Tape measures; ultrasonic tape measures; short measuring tapes, long measuring tapes; measuring wheels; rulers (measuring instruments); straight rulers; folding rulers; graduated rulers; level instruments; levels; measuring cups; measuring spoons; measuring bottles; measuring glassware; scales; test probe magnet; magnet clean club; magnetic sweeps; electronic test and measuring instruments and devices and electronic test tools; thermometers; voltage measuring clamps and forks; current measuring clamps and forks; current meters; voltage meters; detecting instruments, other than for medical use; scanning instruments, other than for medical use; multimedia camera; cameras; security cameras; internet cameras; thermal camera; rotating inspection scopes; inspection cameras and the structural parts and structural accessories thereof including extension cables, replacement cables, hooks, mirrors and magnets; measuring and gauging tools; magnets; magnetic meter holders; scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; USB (Universal Serial Bus) adapters; memory stick; computer software; application software for tool control, inventory management and tool reporting; computer application software for mobile phones including computer software for use as a weather detector, infra-red thermometer, electromagnetic apparatus to measure magnetic fields, moisture meter, appliance current meter, inspection camera, wall stud finder, vibration meter, distance measuring apparatus, radiation detector, radon detector, methane detector, nitrate detector, air quality detector, wind speed and direction detector, color detector, alcohol breath testing unit not for medical use, radar gun, thermal imaging system not for medical use, light emitting diode (LED), laser level, laser-beam-emitting device which projects right angles for construction and home improvement purposes, laser pointer, electronic apparatus to detect position, room dimensions, light, velocity, acceleration, temperature, wind, noise level, moisture; automatic temperature control system comprised of sensors and a fan; environmental monitoring system comprised of sensors that measure pressure, humidity, temperature and includes reporting functions and digital display; weather sensor; rain and moisture sensor; wind meter; vibration meter; motion sensor with integrated alarm; safety sensors; organizers adapted for carrying and storing electronic test and measuring instruments and devices and electronic test tools; tracking devices; bags, cases, stands, parts and accessories therefor; none of the foregoing goods being used for traffic detection, monitoring or warning purposes or for being for use with vehicles or bicycles
Tablet computers; mobile phones; smart phones; mobile phone accessories, namely, carrying cases, charging cables, protective cases, screen protectors, battery chargers, external battery packs and chargers; headphones and earbuds; tablet computer accessories, namely, carrying cases, external battery packs and chargers, charging cables, electrical cords, protective cases, screen protectors; battery chargers, headphones and earbuds; laptop computers; netbooks; computers; computer accessories, namely, monitors, keyboards, mice and mouse pads; telephones; telephone accessories; telephone answering machines; cellular, mobile and digital versatile disc accessories, namely, hands-free earphones with microphones, hands-free ear/microphones with fm scanner radio, hands-free headphones with microphones, hands-free neckband in-ear style headphones, stereo in-ear headphones, headphones; caller ID (Identification) boxes; portable cassette players and recorders; speakers; televisions; closed circuit televisions; televisions with karaoke sing-along systems; radios, clock radios; CD (Compact Disc) alarm clock radios; portable radios; hybrid digital (HD) radios; headphones; earphones; earbuds; audio cassette cleaners; AC surge protectors; cameras; battery chargers; audio connecting plugs and cords; batteries; rechargeable electric batteries; microphones; stereos; shelf audio systems; stereo systems and related components, namely, receivers, AM/FM tuners and speakers; stereo shelf systems; portable compact disc players; portable compact disc players; portable MP3 digital players; digital versatile disc players; home theatre systems; individual portable audio players; digital versatile disc recorders; portable digital versatile disc players; digital video disc players; digital and compact disc players; digital versatile discs; voltage converters and adapters; AC/DC and voltage converters and adapters; antennas; video dubbing cables and video connecting plugs; blank video cassette tapes; video cassette cleaners; video cassette rewinders; calculators; satellite radios; GPS (Global Positioning Systems); multi-media players; multi-media players; portable media players; wireless communication devices; portable audio and video consumer electronic products, namely, portable audio and video players including MP3 players, DVD players, portable cassette players and recorders, personal media players; multi-media players; accessories for portable electronic devices, namely, remote controls; screens for portable electronic devices; portable compact disc players; home theatre systems comprising