naphthalene; sal ammoniac; toxic gas neutralizers; neodymium; neon; neptunium; nitrate of uranium; nitrates; combusting preparations [chemical additives to motor fuel]; nitrous oxide; baryta; uranium oxide; oxalates; lithia [lithium oxide]; lead oxide; antimony oxide; chromium oxide; cobalt oxide for industrial purposes; mercuric oxide; olivine [chemical preparations]; gallnuts; clarification preparations; wine finings; must-fining preparations; textile-brightening chemicals; beer-clarifying and preserving agents; reducing agents for use in photography; bases [chemical preparations]; wax-bleaching chemicals; fat-bleaching chemicals; organic-bleaching chemicals; pectin [photography]; perborate of soda; humus top dressing; percarbonates; hydrogen peroxide; persulphates; perchlorates; foundry sand; sensitized plates for offset printing; plasticizers; roentgen films, sensitized but not exposed; plutonium; substrates for soil-free growing [agriculture]; polonium; potash; potash water; earth for growing; praseodymium; rubber preservatives; brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils; masonry preservatives, except paints and oils; cement preservatives, except paints and oils; preservatives for tiles, except paints and oils; bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; bacteriological preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; bacteriological preparations for acetification; biological preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; vulcanising preparations; diagnostic preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; renovating preparations for phonograph records; currying preparations for leather; currying preparations for skins; metal hardening preparations; fixing baths [photography]; fixing solutions [photography]; opacifiers for enamel or glass; separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations; metal annealing preparations; preparations for preventing the tarnishing of lenses; preparations for preventing the tarnishing of glass; cement-waterproofing preparations, except paints; plant growth regulating preparations; anti-boil preparations for engine coolants; fulling preparations for use in textile industry; scale removing preparations, other than for household purposes; flashlight preparations; galvanizing preparations; finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel; sizing preparations; animal carbon preparations; cultures of microorganisms other than for medical and veterinary use; corrosive preparations; cryogenic preparations; dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes; degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes; degumming preparations; gum solvents; oil-bleaching chemicals; bleaching preparations [decolorants] for industrial purposes; meat tenderizers for industrial purposes; preparations for stimulating cooking for industrial purposes; preparations of trace elements for plants; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in the textile industry; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in dyeing; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in bleaching; enzyme preparations for industrial purposes; filtering preparations for the beverages industry; chemical preparations to prevent mildew; vine disease preventing chemicals; chemical preparations for protection against wheat blight [smut]; chemical condensation preparations; chemical preparations for smoking meat; chemical substances for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; chemical preparations for scientific purposes, other than for medical or veterinary use; chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals; engine-decarbonising chemicals; fulling preparations; fuel-saving preparations; coal saving preparations; damp proofing preparations, except paints, for masonry; anti-sprouting preparations for vegetables; brazing preparations; preparations of the distillation of wood alcohol; by-products of the processing of cereals for industrial purposes; benzene derivatives; cellulose derivatives [chemicals]; promethium; protactinium; protein [raw material]; mordants for metals; radium for scientific purposes; radon; solvents for varnishes; anti-frothing solutions for accumulators; solutions for cyanotyping; baths for galvanizing; silver salt solutions for silvering; toning baths [photography]; drilling muds; fissionable chemical elements; chemical reagents, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; rhenium; mercury; rubidium; carbon black for industrial purposes; soot for industrial or agricultural purposes; lamp black for industrial purposes; samarium; saccharin; selenium; salpetre; sulphur; silver nitrate; carbon sulphide; silicates; aluminium silicate; silicones; scandium; foundry molding preparations; acrylic resins, unprocessed; artificial resins, unprocessed; synthetic resins, unprocessed; epoxy resins, unprocessed; calcined soda; caustic soda for industrial purposes; barium compounds; fluorspar compounds; salts for industrial purposes; salts [fertilisers]; salts [chemical preparations]; ammoniacal salts; ammonium salts; salts of precious metals for industrial purposes; salts for galvanic cells; salt for preserving, other than for foodstuffs; salts for coloring metal; iron salts; gold salts; iodised salts; calcium salts; sodium salts [chemical preparations]; salt, raw; salts from rare earth metals; mercury salts; toning salts [photography]; chrome salts; chromic salts; salts of alkaline metals; rock salt; mold-release preparations; fire extinguishing