UV radiation exposure indicator (dosimeter); Ultraviolet detection apparatus; Downloadable software applications (apps); Dosimeters; Portable dosimeters; Application software; Computer software; Computer software (programs); Computer software applications (downloadable); Computer software programs; Data processing software; Wireless apparatus; Wireless transmission apparatus; Wireless pulse transmitters; Optical measurement apparatus; Apparatus for remote data transmission; Scientific apparatus for the receiving of data; Scientific apparatus for use in analytical tests (other than medical); Remote monitoring apparatus; Remote data gathering apparatus; Broadcast signal processor apparatus; Broadcast transmitters; Databases; Computer apparatus for transmitting data; Sensing apparatus (other than for medical use); Apparatus for digital signal processing; Apparatus for handling information; Sensors (measurement apparatus), other than for medical use; Apparatus for processing data; Apparatus for processing data programmes; Training materials (apparatus); Warning indicating apparatus (other than for vehicles); Air temperature sensors; Electro-optical sensors; Electronic measurement sensors; Optical sensors; Light sensors; Measuring sensors; Apparatus for climatic technology; Apparatus for computing; Apparatus for data collection; Apparatus for displaying information; Apparatus for displaying measurements; Apparatus for indicating measurements; Apparatus for sampling the ambient atmosphere; Science sets for children being teaching apparatus