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06 June 2012
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06 June 2012
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06 June 2022

Macpherson Kelley Pty Ltd

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Business management services including managing logistics, reverse logistics, supply chain services, supply chain visibility and synchronisation, supply and demand forecasting, stock inventories, product distribution processes for others; business consulting services including product distribution, operations management services, logistics, reverse logistics, stock inventories, supply chain and production systems and distribution solutions consultancy services; business information management services, including shipment processing, preparing shipping documents and invoices, and tracking electronic documents; compilation of information into computer databases; business information management services, namely, shipment processing, preparing shipping documents and invoices, tracking electronic documents over computer networks, Intranets and Internets; customs clearance services being business consultancy and advisory services in relation to customs procedures and requirements; order fulfilment services being business management and consultancy services in relation to manufacturing, shipping and delivery of goods; import and export agency services and the provision of information, consultancy and advisory services thereof; procurement services for others; business services, including, freight information management processing, preparing shipping documents and invoices, tracking and tracing of electronic documents; business services, namely, efficiency and process auditing including reviewing and assessing the working of businesses and organisations