TV and video displays; digital signage displays; multimedia screens; retro-projectors; cameras; video cameras; webcams; internet radios; radios; camcorders; video transmitters; audio video and data mixers; TV digital receivers; IP media streaming boxes; streaming media players; multiplexers, de-multiplexers; video displays controllers apparatus and software; apparatus and software for the upscaling of images and videos; apparatus and software for the image and video enhancement; apparatus and software for the collection, indexing and editing of images, videos, sounds and data; hi-fi systems; audio video soundbars; apparatus and computer software for the production and post-production of multimedia contents (films, photos, videos, digital images, 3D images); apparatus and software for the color management of multimedia contents (films, photos, videos, digital images, 3D images), namely color correction, color profiling, color grading, color characterization, color calibration, color transformation, color display, color gamut expansion and color rendering; video game software; apparatus and software for the conversion, compression and transcoding of data, sound and images; electronic video display control processing apparatus and software; apparatus and software for the automatic focusing, object recognition, tracking and adaptive framing of images and video; digital video effects software; multi-platform computer software for the creation, animation, visualization and pre-visualization of 3D multimedia contents in real time or not; computer software for the production and post-production of 3D multimedia contents, the creation of 3D virtual reality contents and 3D special effects; software platform enabling the multimedia content synchronization on multiple audio video apparatus; TV programs and motion picture films; digital photo frames; smartglasses; software for wearable electronics apparatus; apparatus and software for the computer-mediated reality; software for the data management (analysis, extraction and indexing) in real time or not to and from intelligent devices or applications; software platforms or software libraries for connecting intelligent devices of any kind to software platform or applications in the cloud allowing a remote access to data capture, data display, data storing, data archiving, data search, data indexing, data sharing, data analyzing, data monitoring, data tracking, data exchange, data maintenance; data processing equipment and computers; PC monitors; computer monitor screens; laptops; notebooks; multimedia tablets; ebook readers; keyboards; mice; computer printers, scanners; PLC carriers (powerline communication adapters) for computers; wearable electronic apparatus; hard disks; USB keys; memory storage devices; smart card readers; network attached storage devices (NAS); hubs; telecommunication servers; multimedia gateways, smart phones; video conference apparatus; navigation receivers using a global positioning satellite (GPS); satellite dishes; antennas; low noise block converters (LnB); authentification apparatus for the access control; identification badges; alarms; video intercoms; infrared detectors; video surveillance software and cameras; control circuit TVs; baby monitors; motion sensors; apparatus for amplification, modulation, detection, remote transmission of sound; remote control apparatus; headphones; earphones; microphones; batteries; battery chargers; IT and audio video cables; HDMI upscaling cables; upscaling standalone connection adapters; video display processors; camera, tablet and phone chargers and batteries, phone cables; docking stations; video games