audio speakers and cables for televisions, projectors, subwoofers, DVD players, CD players, smartphones and MP3 players; DVD recorders; DVD players; digital optical disc players; portable digital optical discs players; media accessories, namely, carrying cases, electrical cords, cassette adapters, AC adapters, DC adapters, battery packs, AV cables, coaxial antenna adaptors and video screens; DVD players with monitor; digital photo frames; portable digital photo albums; handheld digital camcorders; portable key chains composed primarily of a digital photo frame; digital photo frames with clock; digital photo frames with MP3 player; digital versatile disc (DVD) home theater in box system, namely, DVD player, audio speakers, AM/FM tuner and amplifier, remote control, AV cables, and AM/FM antennae; digital signal (ATSC) set top box converters for use with analog signal (NTSC) television receivers; portable electronic device for receiving and reading text, images and sound through wireless and wired Internet access and for displaying electronically published materials, namely, books, journals, newspapers, magazines, multimedia presentations; computer hardware and software in the field of text, image and sound transmission and display; apparatus for recording, transmission, reproduction and processing of data, sound, texts or images; apparatus for storage of data, sound, texts or images, namely, pre-recorded electronic media featuring music, films, and television programs; earphone accessories, namely, earphone cushions, earphone pads, cord management systems, earphone cases, and earphone extension cords; fitted plastic films known as skins for covering and providing a scratch proof barrier or protection for electronic devices, namely, MP3 players, mobile telephones, smart phones, smart watches, digital cameras, global positioning systems and personal digital assistants; vinyl covers specially adapted for cell phones, MP3 players, laptops, computers, portable satellite radios, personal digital assistants, remote controls, and television satellite recorders; internet radios; consumer electronics, namely, docking stations for portable digital media players; internet radios; closed circuit televisions; smart watches; wearable digital electronic device comprised primarily of software, namely, a wearable activity tracker for measuring, tracking and displaying changes in heart rate, steps taken, calories burned and display screens also featuring a wristwatch; GPS watch; wearable digital electronic device comprised primarily of software for activity, fitness and exercise trackers and monitors and display screen and also featuring a bracelet or chest strap; multifunctional electronic devices featuring software, namely, a wearable activity tracker for displaying, measuring, and uploading to the Internet information including time, date, direction, distance, speed, steps taken, calories burned, navigational information, heart rate, sleep quantity and sleep quality; pedometers; scales and personal weighing scales; mounts and mounting brackets adapted for televisions; mobile phone mounts; DJ equipment, namely, turntables, record players, audio speakers, microphones and headsets; Cases for electronic devices, namely, cell phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, and cameras; CD cases; Protective display screen covers adapted for use with mobile phones and tablet computers; Stylus pens for electronic devices; Binoculars; telescope; microscope; radar detector; coin counting or sorting machines; portable external battery packs; power banks; battery jump starters; grilling temperature meters; photo printers; smoke alarms; megaphones; weather radios; electronic key finders; electronic sound generators; digital tire pressure gauges; karaoke machines; digital media streaming devices; set-top boxes; ATSC tuner; secure digital (SD) memory cards; USB memory devices; internet radios; walkie-talkies; digital camera accessories, namely, carrying cases, tripods, camera bags, lenses, battery packs, carrying straps, charging cables, and electrical cords; dashboard cameras
Tags carrying magnetically, optically, or electronically recorded or encoded information; data acquisition apparatus; data communications apparatus; data display apparatus; data entry apparatus; data exit terminals; data files; data recording apparatus; data storage apparatus; databases; electronic scoring displays for sports and games; electronic scoring instruments for sports and games; apparatus for recording digital information; apparatus for recording distance; cards bearing electronically recorded data; electronic blood pressure recorders (other than for medical use); electronic heart signal recorders (other than for medical use); electronic instruments for recording information; electronic speed recorders; electronic temperature recorders, other than for medical use; electronic time recording apparatus; monitors for recording events; electronic timing apparatus; timing apparatus; computer apparatus; computer software; interactive entertainment software for use with computers; records bearing entertainment material; radio frequency identification readers (RFID readers); radio frequency identification tags (RFID tags); electronic scanners; recognition apparatus