compositions; coolants for vehicle engines; compositions for the manufacture of phonograph records; compositions for the manufacture of technical ceramics; compositions for repairing inner tubes of tires; tire repairing compositions; acid proof chemical compositions; glutinous tree-banding preparations; adhesive preparations for surgical bandages; fireproofing preparations; compositions for threading; sauce for preparing tobacco; amyl alcohol; vinic alcohol; wood alcohol; sal ammoniac spirits; ethyl alcohol; alcohol; cement for boots and shoes; concrete preservatives, except paints and oils; water glass [soluble glass]; strontium; barium sulphate; sulphates; antimony sulphide; sulphides; benzoic sulphinide; sulphonic acids; sumac for use in tanning; superphosphates [fertilisers]; antimony; thallium; talc [magnesium silicate]; tannin; cream of tartar, other than for pharmaceutical purposes; tellurium; terbium; tetrachlorides; carbon tetrachloride; acetylene tetrachloride; technetium; thiocarbanilide; titanite; sensitized cloth for photography; blueprint cloth; toluol; fuel for atomic piles; thorium; peat [fertiliser]; tragacanth gum for use in manufactures; thulium; carbonic hydrates; carbon; activated carbons; carbon for filters; animal carbon; animal charcoal; bone charcoal; blood charcoal; fertilizing preparations; nitrogenous fertilisers; calcium cyanamide [fertilizer]; nitrogenous lime [manure]; fertilizers; manure for agriculture; pyroligneous acid [wood vinegar]; uranium; chemical intensifiers for paper; chemical intensifiers for rubber; vulcanisation accelerators; enzymes for industrial purposes; ferments for chemical purposes; milk ferments for chemical purposes; fermium; ferrocyanides; soldering fluxes; brazing fluxes; formic aldehyde for chemical purposes; phosphatides; phosphates [fertilisers]; phosphorus; photographic paper; self-toning paper [photography]; photosensitive plates; sensitized photographic plates; ferrotype plates [photography]; sensitized films, unexposed; photographic developers; photographic sensitizers; chemical preparations for use in photography; photographic emulsions; francium; fluorine; industrial chemicals; chemicals for forestry, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; glass-frosting chemicals; leather-renovating chemicals; glass-staining chemicals; enamel and glass-staining chemicals; enamel-staining chemicals; oil-separating chemicals; water purifying chemicals; oil-purifying chemicals; radiator flushing chemicals; soldering chemicals; welding chemicals; condensation-preventing chemicals; stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics; anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows; leather-waterproofing chemicals; textile-waterproofing chemicals; chemical preparations, except pigments, for the manufacture of enamel; leather-impregnating chemicals; textile-impregnating chemicals; horticulture chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; agricultural chemicals, except fungicides, weedkillers, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; soil conditioning preparations; chimney cleaners, chemical; color-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes; refrigerants; chlorine; chlorates; hydrochlorates; aluminium chloride; magnesium chloride; chlorides; palladious chlorides; chromates; flowers of sulphur for chemical purposes; caesium; cellulose; cerium; cyanides [prussiates]; cymene; loam; slag caustic alkali; radioactive elements for scientific purposes; emulsifiers; erbium; ethane; methyl ether; sulphuric ether; ethyl ether; glycol ether; ethers; esters; cellulose ethers for industrial purposes; cellulose esters for industrial purposes
Class 6:
Aluminium; anchors; fittings of metal for building; white metal; beacons of metal, non-luminous; vats of metal; girders of metal; joists of metal; bottles [metal containers] for compressed gas or liquid air; preserve tins; preserving boxes of metal; swimming pools [metal structures]; beryllium [glucinium]; blooms [metallurgy]; ingots of common metal; bolts of metal; eye bolts; casks of metal; mooring buoys of metal; barrels of metal; identification bracelets of metal, for hospitals; bronze; bells; bells for animals; letters and numerals of common metal, except type; silos of metal; busts of common metal; vanadium; bird baths [structures of metal]; vice benches of metal; screws of metal; aviaries of metal [structures]; tungsten; hoppers of metal, non-mechanical; gates of metal; sleeves [metal hardware]; signboards of metal; diving boards of metal; loading gauge rods, of metal, for railway waggons; nuts of metal; galena [ore]; celtium [hafnium]; nails; brads; tacks [nails]; horseshoe nails; germanium; tombs of metal; vice claws of metal; doors of metal; memorial plaques, of metal; tombstone plaques of metal; packaging containers of metal; containers of metal for storing acids; jalousies of metal; iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; gutters of metal; tinplate; bungs of metal; plugs of metal; bolts, flat; latch bars of metal; window fasteners of metal; crampons of metal [cramps]; binding screws of metal for cables; wheel clamps [boots]; rivets of metal; padlocks; locks of metal for vehicles; locks of metal, other than electric; locks of metal for bags; spring locks; box fasteners of metal; machine belt fasteners of metal; door bolts; bottle closures of metal; closures of metal for containers; bolts; wall plugs of metal; latches of metal; tension links; stretchers for metal bands [tension links]; wire stretchers [tension links]; stretchers for iron bands [tension links]; couplings of metal for chains; door bells, non-electric; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal, for roads; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; numberplates, of metal; registration plates, of metal; bronzes [works of art]; works of art of common metal; hardware of metal, small; ironmongery; indium; cabanas of metal; telephone booths of metal; cadmium; paint spraying booths, of metal; ropes of metal; telpher cables; greenhouse frames of metal; framework of metal for building; cornices of metal; skating rinks [structures of metal]; cermets; metal cages for wild animals; keys; knobs of metal; cobalt, raw; chill-molds [foundry]; bed casters of metal; furniture casters of metal; pillars of metal for buildings; sealing caps of metal; bottle caps of metal; capsules of metal for bottles; sealing caps of metal for bottles; tent pegs of metal; rings of common metal for keys; copper rings; ferrules of metal; ferrules of metal for handles; rings of metal; stop collars of metal; door fittings, of metal; fittings of metal for windows; buildings, transportable, of metal; buildings of metal; steel buildings; guard rails of metal; baskets of metal; money boxes of metal; door cases of metal; door frames of metal; stringers [parts of staircases] of metal; taps for casks, of metal; tubbing of metal; casings of metal for oilwells; roofing of metal; brackets of metal for building; turntables [railways]; manhole covers of metal; pitons of metal [mountaineering equipment]; hooks [metal hardware]; pot hooks of metal; hooks for slate [metal hardware]; hooks of metal for clothes rails; clothes hooks of metal; chicken-houses, of metal; brass, unwrought or semi-wrought; bands of metal for tying-up purposes; scaffolding of metal; staircases of metal; ladders of metal; limonite; steel sheets; cast steel; traps for wild animals; magnesium; manganese; reinforcing materials, of metal, for concrete; reinforcing materials of metal for machine belts; reinforcing materials of metal for pipes; reinforcing materials of metal for building; materials of metal for funicular railway permanent ways; railway material of metal; building materials of metal; refractory construction materials of metal; masts of metal; steel masts; copper, unwrought or semi-wrought; sheets and plates of metal; common metals, unwrought or semi-wrought; pyrophoric metals; metals in powder form; molybdenum; door knockers; monuments of metal; porches of metal [building]; monuments of metal for tombs; bronzes for tombstones; roof flashing of metal; fish plates [rails]; flashing of metal, for building; anvils; anvils [portable]; beak-irons [bick-irons]; ferrules of metal for walking sticks; rope thimbles of metal; handcuffs; duckboards of metal; german silver; nickel; niobium; grease nipples; thread of metal for tying-up purposes; binding thread of metal for agricultural purposes; house numbers of metal, non-luminous; braces of metal for handling loads; wall claddings of metal [building]; wall linings of metal [building]; cladding of metal for construction and building; moldings of metal for cornices; laths of metal; barrel hoops of metal; fences of metal; palings of metal; tree protectors of metal; crash barriers of metal for roads; latticework of metal; trellis of metal; ironwork for doors; ironwork for windows; windows of metal; casement windows of metal; tin; shuttering of metal for concrete; filings of metal; cask stands of metal; poles of metal, for electric lines; props of metal; wainscotting of metal; signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; partitions of metal; lintels of metal; strap-hinges of metal; shims; rocket launching platforms of metal; platforms, prefabricated, of metal; transport pallets of metal; floor tiles, of metal; tiles of metal for building; anchor plates; tie plates; armour plate; gravestone slabs of metal; tile floorings of metal; iron slabs; lead seals; loading pallets, of metal; handling pallets of metal; firedogs [andirons]; armour plating; paving blocks of metal; roof coverings of metal; floors of metal; sills of metal; ceilings of metal; gold solder; silver solder; door closers, non-electric; door openers, non-electric; door springs, non-electric; valves of metal, other than parts of machines; clips of metal for cables and pipes; wall hooks of metal for pipes; floating docks of metal for mooring boats; iron wire; aluminium wire; wire for aerials; soldering wire of metal; wire of common metal; wire of common metal alloys, except fuse wire; barbed wire; copper wire, not insulated; steel wire; washers of metal; springs [metal hardware]; rods of metal for welding; rods of metal for brazing; rods of metal for brazing and welding; enclosures of metal for tombs; window frames of metal; frames of metal for building; tanks of metal; containers of metal [storage, transport]; containers of metal for liquid fuel; containers of metal for compressed gas or liquid air; floating containers of metal; rails of metal; belts of metal for handling loads; gratings of metal; furnace fireguards; pulleys of metal, other than for machines; runners of metal for sliding doors; window pulleys; iron ores; ores of metal; chrome ores; tool handles of metal; door handles of metal; scythe handles of metal; broom handles of metal; knife handles of metal; pilings of metal; lead, unwrought or semi-wrought; safes [strong boxes]; vaults of metal [burial]; buckles of common metal [hardware]; door scrapers; cable joints of metal, non-electric; jets