Trademark: glasshouse 1274931
Trademark Type
Registered: Registered/protected
Application Date
01 December 2008
Registration Date
01 December 2008
Renewal Date
01 December 2028

Baxter Patent Attorneys Pty Ltd

Goods and Services:
Class 3:
Body soaps; cosmetic soaps; deodorising soaps; facial soaps; floating soaps; liquid soaps; non-medicated soaps; non-medicated toilet soaps; perfumed soaps; perfumed toilet soaps; preparations containing soaps; soaps; soaps for personal use; soaps in cake form; soaps in gel form; soaps in liquid form; sponges impregnated with soaps; aromatic perfumery products; ionone (perfumery); mint for perfumery; musk (perfumery); non-medicated perfumery preparations; perfumery; perfumery articles; perfumery compositions; perfumery preparations; perfumery products; anti-sun preparations (cosmetics); body creams (cosmetics); cosmetics; cosmetics for bronzing the skin; cosmetics for personal use; cosmetics for protecting the skin from sunburn; cosmetics for skin tanning; cosmetics for suntanning; cosmetics for the treatment of dry skin; cosmetics for the use on the hair; cosmetics for use on the skin; cosmetics in the form of creams; cosmetics in the form of gels; cosmetics in the form of lotions; cosmetics in the form of milks; cosmetics in the form of oils; cosmetics in the form of powders; cosmetics in the form of rouge; cosmetics preparations; cosmetics to remove pigmentation marks; facial wipes impregnated with cosmetics; hair cosmetics; milks (cosmetics); moisturisers (cosmetics); night creams (cosmetics); non-medicated cosmetics; nourishing creams (cosmetics); oils for the body (cosmetics); oils for the breasts (cosmetics); oils for the skin (cosmetics); paper hand towels impregnated with cosmetics; powder compacts (cosmetics); preparations for removing cosmetics; skincare cosmetics; sprays for use on the body (cosmetics); sun barriers (cosmetics); sun blocking cream (cosmetics); sun blocking gel (cosmetics); sun blocking lipsticks (cosmetics); sun blocking lotions (cosmetics); sun blocking oils (cosmetics); sun blocking preparations (cosmetics); sun creams (cosmetics); sun gel (cosmetics); sun lotions (cosmetics); sun milk (cosmetics); sun protecting creams (cosmetics); sun protection oils (cosmetics); sun protection products (cosmetics); sun protectors for lips (cosmetics); sun screen preparations (cosmetics); sun screening preparations (cosmetics); sun skin care products (cosmetics); suntan lotion (cosmetics); suntan milk (cosmetics); suntan oils (cosmetics); suntan preparations (cosmetics); sun-tanning preparations (cosmetics); tanning compositions (cosmetics); tanning creams (cosmetics); tissues impregnated with cosmetics