Wrist rests for use with computers; toner cartridges, unfilled, for printers and photocopiers; protective films adapted for computer screens; light emitting diode (LED) displays; mouse (computer peripheral); LCD large-screen displays; electronic memories; stands specially adapted for tablet computers; blank USB flash drives; blank USB cards; couplers (data processing equipment); USB flash drives; display screen protectors for specially adapted to cell phones; electronic book readers; portable media players; automobile data recorders; set-top boxes; USB cables; computers; computer memory devices; processors (central processing units); flat panel display screens; liquid crystal displays; computer motherboards; smartglasses; computer operating programs, recorded; chronographs (time recording apparatus); navigational instruments; headsets; wearable activity trackers; global Positioning System (GPS) apparatus; network communication Equipment; sound transmitting apparatus; cabinets for loudspeakers; display screens for television; computer peripheral devices; tablet computers; computer hardware; smartwatches; computer keyboards; notebook computers; stands specially adapted for display screens of computers; solid state drives; computer software applications, downloadable; bags adapted for laptops; printers for use with computers; data processing apparatus; memory boards; pedometers; quantity indicators; GPS navigation device; electronic sound making devices with books; graphics cards for computers; cell phones; mobile power (rechargeable battery)