of metal; nozzles of metal; anti-friction metal; silver plated tin alloy; alloys of common metal; nickel-silver; bindings of metal; sheaf binders of metal; shutters of metal; outdoor blinds of metal; steel alloys; iron strip; steel strip; steel, unwrought or semi-wrought; tinfoil; statues of common metal; figurines [statuettes] of common metal; tombstone stelae of metal; pegs of metal; pins [hardware]; bars for metal railings; posts of metal; advertisement columns of metal; telegraph posts of metal; railway switches; steps [ladders] of metal; slings of metal for handling loads; stair treads [steps] of metal; identity plates of metal; tantalum [metal]; troughs of metal for mixing mortar; greenhouses of metal, transportable; titanium; wire cloth; tombac; boarding stairs of metal, mobile, for passengers; cables of metal, non-electric; wire rope; mooring bollards of metal; turnstiles, non-automatic; angle irons; tinplate packings; stops of metal; door stops of metal; gate stops of metal; sash fasteners of metal for windows; bicycle parking installations of metal; towel dispensers, fixed, of metal; wind-driven bird-repelling devices made of metal; tungsten iron; molybdenum iron; silicon iron; ferrotitanium; chrome iron; door panels of metal; weather vanes of metal; wind vanes of metal; aluminium foil; foils of metal for wrapping and packaging; ice moulds of metal; foundry molds of metal; fittings of metal for coffins; fittings of metal for beds; fittings of metal for furniture; building or furniture fittings of nickel-silver; chromium; cattle chains; chains for dogs; safety chains of metal; chains of metal; zinc; zirconium; tiles of metal; cast iron, unwrought or semi-wrought; balls of steel; hinges of metal; poles of metal; crampons [climbing irons]; cashboxes of metal; safety cashboxes; belt stretchers of metal; railroad ties of metal; window casement bolts; cotter pins; spurs; roller blinds of steel; building boards of metal; insect screens of metal; furnace fire screens; badges of metal for vehicles; lock bolts; bins of metal; chests of metal; tool boxes of metal, empty; tool chests of metal, empty; chests of metal for food; meat safes of metal; boxes of common metal; letter boxes of metal
Class 9:
DVD players; ticket dispensers; coin-operated musical automata [juke boxes]; distribution machines, automatic; vending machines; motor fire engines; answering machines; accumulators, electric; accumulators, electric, for vehicles; actinometers; alidades; altimeters; ammeters; anemometers; anodes; aerials; antennas; anticathodes; apertometers [optics]; divers' apparatus; high-frequency apparatus; testing apparatus not for medical purposes; remote control apparatus; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of signals; monitoring apparatus, electric; sound recording apparatus; distillation apparatus for scientific purposes; diffraction apparatus [microscopy]; air analysis apparatus; apparatus to check stamping mail; sound transmitting apparatus; electrical apparatus for sealing plastics [packaging]; apparatus for fermentation [laboratory apparatus]; electric arc cutting apparatus; electric arc welding apparatus; electric welding apparatus; breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration; breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; x-rays producing apparatus and installations, not for medical purposes; cash registers; electric apparatus for commutation; intercommunication apparatus; stills for laboratory experiments; projection apparatus; roentgen apparatus not for medical purposes; radiological apparatus for industrial purposes; soldering apparatus, electric; blueprint apparatus; blinkers [signalling lights]; stereoscopic apparatus; telegraphs [apparatus]; telephone apparatus; telephone transmitters; facsimile machines; phototelegraphy apparatus; igniting apparatus, electric, for igniting at a distance; acid hydrometers; salinometers; acidimeters for batteries; aerometers; beacons, luminous; barometers; anode batteries; high tension batteries; galvanic batteries; batteries for pocketlamps; batteries for lighting; solar batteries; batteries, electric; balances [steelyards]; gasoline pumps for service stations; betatrons; binoculars; electronic tags for goods; magnetic tape units for computers; computer memories; fire hose nozzles; encoded identification bracelets, magnetic; safety tarpaulins; signalling buoys; life buoys; marking buoys; directional compasses; vacuum gauges; electrolysers; variometers; scales; letter scales; weighbridges; precision balances; levelling staffs [surveying instruments]; camcorders; video cassettes; video telephones; video screens; viewfinders, photographic; plugs, sockets and other contacts [electric connections]; micrometer screws for optical instruments; viscosimeters; circuit closers; wavemeters; voltmeters; coin-operated gates for car parks or parking lots; mechanical signs; switchboxes [electricity]; current rectifiers; jigs [measuring instruments]; gas testing instruments; gasometers; galvanometers; heliographic apparatus; hygrometers; hydrometers; weights; peepholes [magnifying lenses] for doors; holograms; plotters; loudspeakers; sounding leads; plumb bobs; range finders; densimeters; densitometers; optical goods; detectors; galena crystals [detectors]; smoke detectors; counterfeit [false] coin detectors; slides [photography]; slide projectors; diaphragms [photography]; dictating machines; dynamometers; floppy disks; sound recording discs; disks, magnetic; optical discs; calculating disks; disk drives for