incorporating scanners; scanning instruments, other than for medical use; electronic apparatus for identifying personnel prior to entry; electronic data carriers in the form of identity cards; electronic identification apparatus; electronic identification cards for use in obtaining services; electronically encoded identity bracelets; electronically encoded identity wristbands; identification cards (machine readable); identification labels (machine readable); apparatus for decoding encoded signals; apparatus for digital signal processing; apparatus for the acquisition of signals; apparatus for transmitting signals; signalling apparatus and instruments; performance testing apparatus (other than for medical use); electronic display apparatus for use with exercise equipment; data processing apparatus; score recorders (electric)
Target trackers (electronic); apparatus for use in security control; automatic access security apparatus; cards encoded with security features for identification purposes; closed circuit television security apparatus; domestic security installations for buildings (electric or electronic); door security devices of metal for buildings (electric); door security devices of metal for buildings (optical); electric access security apparatus; electric security apparatus for buildings; electric security apparatus for the prevention of theft from buildings; electric security monitoring apparatus incorporating fibre optic cables; electrical apparatus for security purposes (other than for vehicles); electrical devices for security purposes (other than for vehicles); electrical devices for security purposes in vehicles; electrical security apparatus, other than for vehicles; electrical security devices, other than for vehicles; electronic security devices, other than for vehicles; electronic security equipment, other than for vehicles; electronic security installations for use in buildings; electronic security tags; electronic tags for security for security control purposes; encoded cards for operating security apparatus; heat sensitive cameras for security purposes; installations (electric or electronic) for use in security; metal security (anti-theft) devices (electric, not for vehicles); security control apparatus; security control instruments; security devices for doors of buildings (electric locking devices); security devices for windows of buildings (electric locking devices); security passes (encoded); security passes (magnetic); security surveillance apparatus; security systems for buildings; security warning apparatus; value cards for security purposes (machine readable or magnetic); value cards for security purposes (magnetic); video camera security apparatus; video camera security installations; global positioning system (GPS) apparatus; radio frequency identification readers (RFID readers); radio frequency identification tags (RFID tags)
Tablet computers; handheld personal computers; personal digital assistants; scientific calculators; electronic calculators; educational software; computer software for data exchange between electronic devices; computer software for use as a spreadsheet and in graphing; computer software used in the field of math education; computer software for a personal computer for use in achieving data exchange between a personal computer and a wrist watch or a digital camera and other electronic apparatus and instruments; software for computers; educational instruments devices in the nature of interface devices for communications between calculators and computers; personal computers; computer hardware components and computer peripherals thereof; printers for computers; batteries; AC adapters; battery charges; USB cables; cables; memory cards; memory units; CD-ROMs; carrying cases and bags for electronic calculators, personal digital assistants and handheld personal computers; electronic pens; projectors; data analyzers; motion sensors; electronic personal organizers; digital cameras; printers for digital cameras; liquid crystal display television sets; navigation apparatus and instruments, car navigation apparatus and instruments; cellular telephones; electronic label printers; radio pagers; radios; compact disk players; apparatus for recording, transmitting or reproducing sound or images; recorded music discs, recorded video discs; films of movies; computer software; educational software featuring instruction in mathematics and calculators; software for scientific calculators; software for accessing and using a cloud computing network; downloadable cloud computer software for use in database management and use in electronic storage of data; computer software for using cloud-based applications, data and services; scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, checking (supervision), life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; magnetic data carriers, recording discs; compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers; computer software; telecommunication apparatus; fire-extinguishing apparatus; parts and fittings for all the aforesaid
