Tubes, pipelines, drain and vent lines, all aforesaid goods made of special glass, sight glasses, glass components, containers made of special glass; laboratory apparatus, laboratory instruments and laboratory receptacles, all made wholly or partially of special glass; glass components, bulbs, tubes, screens, funnels, necks, contrast enhancement filters, glass solder and anode buttons for TVs and monitors, photo multipliers, flash and halogen lamps, X-ray and image amplifier tubes; hermetic, highly-insulated glass-to-metal seals, especially for transistors, diodes, quartz oscillators, hydrid circuits, reactor safety containers, sensors and lithium batteries; special glass in the form of precision cut tubes for hermetic sealing of reed switches, diodes, capacitors, resistors, fuses, special lamps; windows, lenses and filter caps for optoelectronic components; special glass for capacitors, resistors, fuses, special lamps, and integrated circuits; integrated-optics components, especially sensors and integrated-optics chips as lightwave guides and branches; slab-wave guides, Y-branches, star couplers, multiplexers and demultiplexers, interferometers and ring resonators; fibre-optic apparatus and their components for medical, weighing and controlling appliances, especially endoscopes; special glass fibres, light-conducting rods and cones, flexible image guides, cold light sources and flexible light-guides, laser delivery systems; fibre-optic components and lighting devices for changeable traffic signals and guiding systems for parking; core glasses for light guides and fused optic components; optical glass, optical filters, radiation filters, interference filters; special glass and glass ceramic components for optical components; lenses, prisms, mirrors for optical apparatus and instruments, for ophthalmic purposes, for spectacles lenses, for objectives in cameras, binoculars and telescopes and optical apparatus, laser glass, Cerenkov glasses, scintillation glasses, radiation-shielding glasses and mirror blanks made of glass ceramics; ultra thin glass and display glass; phosphate and silicate glasses for the amplification of high-energy lasers, filters for diagnostics and beam control