computers; juke boxes for computers; dna chips; electronic notice boards; capacity measures; swimming jackets; bullet-proof waistcoats; life jackets; identification threads for electric wires; nose clips for divers and swimmers; locks, electric; bells [warning devices]; alarm bells, electric; electric door bells; signal bells; acoustic conduits; mirrors for inspecting work; road signs, luminous or mechanical; signs, luminous; marine depth finders; probes for scientific purposes; buzzers; buzzers, electric; needles for record players; gauges; measures; pressure measuring apparatus; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; inverters [electricity]; indicators [electricity]; pressure indicators; temperature indicators; incubators for bacteria culture; measuring instruments; mathematical instruments; levelling instruments; surveying instruments; azimuth instruments; interfaces for computers; ionisation apparatus, not for the treatment of air; spark-guards; coaxial cables; fibre optic cables; cables, electric; calipers; slide calipers; screw-tapping gauges; calculating machines; pocket calculators; decompression chambers; cinematographic cameras; electronic pens [visual display units]; holders for electric coils; identity cards, magnetic; video game cartridges; encoded cards, magnetic; riding helmets; protective helmets; carriers for dark plates [photography]; automated teller machines [ATM]; cathodes; choking coils [impedance]; coils, electric; electromagnetic coils; spools [photography]; cinematographic film, exposed; computer keyboards; solenoid valves [electromagnetic switches]; wire connectors [electricity]; electronic agendas; push buttons for bells; mouse pads; magnetic encoders; anti-dazzle shades; collectors, electric; calibrating rings; protective suits for aviators; commutators; compact discs [read-only memory]; compact discs [audio-video]; comparators; marine compasses; computers; laptop computers; notebook computers; condensers [capacitors]; contacts, electric; contacts, electric, of precious metal; wind socks for indicating wind direction; branch boxes [electricity]; distribution boxes [electricity]; connectors [electricity]; junction boxes [electricity]; accumulator boxes; accumulator jars; cabinets for loudspeakers; diving suits; reflecting discs for wear, for the prevention of traffic accidents; covers for electric outlets; logs [measuring instruments]; lasers, not for medical purposes; lactodensimeters; lactometers; darkroom lamps [photography]; neon signs; thermionic lamps and tubes; thermionic valves [radio]; amplifying tubes; flashlights [photography]; head cleaning tapes [recording]; magnetic tapes; videotapes; surveying chains; fire escapes; rulers [measuring instruments]; slide-rules; contact lenses; correcting lenses [optics]; optical lenses; lens hoods; optical condensers; sounding lines; electricity conduits; measuring spoons; magnifying glasses [optics]; thread counters; magnets; decorative magnets; resuscitation mannequins [teaching apparatus]; mouse [data processing equipment]; manometers; divers' masks; solderers' helmets; protective masks; materials for electricity mains [wires, cables]; accounting machines; voting machines; money counting and sorting machines; material testing instruments and machines; hemline markers; megaphones; speaking tubes; diaphragms [acoustics]; diaphragms for scientific apparatus; metal detectors for industrial or military purposes; metronomes; rules [measuring instruments]; carpenters' rules; dressmakers' measures; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; coin-operated mechanisms for television sets; shutter releases [photography]; micrometer gauges; microprocessors; microscopes; microtomes; microphones; modems; lightning conductors [rods]; monitors [computer hardware]; animated cartoons; terminals [electricity]; junction sleeves for electric cables; cases fitted with dissecting instruments [microscopy]; teeth protectors; knee-pads for workers; self-regulating fuel pumps; fuel dispensing pumps for service stations; headphones; surveyors' levels; verniers; sound recording carriers; magnetic data media; optical data media; socks, electrically heated; sheaths for electric cables; identification sheaths for electric wires; weighing machines; punched card machines for offices; furniture especially made for laboratories; shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; objectives [lenses] [optics]; lenses for astrophotography; egg-candlers; extinguishers; electrified fences; limiters [electricity]; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; clothing for protection against fire; garments for protection against fire; asbestos clothing for protection against fire; clothing especially made for laboratories; ozonisers [ozonators]; octants; eyepieces; ohmmeters; wrist rests for use with computers; spectacle frames; eyeglass frames; pince-nez mountings; oscillographs; plumb lines; mirrors [optics]; spectacles [optics]; sunglasses; goggles for sports; signalling panels, luminous or mechanical; radio pagers; eyeglasses; pince-nez; electronic pocket translators; transmitters [telecommunication]; transmitters of electronic signals; switches, electric; periscopes; gloves for divers; asbestos gloves for protection against accidents; gloves for protection against accidents; gloves for protection against x-rays for industrial purposes; furnaces for laboratory experiments; pipettes; pyrometers; planimeters; plane tables [surveying instruments]; plates for batteries; wafers [silicon slices]; compact