Trademark: THE LOST RING 1295557
Trademark Type
Not renewed: Renewal fee not paid
Application Date
19 September 2008
Registration Date
19 September 2008

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Goods and Services:
Class 41:
Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities, televised cultural and sporting entertainment; organization of cultural and educational exhibitions; operating lotteries and competitions; betting services and gambling related to, or in connection with sports; entertainment services provided at sports events or concerning sports events; organization of sporting and cultural activities and events; organization of sports competitions real or virtual; operating sports facilities; audio and video equipment rental services; production, presentation and distribution of films and video and audio recordings; rental of films and video and sound recordings; presentation, networking and/or rental of interactive educational and entertainment products, namely interactive compact discs, CD-ROMs, computer games; coverage of radio broadcast and televised sports events; radio and television programme and videotape editing services; production of cartoons; production of animation programmes for television; ticket reservation services for shows and sports events; timing of sports events; arranging of beauty contests; interactive entertainment; online betting services; providing games on the Internet; providing raffle services; information on entertainment or education, provided online from a data bank or from the Internet; electronic games services provided through the Internet; providing electronic publications online; publication of books, magazines and texts (other than advertising texts) and periodicals; publication of books, magazines and texts (other than advertising texts) and of electronic magazines online; provision of digital music from the Internet; provision of digital music from Internet MP3 Web sites; providing of sports results; information services in connection with sport and sports events; rental of recorded sounds and images; audio production services; information services relating to sports events provided online from a computer database or from the Internet; editing and publishing services; provision of digital music (non-downloadable); offering digital music via telecommunications