Tablet computers; electronic agendas; notebook computers; computer keyboards; computer mice; mouse pads; headphones; MP3 players; USB flash drives; hand-held computers; DVDs; video game cartridges; joysticks for computers; audio books; sunglasses; eyeglass cases; spectacle lenses; optical apparatus and instruments; DVD cases; animated cartoons; decorative magnets; microphones; personal digital assistants [PDAs]; video recordings; smartphones; cellular phones; telephone apparatus; ear buds; cases for telephones; cases adapted for cellular phones; cell phone straps; lanyards [straps] for cellular phones; holders for mobile telephones; batteries; electronic notepads; electronic notebooks; notebook computers; monitors; apparatus for recording, transmission or reproduction of sound or images; audio- and video-receivers; laptop computers; CD-ROMs; blank discs; pre-recorded audio and video DVDs and CD-ROMs; audio-video compact discs featuring music entertainment films, animation and computer games; recorded DVD-ROMs featuring musical entertainment films, animation and computer games; recorded tapes; prerecorded videotapes; recorded video discs and tapes featuring musical entertainment films, animation and computer games; cinematographic film, exposed; games software; videogame discs; downloadable video game programs; software programs for video games; electronic games software; game software for PCs; joy sticks; digital books downloadable from the Internet; electronic publications, downloadable; digital book readers; eyeglasses; eyeglass cords; eyeglass frames; binoculars; telescopes; bags and cases adapted or shaped to contain tablet computers, notebook computers, and hand held computers; covers for tablet computers; covers (shaped-) for computers; cases for electronic diaries; bags for cameras; cases adapted for photographic equipment; eyewear cases; compact disc cases; chips containing musical recordings; graduated rulers for office; karaoke equipment; modems (as part of a computer); cinematographic films; headsets for mobile telephones; telephone earpieces; display screen protectors in the nature of films for mobile phones; covers for mobile phones; phone covers [specifically adapted]; flip covers for smart phones; protective covers for mobile phones; charging appliances for rechargeable equipment
Tape cartridges; Audio cable; Audio cable connectors; Battery booster cables; Battery cables; Battery starter cables; Booster cables; Cable assemblies for mounting transducers; Cable connectors for use in the data communications industry; Cable converters for television being telecommunications apparatus; Cable covering panels for electric cables; Cable covers (conduits); Cable detectors; Cable for electrical transmission; Cable glands for use with electrical apparatus; Cable identification markers for electric cables; Cable installations for the transmission of data; Cable installations for the transmission of voice; Cable joints of metal, electric; Cable junctions for electric cables; Cable ladders for electric cables; Cable locators; Cable management installations for data signal transmission; Cable management installations for power transmission; Cable outlets for electric cables; Cable reels (non-mechanical) incorporating electrical sockets; Cable splices for electric cables; Cable television head end transcoders; Cable television subscriber receiver descramblers; Cable trays for electric cables; Cables for electronic transmission; Cables for optical signal transmission; Cables for signal transmission systems; Cables, electric; Cabling networks (installations) incorporating fibre optic cables; Coaxial cable connectors; Coaxial cables; Combined electrical and optical cables; Communications cables; Computer cables; Conductors for electric cables; Conduit for electric cables; Connection blocks (electric cable); Connections for electric cables; Connections for use with optical fibre cables; Data transmission cables; Devices for locating underground cables; Digital transmission apparatus on copper cable; Ducting for electric cables; Electric adapter cables; Electric cable boxes; Electric cable channels; Electric cable connectors; Electric cable couplings; Electric cable ducts; Electric cable installations; Electric cable protector modules; Electric cable spreading boxes for electric cable glands; Electric cables; Electric cables for use with telecommunication apparatus; Electric extension cables; Electric security monitoring apparatus incorporating fibre optic cables; Electrical cable; Electrical cable apparatus; Electrical cable connectors; Electrical cable distribution trunking; Electrical cable extension reels; Electrical cables for lighting installations; Electrical cables in the form of ribbons; Electrical communications cables; Electrical connecting cables; Electrical connectors for electrical cables; Electronic cables; Female connectors for electrical cables; Fiber optic cables; Fibre optic cable; Fibre optic cables; Optical cables; Printer cables; Battery adaptors; Battery chargers; Cases for smartphones; Covers for smartphones; Protective film adapted for smartphones; Smartphones; Coaxial connectors; Connectors (electricity); Panel connectors (electric); Plug connectors (electric); Plug-in connectors (electric); Audio speakers; Audio speakers for automobiles; Audio speakers for home; Car speaker components; Car speakers; Electric leads for speakers; Personal stereo speaker apparatus; Speaker switches; USB flash drives; Communications networks