disc players; cassette players; sound recording strips; roentgen films, exposed; films, exposed; life-saving rafts; laboratory trays; semi-conductors; polarimeters; fire engines; floats for bathing and swimming; water wings; measuring glassware; swimming belts; life belts; circuit breakers; fuses; converters, electric; telerupters; food analysis apparatus; diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; hair-curlers, electrically heated; distance measuring apparatus; speed measuring apparatus [photography]; appliances for measuring the thickness of leather; apparatus for measuring the thickness of skins; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; teaching apparatus; time recording apparatus; make-up removing appliances, electric; distance recording apparatus; apparatus and instruments for astronomy; surveying apparatus and instruments; weighing apparatus and instruments; nautical apparatus and instruments; navigational instruments; optical apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for physics; chemistry apparatus and instruments; measuring apparatus; measuring devices, electric; boiler control instruments; cosmographic instruments; meteorological instruments; naval signalling apparatus; observation instruments; navigation apparatus for vehicles [on-board computers]; satellite navigational apparatus; regulating apparatus, electric; precision measuring apparatus; instruments containing eyepieces; audio and video receivers; prisms [optics]; cigar lighters for automobiles; printers for use with computers; apparatus for changing record player needles; retorts' stands; drainers for use in photography; cleaning apparatus for sound recording discs; fire beaters; sighting telescopes for firearms; test tubes; pressure indicator plugs for valves; magnetic wires; telegraph wires; telephone wires; wires, electric; conductors, electric; copper wire, insulated; wires of metal alloys [fuse wire]; computer operating programs, recorded; computer programs, recorded; computer software, recorded; monitors [computer programs]; computer game programs; computer programs [downloadable software]; record players; central processing units [processors]; rods for water diviners; electronic publications, downloadable; distribution consoles [electricity]; control panels [electricity]; radar apparatus; vacuum tubes [radio]; masts for wireless aerials; transmitting sets [telecommunication]; radios; vehicle radios; frames for photographic transparencies; screens for photoengraving; walkie-talkies; voltage surge protectors; voltage regulators for vehicles; light dimmers [regulators], electric; stage lighting regulators; speed regulators for record players; cell switches [electricity]; reducers [electricity]; washing trays [photography]; marking gauges [joinery]; time switches, automatic; relays, electric; safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment; x-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes; rheostats; respirators, other than for artificial respiration; respirators for filtering air; retorts; refractometers; refractors; grids for batteries; horns for loudspeakers; saccharometers; light conducting filaments [optical fibers]; traffic-light apparatus [signalling devices]; dog whistles; signalling whistles; whistle alarms; sextants; inductors [electricity]; life nets; nets for protection against accidents; fire alarms; signals, luminous or mechanical; sirens; scanners [data processing equipment]; integrated circuit cards [smart cards]; connections for electric lines; connections, electric; sonars; sound locating instruments; lighting ballasts; resistances, electric; spectrograph apparatus; spectroscopes; speed indicators; alcoholmeters; satellites for scientific purposes; protection devices for personal use against accidents; audiovisual teaching apparatus; radiotelegraphy sets; radiotelephony sets; spectacle glasses; optical glass; glass covered with an electrical conductor; anti-glare glasses; personal stereos; stereoscopes; fire boats; sulphitometers; hands free kits for phones; drying racks [photography]; spherometers; integrated circuits; printed circuits; counters; meters; parking meters; postage stamp meters; kilometer recorders for vehicles; revolution counters; abacuses; taximeters; ear plugs; ear plugs for divers; tachometers; word processors; television apparatus; telescopes; teleprompters; teleprinters; portable telephones; theodolites; thermometers, not for medical purposes; thermostats; thermostats for vehicles; crucibles [laboratory]; tone arms for record players; totalizators; transistors [electronic]; protractors [measuring instruments]; battery chargers; transformers [electricity]; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; starter cables for motors; discharge tubes, electric, other than for lighting; capillary tubes; x-rays tubes not for medical purposes; telephone receivers; turnstiles, automatic; quantity indicators; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires; gasoline gauges; water level indicators; electric loss indicators; light-emitting electronic pointers; clinometers; gradient indicators; levels [instruments for determining the horizontal]; mercury levels; spirit levels; urinometers; amplifiers; particle accelerators; sprinkler systems for fire protection; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles; balancing apparatus; video recorders; sound reproduction apparatus; invoicing machines; electroplating apparatus; door closers, electric; tape recorders; protection devices against x-rays [roentgen rays], not for medical purposes; apparatus for games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; railway traffic safety appliances; data processing apparatus; door openers, electric; oxygen transvasing apparatus; theft prevention installations, electric; electric devices for attracting and killing insects; amusement apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor; time clocks [time recording devices]; film cutting apparatus; drying apparatus for photographic prints; optical character readers; elevator operating apparatus; centering apparatus for photographic transparencies; dosage dispensers; chargers for electric batteries; acoustic [sound] alarms; sounding apparatus and machines; life saving apparatus and equipment; editing appliances for cinematographic films; cathodic anti-corrosion apparatus; couplers [data processing equipment]; computer peripheral devices; anti-interference devices [electricity]; demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes; acoustic couplers; anti-theft warning apparatus; alarms; fog signals, non-explosive; adding machines; readers [data processing equipment]; heat regulating apparatus; photocopiers [photographic, electrostatic, thermic]; bar code readers; flat irons, electric; filters for respiratory masks; filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography; filters [photography]; magic lanterns; optical lanterns; signal lanterns; cameras [photography]; glazing apparatus for photographic prints; shutters [photography]; darkrooms [photography]; photometers; flash-bulbs [photography]; enlarging apparatus [photography]; photovoltaic cells; containers for contact lenses; spectacle cases; eyeglass cases; pince-nez cases; containers for microscope slides; cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; chromatography apparatus for laboratory use; chronographs [time recording apparatus]; eyeglass chains; pince-nez chains; cyclotrons; compasses [measuring instruments]; frequency meters; egg timers [sandglasses]; fire blankets; chips [integrated circuits]; pedometers; meteorological balloons; electrified rails for mounting spot lights; asbestos screens for firemen; protective helmets for sports; eyeglass cords; pince-nez cords; stands for photographic apparatus; tripods for cameras; eyeshades; switchboards; distribution boards [electricity]; workmen's protective face-shields; projection screens; radiology screens for industrial purposes; fluorescent screens; screens [photography]; exposure meters [light meters]; welding electrodes; soldering irons, electric; ducts [electricity]; galvanic cells; epidiascopes; ergometers; armatures [electricity]
Class 11:
Lamp shades; steam accumulators; heat accumulators; defrosters for vehicles; water heaters [apparatus]; distillation apparatus; desiccating apparatus; disinfectant apparatus; air deodorising apparatus; tanning apparatus [sun beds]; ionisation apparatus for the treatment of air; coffee roasters; beverages cooling apparatus; hand drying apparatus for washrooms; water purifying apparatus and machines; refrigerating apparatus and machines; drying apparatus and installations; freezers; drying apparatus; fruit roasters; framework of metal for ovens; coolers for furnaces; expansion tanks for central heating installations; refining towers for distillation; bidets; boilers, other than parts of machines; bath tubs; spa baths [vessels]; bath tubs for sitz baths; waffle irons, electric; fans [air-conditioning]; fans [parts of air-conditioning installations]; electric fans for personal use; roasting spits; refrigerating display cabinets [display cases]; water heaters; flushing apparatus; air reheaters; extractor hoods for kitchens; gas generators [installations]; gas condensers, other than parts of machines; acetylene generators; hydrants; burners; acetylene burners; petrol burners; gas burners; burners for lamps; germicidal burners; incandescent burners; oxhydrogen burners; laboratory burners; oil burners; alcohol burners; hot water bottles; warming pans; footwarmers, electric or non-electric; bedwarmers; pocket warmers; lampshade holders; stills; showers; chimney flues; refrigerating containers; gas lighters; lighters; friction lighters for igniting gas; chimney blowers; coils [parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations]; ash pits for furnaces; evaporators; flares; shower cubicles; turkish bath cabinets, portable; heating apparatus; refrigerating chambers; fireplaces, domestic; autoclaves [electric pressure cookers]; pressure cooking saucepans, electric; air valves for steam heating installations; level controlling valves in tanks; thermostatic valves [parts of heating installations]; electrically heated carpets; light bulbs; light bulbs, electric; solar collectors [heating]; distillation columns; lamp globes; air conditioning apparatus; gas boilers; laundry room boilers; washing coppers; heating boilers; coffee machines, electric; taps [cocks, spigots] for pipes; taps [faucets]; mixer taps for water pipes; forges, portable; lava rocks for use in barbecue grills; lights, electric, for christmas trees; acetylene flares; safety lamps; gas lamps; curling lamps; germicidal lamps for purifying air; projector lamps; lamps for directional signals of automobiles; light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles; arc lamps; laboratory lamps; oil lamps; soldering lamps; ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; miners' lamps; electric lamps; chandeliers; barbecues; bread baking machines; watering machines for agricultural purposes; disposable sterilization pouches; footmuffs, electrically heated; heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; heaters for baths; heaters for heating irons; immersion heaters; brackets for gas burners; anti-splash tap nozzles; heat pumps; filaments for electric lamps; heating filaments, electric; magnesium filaments for lighting; luminous house numbers; bath linings; heating apparatus for defrosting windows of vehicles; hot air bath fittings; bath fittings; loading apparatus for furnaces; kiln furniture [supports]; sauna bath installations; refrigerating appliances and installations; blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; lamp reflectors; vehicle reflectors; clean chambers [sanitary installations]; steam boilers, other than parts of machines; pasteurisers; lamp casings; sockets for electric lights; coffee percolators, electric; furnaces, other than for experimental purposes; stoves [heating apparatus]; bakers' ovens; hot air ovens; microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; microwave ovens for industrial purposes; incinerators; kilns; solar furnaces; urinals [sanitary fixtures]; feeding apparatus for heating boilers; heating plates; cookers; kitchen ranges [ovens]; aquarium heaters; aquarium lights; heating cushions [pads], electric, not for medical purposes; cooking utensils, electric; water intake apparatus; deodorising apparatus, not for personal use; apparatus for dehydrating foodstuffs organic materials; griddles [cooking appliances]; grills [cooking appliances]; roasting apparatus; fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes; gas scrubbing apparatus; oil-scrubbing apparatus; glue-heating appliances; drying apparatus for fodder and forage; water filtering apparatus; air purifying apparatus and machines; ice machines and apparatus; cooling appliances and installations; cooking apparatus and installations; lighting apparatus and installations; sanitary apparatus and installations; cooking rings; lighting apparatus for vehicles; heating apparatus, electric; hot air apparatus; heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels; steam facial apparatus [saunas]; safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; regulating and safety accessories for gas apparatus; regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus; regulating and safety accessories for gas pipes; roasting jacks; anti-dazzle devices for automobiles [lamp fittings]; plate warmers; electric appliances for making yogurt; rotisseries; radiator caps; diving lights; flashlights [torches]; searchlights; washers for water taps; anti-glare devices for vehicles [lamp fittings]; radiators [heating]; central heating radiators; radiators, electric; sinks; disinfectant dispensers for toilets; drip irrigation emitters [irrigation fittings]; light diffusers; atomic piles; nuclear reactors; heat regenerators; flushing tanks; pressure water tanks; furnace grates; roasters; lamps; standard lamps; street lamps; ceiling lights; toilet seats; lighting installations for air vehicles; gas scrubbers [parts of gas installations]; lamp glasses; sterilizers; water sterilizers; air sterilisers; air driers [dryers]; laundry dryers, electric; hair driers [dryers]; malt roasters; tobacco roasters; heat exchangers, not parts of machines; bread toasters; discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; lamp chimneys; luminous tubes for lighting; flues for heating boilers; boiler pipes [tubes] for heating installations; pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; toilets [water-closets]; toilets, portable; humidifiers for central heating radiators; wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]; toilet bowls; water conduits installations; bath installations; bath plumbing fixtures; air conditioning installations; ventilation [air-conditioning] installations for vehicles; desalination plants; processing installations for fuel and nuclear moderating material; watering installations, automatic; cooling installations for water; cooling installations for liquids; milk cooling installations; cooling installations for tobacco; water purification installations; purification installations for sewage; steam generating installations; water distribution installations; air filtering installations; swimming pool chlorinating units; ventilation [air-conditioning] installations and apparatus; water softening apparatus and installations; cooling installations and machines; heating installations; heaters for vehicles; heating installations [water]; polymerisation installations; water supply installations; ash conveyor installations, automatic; whirlpool-jet apparatus; air cooling apparatus; furnaces; hearths; stoves; aquarium filtration apparatus; flare stacks for use in the oil industry; headlights for automobiles; vehicle headlights; filters [parts of household or industrial installations]; filters for air conditioning; coffee filters, electric; filters for drinking water; lanterns; automobile lights; bicycle lights; lights for vehicles; pocket searchlights; pocket torches, electric; lanterns for lighting; chinese lanterns; fairy lights for festive decoration; fountains; ornamental fountains; deep fryers, electric; oven fittings made of fireclay; fittings, shaped, for furnaces; refrigerators; chromatography apparatus for industrial purposes; kettles, electric; dampers [heating]; ventilation hoods; ventilation hoods for laboratories; dental ovens; refrigerating cabinets; ice boxes; fuel economisers; carbon for arc lamps; heating elements